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The Excellent Legacy of TNA Impact Wrestling

The Excellent Legacy of TNA Impact Wrestling

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There has been an ongoing tug of War as Billy Corgan stated on ESPN radio this past week about the ownership of TNA impact Wrestling.

Billy Corgan confirmed in that ESPN interview that Vince Mcmahon and WWE are potential suitors for TNA alongside himself and its up to  Dixie Carter who she feels she wants to sell too.

I don't want to dwell on the negatives too many people are talking about that. 

 I want to talk about what positives TNA has made to wrestling business to the wrestlers and to the fans. I don't know who will end up with Impact Wrestling I hope it continues and is able to thrive in the future and the talents working for the company, Back Office staff and crew are all able to make a living in the business they love.

Producing Talent

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WWE needs competition, WWE has benefited from TNA Impact Wrestling especially over recent years singing former TNA talents AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Austin Aries.

Without TNA giving these stars an opportunity you may not see those talents having the success they have today, so as much as people criticise TNA for there booking etc but without TNA the wrestling landscape could look very different.

A lot of the stars were able to use TNA to be able to learn their craft on a national TV level and be able to find their characters who they are and what they are. TNA gave them a platform and an opportunity to develop themselves.

Creative Freedom

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Matt Hardy

In addition TNA gave a home to ex WWE talents who needed creative freedom and a new lease of Life. The notable is Matt Hardy. Since Matt Hardy Left WWE he went to ROH and a few other promotions but once he got to Impact Wrestling you were able to see the more creative and abstract mind of Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy recent broken character had been bringing more eyes on the product and created a lot of buzz for the company. Matt has shown that with a creative idea and great execution that you can bring more people in to the impact wrestling audience.

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Ethan Carter

Another perfect example of Ethan Carter EC3. Ethan Carter was Derrick Bateman in WWE. He wasn't given or WWE didn't see what Derrick Bateman could be.

He leaves WWE comes to TNA as Nephew of Dixie Carter and became one of the most compelling characters in TNA history.

He took an opportunity that was available in TNA and made something for himself, an opportunity that wouldn't of been there had TNA not exist.

Making a mark in the UK on TV and UK independent scene

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TNA also has been very important to the independent wrestling scene both in USA and also in the UK.

Talents are able to take outside bookings meaning that you can see talents closer to home working at promotions in your area. This has been so important as it gives the wrestler another source of revenue, the fans and opportunity to see TNA wrestler up close and personal and helps the promotion that they are working for by bringing in more fans.

In the UK TNA is televised on Challenge TV and is on free to air television the only wrestling program in the UK on free to air television. This has given TNA a lot of exposure and opportunities in the UK and helped it to become in the UK the most watched Wrestling show ahead of RAW and Smackdown (as they air live in the early hours of the morning too)

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Rockstar Spud British Bootcamp Season 1 Winner

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Mark Andrews British Bootcamp season 2 Winner

Due to TNA increased exposure this also led to Challenge TV commissioning TNA British Bootcamp a program looking for a future British star, Season one produced one of Impact Wrestling all time entertaining characters in Rockstar Spud and Season 2 one of Impact Awesome X Divison talents Mark Andrews.

British Bootcamp also helped introduce Grado to Impact Wrestling and gave him a further opportunity in the company and to help him forge a career in USA.

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TNA Impact wrestling has alot to be proud of they have been through some very tough years and had a lot of challenges along the way but TNA always rode those challenges overcame them and were able to push on from them.

I hope TNA stays in business, and as I said above I hope it can thrive in the future be profitable for whoever ends up owning it, viable for the talents who are employed by them and be another avenue for Wrestling fans to watch Wrestling

Without Impact Wrestling the wrestling business would be in a worse place.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Best Of Big Grizzly in Pro Wrestling Pride

Best Of Big Grizzly in Pro Wrestling Pride

Big Grizzly is one of Pro Wrestling Pride fastest rising stars. Big Grizzly came to Pro Wrestling Pride on 7th Feb 2015 and defeated Josh Knott in his first match.

Big Grizzly vs Josh Knott w/Calum Caine

The Debut of Big Grizzly

Team C2 are out first and they are conversing in the ring. next out is big grizzly this is the first match I have seen at Pro Wrestling Pride of Grizzly and got to say that he really impressed me in his match with Josh Knott.

Josh is doing everything that he can to get Grizzly off his feet and there is lots of interference on the outside by Hawke and Cain jumping on the apron throughout the match or getting involved in the match by Distracting Grizzly and allowing Knott to take the advantage and get Grizzly down at one point when Grizzly was in the corner - Tyler Hawke is choking Grizzly from corner and trying to do everything he can to help Knott.

After all the interference and all the shenanigans from Team C2, it looks like Grizzly is set to lose this match, However Grizzly is able to overcome the odds that he has and he ends up pinning ~Knott and getting the win.

After the match the story continues as Hawke gets into the ring and gets grabbed by the throat by Grizzly and Cain tries to Stop Grizzly but Hawke gets a huge chokeslam in the centre of the ring. Grizzly then goes after Knott again but Cain has the mic and is telling Grizzly that he has a contract for a world title match and that Grizzly needs to listen to him if Grizzly leaves Team C2 alone and agrees to let Cain manage him that Cain believes that he can take Grizzly to the world title - Grizzly spends a lot of time thinking about it and thinking about what he should do but he agrees and leaves with team C2 however Josh Knott was visibly unhappy with Cain actions and did not leave at the same time as Cain, Hawke and Grizzly, then knott pushed Cain. It looks like there could be a further story to this and some dissension in team C2 as we go forward

Moving Onwards and upwards

Big Grizzly then won Pro Wrestling Pride annual Prize-fighters Tournament defeating Darren Saviour in order to get a shot at Pride Wrestling Pride World Heavyweight Championship.

Following on from that match only 3 months later at PWP 2nd Anniversary Show Big Grizzly defeated Chris Andrews to Win the Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight championship.

Big Grizzly first run with the title had him face Titan, Samie Sahin, Bram and Chris Andrews in a 3 way match,

Until 2 months Later at Pro Wrestling Pride Heroes and Legends July 2016 Big Grizzly lost Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight Title to Mr Anderson.

ON 30th August 2015 Big Grizzly won back the Pro Wrestling Pride World Title beating Mr Anderson in a great match in Truro

Here was my blog post about the match at the time


This was their return match after Mr Anderson had beaten Grizzly in Pagnton a few months before. Grizzly wanted his title back and was going to do everything he could to get it. This match was pure entertainment it had twists and turns and took you on a journey, it didn’t end when everyone thought it would and really built well throughout the entire match. This to me is a PWP match of the year contender.

Let me just say 1st off that this match was incredible both Big Grizzly and Mr Anderson put on a brilliant world title match for the crowd in Truro the natch was so good the fans were chanting "this is awesome" This could well be a 2015 PWP Match of the Year contender.

Big Grizzly comes out 1st and he looks pissed off. It looks to me as if Big Grizzly has not forgotten about his title loss to Anderson back at PWP Heroes and Legends in Paignton. Grizzy is in the ring and he is pacing awaiting the entrance of Mr Anderson.

Mr Anderson comes down into the ring and Grizzly is ushered to the apron, Mr Anderson then gets the ring Announcer Aaron to bring a chair into the ring and Aaron stands on the chair with the microphone ready to drop it in Front of Anderson but before he can Anderson elbows Aaron right in the groin! it got a massive laugh from the crowd!

Aaron (after a moment!!) then goes to put the microphone in front of Anderson and Anderson takes the microphone this time and starts his in ring introduction from Green Bay Wisconsin, weighing 19.33333333333 stone (beautiful touch from Anderson) Mr Anderson........but before he can say Anderson again Big Grizzly is in the ring and attacks Anderson from behind and the match begins.

Grizzly attacks Anderson with a series of punches and pushes Anderson to the corner, but Anderson comes back out and Grizzly gets hot with a backdrop with leads to Grizzly going to the Outside, Anderson goes outside with Grizzly and they fight into the crowd and up the tiered seating!

Both men then come back down and are fighting on the floor by the ring and Grizzly hits big chops to Anderson and gets Anderson in position for a powerbomb on the floor but Grizzly gets backdropped hard onto the floor the sound of Grizzly body hitting the floor echoes all throughout the arena, Anderson gets Grizzly into the ring but as Anderson goes to come in Grizzly grabs Anderson head and pulls him through the 1st and 2nd rope and Anderson feet are hanging off the 2nd rope and Grizzly hits a big 2nd rope DDT!!!
As the match continues Grizzly is becoming more dominant in his attack he has Anderson in a front face lock and then brings Anderson to the canvas and Grizzly then transitions onto a rear chinlock, Anderson manages to battle up from this position and it looks like the tide of this match is changing but it is not be  as Grizzly whips Anderson into the corner and hits him with a running clothesline. They then comes out of the corner and Anderson falls to the canvas Grizzly decides to go up to the 2nd turnbuckle  but he is taking a long time and Anderson manages to get up and get on the 2nd Turnbuckle with him both men now are jostling for position and Anderson goes to lift up Grizzly for the Green Bay Plunge but Grizzly cuts off Anderson and pushes him off the 2nd rope to the canvas.

Grizzly then jumps off the 2nd rope and hits a massive 2nd rope senton bomb Grizzly and Anderson hit each other and are both on the canvas both men are on their knees in the ring punching each other Crowd Cheering for every Hit Anderson lands and boo-ing for every hit Grizzly lands!!!

Both men are now back on their feet and Anderson goes for his Mic check finisher but Grizzly finds his way out of it, Grizzly then gets hit into the corner and Grizzly comes out and Anderson picks him up in the firearms carry in an amazing feat of strength gives Grizzly the Green Bay Plunge!!!

Grizzly is slowly getting to his feet and Anderson again goes for the mic check but Grizzly blocks this again and then grabs Anderson by the Throat and hits the Big Griz Chokeslam he covers Mr Anderson 1....2.....and kickout from Mr Anderson!!!

Grizzly brings up Anderson and goes to Irish whip him into the corner but senior referee Ed Dyer is stood there and he gets squashed and is out on the canvas. Anderson hits the mic check and covers Grizzly but there is no referee! Grizzly is out and the crowd are counting along Anderson tries to revive the referee but out of no where JD Knight enters the ring with the PWP world title and he goes to hit Anderson but JD gets caught with a Mic Check but the belt falls to the feet of Grizzly, Grizzly runs at Anderson who is now stood up and hits him in the head with the title Grizzly goes for the cover but Anderson kicks out again!!

Grizzly cant believe it, Grizzly gets ahold of Anderson and goes to bring him up but Anderson gets a small package but gets a 2 count! JD is up on the apron and Anderson knocks him off Grizzly is then able to hit a DDT and now revived Referee Ed Dyer Counts to 3 and we have a brand new PWP World Heavyweight Champion Big Grizzly!

2nd Championship Run

In his 2nd run as champion Big Grizzly defended his title against Chris Andrews, Rhyno x2 and Uk Dominator to round off 2015. As 2016 came into Focus Grizzly was still the Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight Champion.

In January 2016 Pro Wrestling Pride had their 1st show of the year in Taunton with Kenny Omega. On this show Big Grizzly took on ROH star Donovan Dijak in an incredible match. It was a hard hitting tremendous contest and one worth checking out.

A month later in February 2016 at PWP The Real Rock N Rollas Big Grizzly had another huge challenge to overcome where he faced WWE legend Billy Gunn for the PWP heavyweight title. Grizzly was also overcome this challenge and he was becoming one of the most dominant champions in PWP history.

Big Grizzly over the next few months in 2016 then defeated his title against Samie Sahin, Ultimo Tiger, Chris Andrews, Eddie Ryan, Danny Jones and in May 2016 Big Grizzly faced current WWE NXT star Johnny Gargano in Teignmouth.

In his next match vs Eddie Ryan at Pro Wrestling Pride one of a Kind in July 2016 Grizzly lost the Pro Wrestling Pride Heavyweight Title to Eddie Ryan. Grizzly held the title on his 2nd occasion for an impressive 10 months It was a tremendous run filled with amazing matches and moments against top notch opponents.

You can watch the highlights of Grizzly vs Ryan here on Pro Wrestling Pride Fight League

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Kenny Omega - Youtube Matches + Interviews and Extras

Kenny Omega - Youtube Matches + Interviews and Extras

I have been on youtube recently and have been hunting around also on the Internet to find some Kenny Omega matches

I enjoy watching Kenny in New Japan and his ability, charisma and wrestling style really captures the imagination.

So it inspired me to take a more in depth look at Kenny Omega and to learn more about his career so far.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look it his earlier career and find some of his interviews that he has done also. Talking wrestling, his career and gaming too. 

Before you check out what I have found Please also check out all of Kenny Omega recent wrestling exploits in New Japan Pro Wrestling at New Japan World (New Japan version of WWE network) it has all his recent matches/events and documentaries on him too.

Kenny Omega Recent won NJPW G1 Tournament he became the first non Japanese wrestler to ever win the accolade after a gruelling month of tournament matches.

Please do check out Omega vs Naito and G1 Finals Match Omega vs Goto both were incredible and in my opinion 2 match of the year 2016 candidates

go to to sign up and see all the 2016 awesomeness!!  

Take a look below sections are split in Kenny Omega matches and Kenny Omega Promos and Extras click on the videos to play the match/promo :)

Kenny Omega Matches

Prince Devitt (Finn Balor) vs Kenny Omega (2011)

Campground match from Japanese Wrestling Company DDT
W/ Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi and more!

Kenny Omega vs Mike Angel - Anywhere match

Kenny Omega Vs Jerry Lynn

Jack Evans v Kenny Omega v Devon Moore Part 1

Jack Evans v Kenny Omega v Devon Moore Part 2

Kenny Omega vs Jesse Neal RCW Wrestling

Kenny Omega vs Ultimo Tiger - Pro Wrestling Pride (2016)

I have included for purely selfish reasons! This is the first show I got to see Kenny Omega live vs Ultimo Tiger plus after the match, Kenny cuts a promo and I was holding the camera while he talked, so this is very special for me and hope you enjoy it too :)

Kenny Omega Promos and Extras

Kenny Omega promo on Kota Ibushi

Japanology - Kenny Omega

Profiling Kenny Early Career in Japan his live of Video games and Japanese Culture

Kenny Omega Pro Wrestling Pride Interview

Kenny Omega sits down with Pro Wrestling Pride Naomi Jane to talk Pro Wrestling, gaming and more!!!

Kenny Omega Interview with Jemillion

Great Interview talking lots about gaming fighting games :)

Kenny Omega Best Promos 1

Kenny Omega Best Promos 2

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CM Punk Won at UFC 203 - He achieved his dream

CM Punk Wins at UFC 203 - He achieved his dream 

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CM Punk was a former wrestler who left WWE under difficult circumstances, following him leaving he was offered a deal with UFC to train to become a fighter.

A lot of people MMA fans, Purists, Pundits and MMA fighters layed into CM Punk and UFC for even making this deal with a man would had no previous fighting experience.

Do you Remember your first day at work in a new job? remember how nervous you felt and how many people have doubts and fellow colleagues have in you?

Take that feeling Then imagine people are criticising you before you even start in you job and saying you cant do the job you applied for and you don't have the skills and you cant do this and you wouldn't be able to learn it.

Then Imagine you  had to deal with hundreds of people telling you "your not good enough" through social media channels day after day for months and months

 After all that would you turn up for your 1st day?

CM Punk did
CM Punk had to deal with all this before he even entered the octagon.

There were many people doubting that when CM Punk announced he was going to fight in UFC that he would even make it to the octagon and thought he would quit before having a fight.

CM Punk suffered setback with injuries and surgeries and having to take more time than he wanted to make his debut. CM Punk talks about this in interview video below

CM Punk talks to Ariel Helwani 3 days before his UFC Debut and talks about his Journey over the past 2 years

CM Punk went into UFC knowing it could go other way Win or lose.

CM Punk said many times that he would enter the octagon and was going to either "kick ass or get his ass kicked" CM Punk went up against 2-0 Fighter Mickey Gall and Mickey was able to make CM Punk Submit in the first round.

You can hear CM Punk post match thoughts in the video below

CM Punk Post fight interview

Punk stated in his post fight interview

“I know there were a lot of doubters, but life is about falling down and getting back up,It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, it’s about getting back up. So if there’s any kid out there who’s been told by a parent or a coach or a teacher, somebody they look up to or somebody that’s supposed to push them and believe in them and they’re told no, don’t listen to that.

Believe in yourself. Sometimes, the outcome isn’t always what you desire it to be. But the true failure in life is not trying at all. I know that sounds preachy and kind of weird for a guy who just got beat up, but [expletive] it. This was the time of my life.”

To me CM Punk won at UFC 203. Some of you will say I'm crazy CM Punk Didn't win his match and you'd be right CM Punk didn't win his match, but he did win, because he achieved his dream and what he set out to do.

How many of us have dreams personal or professional that we haven't reached? How many of us have something we want to achieve but were too afraid to make that decision and make that jump into the unknown?

CM Punk wasn't afraid to make that decision and to take that risk. Failure isn't trying and not succeeding failure is not trying at all.

CM Punk did something that not may others have done he made his MMA debut in front of millions of people live on PPV. Most Fighters start off their career in smaller promotions then work their way up to UFC. CM Punk was offered an opportunity by UFC and he took it and he took it knowing what lay in store for him.

CM Punk has said himself that he is not sure what is next for him, but would like for his MMA career to continue whether in UFC or not.

CM Punk UFC 203 Post show Press conference highlights 

CM Punk story doesn't end yet he has more to go as he said himself "Go Big or Go Home" you can question CM Punk Ability, CM Punk MMA style or MMA credentials one thing you cant question is his heart, his belief, his passion and his guts to follow his heart and to keep achieving, Progressing and believing in his dream.

This isnt the end for CM Punk its just the start

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Pro Wrestling Pride Preview Taunton Sun 30th Oct 2016 W/ WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall, Adam Rose and more

Pro Wrestling Pride 
Wellsprings Leisure Centre, Taunton
Sun 30th Oct 2016

W/ WWE Legend Scott Hall, Former WWE star Adam Rose , Doug Williams + more!!

Pro Wrestling Pride returns to Taunton at Wellsprings Leisure centre on Sunday 30th October with WWE Hall OF Famer, Legend and NWO member Scott Hall,Former WWE star Adam Rose, Doug Williams and a surprise TNA Star!!

You can buy tickets now for this tremendous event click the link below

WWE Hall of Famer. WWE Legend, NWO Member Scott Hall (aka Razor Ramon)

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--- Former WWE star Adam Rose ---

Image result for adam rose


Don't be a lemon, be a rose bud! joining us live for one night only now under the name of Aldo Rose is the man behind the party express bringing all the fun & chaos with him!

one of the most entertaining pro wrestlers in the entire world now making his UK weekend debut, we are honoured to have him join us but who will look to put a stop to the party?

Plus Pro Wrestling Pride Champions

Pro Wrestling Pride World Champion - Eddie Ryan

PWP Catch Division Champion - Ultimo Tiger

PWP Tag Team Champions The House Of Bones (Gideon and Lomax)

Pro Wrestling Pride stars Chris Andrews,The Magnums, Keizer,Kelly Sixx, Charlie Garrett, Josh Knott,Chuck Cyrus,Danny Jones and many more!!!

Image result for josh knott

Josh Knott

Image result for Chuck Cyrus
Chuck Cyrus

Don't Forget Get Your Tickets Now - Click the link below

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Pro Wrestling Pride Preview Exeter Sun 9th Oct w/ Former WWE star The Boogeyman

Pro Wrestling Pride 
Exeter Corn Exchange
Sun 9th Oct 2016
W/ Former WWE star The Boogeyman!!!

Pro Wrestling Pride returns to Exeter at Exeter Corn Exchange on Sunday 9th October with former WWE star The Boogeyman!!

Check Out 30 Second Fury video of The Boogeyman Below!


"The enigmatic Boogeyman is best known for an eerie entrance, incredible smash-mouth style and feeding his downed opponents live worms! having appeared at Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble & much more it is our honour to bring the Boogeyman in for his 1st EVER Devon match! who will be brave enough to step in with crazed superstar?"

Plus See all your favourite Pro Wrestling Pride stars in Exeter inc,

Pro Wrestling Pride World Champion - Eddie Ryan

PWP Catch Division Champion - Ultimo Tiger

PWP Tag Team Champions The House Of Bones (Gideon and Lomax)

Plus Chris Andrews,The Magnums, Keizer,Kelly Sixx, Charlie Garrett, Josh Knott,Chuck Cyrus,Danny Jones and many more!!!

Image result for josh knott
Josh Knott

Image result for Chuck Cyrus
Chuck Cyrus

Get Your Tickets Now - Click the link below

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