Friday, 18 March 2016

A Rocky Road to Wrestlemaina 32

A Rocky Road to Wrestlemania 32

I was watching Pro Wrestling report Recently and Opinionist David Herro did his segment where he talks DHHS (David Herro Has Spoken) and its him speaking the truth as he See's it about professional wrestling. David talked about their recently experience about going to WWE Smackdown in Milwaukee and the lack to talent on the show.

David Remarked that at WWE Smackdown in Milwaukee there was no

Roman Reigns
Brock Lesnar
The Undertaker
Big Show
John Cena
Seth Rollins
Randy Orton
Becky Lynch
Sasha Banks
The New Day

You can see David DHHS Segment as part of this Episode of Pro Wrestling Report Primetime (at 27:36)

David remarked that fans complain about John Cena and Roman Reigns being in WWE but the Smackdown show he saw in Milwaukee was a taste of WWE without those top talents and that the talent pool is very thin right now.

I wanted to add my own 2 cents into this debate also........but adding in my own twist too I want to look at this in the context of Wrestlemaina and what some of the missing injured talent could mean for the show of shows.

So here we are a few short weeks away from Wrestlemania 32 the anticipation is building and wrestling fans all over the world will be coming to AT and T Stadium to see the biggest spectacle in Sports Entertainment. 

This is a special time of year for Wrestling fans its one of surprise returns, match ups and fantasy matches coming true.

To a degree WWE have given us this already with the return of Shane Mcmahon and the return of The Undertaker too.

However the legacy of the Wrestlemania may not be the sellout attendance record that WWE want, It may be remembered more for the people that are missing rather than the people that are there.

I'm not saying that Wrestlemaina  32 wont be successful it will be, we know The Rock will be making an appearance in some form and Wrestlemania 32 from both a monetary and wrestling standpoint I think it will be a success.

However there will be a void I feel that most wrestling fans wont want to admit but everyone will know is there a void that could of made Wrestlemania 32 into the biggest of super shows

John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton - 3 top main event talents that could headline any Wrestlemania show, these talents wont be appearing at Wrestlemania 32 and that is a huge shame these men contribute so much to WWE and it is a huge loss to WWE at Wrestlemaina having these men in and around your main events for Maina has been a hard hurdle for WWE to Overcome.

WWE in recent months has had to overcome the loss of Sting as an in ring talent due to a neck injury and also the very sad and tragic retirement of Daniel Bryan from in Ring competition due to concussion issues. You have got to think that both of these men if fit and healthy would of been involved in Wrestlemania 32 had they been medically cleared

Seth Rollins
John Cena

David explained that without these superstars that the show lacks that "big time special Feel" and that could be translated to Wrestlemaina 32.

It might be that it has matches, makes money and people are happy with the show


Will we as fans at the end of Wrestlemaina 32 when it is all over  be left with that feeling of what might of been and what could of been with this Wrestlemania?  

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Pro Wrestling Pride Prizefighters 2016 Results Video

Pro Wrestling Pride Prizefighters 2016 Results Video

Click the video below to find out who won 3rd annual Prizefighters Tournament and a title opportunity!

8 matches in all on this great show with Tournament matches taking place all night as well as a tremendous tag team match between Big Grizzly and Scotty Essex vs Chris Andrews and Ultimo Tiger!

The Prizefighters competitors are as follows

Kelly Stixx, Eddie Ryan, Adam Da Silva,Lomax,Gideon,Darren Saviour, Chris Walker and
Danny Jones

Click here to find out what happened!!

Next Pro Wrestling Pride show is Pro Wrestling Pride Adrenaline Rush 2016 with former WWE Star Chris Masters Get your tickets now at

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