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Pro Wrestling Pride Preview Plymouth Sunday 7th Feb 2016

Pro Wrestling Pride Preview Plymouth Sunday 7th Feb 2016

Venue - Holiday Inn Plymouth

When - Sunday 7th Feb 2016

Doors - 5.30pm - Show - 6.30pm.

The Real Rock N Rollas

Featuring Former WWE Star Billy Gunn

Former WWE star Tajiri

TNA Superstar Rockstar Spud 

TNA Superstar Robbie E

(Card subject to change)

 Following a fantastic 1st Show of 2016 in Taunton in front of over 600 fans, Pro Wrestling Pride Returns to Plymouth Sunday 7th Feb 2016 with a huge night of wrestling action.  

Pro Wrestling Pride in Taunton

Check out highlights of the last show featuring Kenny omega, Robbie E, Tatanka, Donovan Dijak and more!!

Click the video below

Come to Holiday Inn Ballroom Amanda Way, Plymouth on Sunday 7th Feb and see Ultimo Tiger, Big Grizzly, Scotty Essex, Darren Saviour, Gideon, Lomaxx, Chris Andrews, Adam Da Silva Vixen, Eddie Ryan and Many more!

 Tickets are available now 1st Row and 2nd Row Tickets, Family deals Plus Meet and Greet and general admission tickets buy yours now (click link below)

Buy Tickets Pro Wrestling Pride Plymouth 7th Feb 2016

  Join Pro Wrestling Pride to see these matches announced so far

Catch Division Championship

 Ultimo Tiger (c) vs Scotty Essex vs Tajiri

Ultimo Tiger (courtesy Hawkeye Photography)
Scotty Essex (Courtesy Hawkeye Photography)


Winner of this Catch Division match then Faces TNA Superstar Robbie E!!!

despite coming up short, Ultimo Tiger had a  tremendous high flying and quite frankly amazing match in Taunton vs Kenny Omega.

  Ultimo Tiger now has to put his Catch Division Championship on the line in a 3 way match with Scotty Essex who got himself into this title match after a draw in his match 1-1 Encounter with Robbie E at the last show in Taunton!.

Last but by no means least joining these 2 men WWE Legend The Japanese Buzzsaw Tajiri!!! How will win this epic 3 way match and walk out with the Catch Division Championship?  

 Pro Wrestling Pride World Heavyweight Title
 Billy Gunn vs Big Grizzly (c)

Billy Gunn

Big Grizzly (Photo Courtesy Hawkeye Photography)

 Big Grizzly has faced many different stars since he has been in Pro Wrestling Pride. Grizzly has taken on and defeated Top Stars Mr Anderson, Rhyno and Most recently in a stellar hard hitting match ROH Top Prospect Big Donovan Dijak.

 Big Grizzly has managed to keep hold of his World Heavyweight Title but in Plymouth he faces a huge WWE legend, Former WWE Tag Team Champion, Intercontintial Champion and WWE King of The Ring Billy Gunn!

 Billy Gunn is here to take the Title from Big Grizzly and become World Heavyweight Champion you can be there to see it live and I’m sure if Billy Gunn Does Win he will have 2 words for Mr Grizzly……….

Plus more matches to be announced soon!!

(As matches are announced blog will be updated)

 Don’t forget to Purchase for tickets (click link below)

Buy Tickets Pro Wrestling Pride Plymouth 7th Feb

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Monday, 25 January 2016

Pro Wrestling Pride Taunton Results 24 Jan 2016

Pro Wrestling Pride Undisputed Taunton Results 24 Jan 2016

1st show to 2016 and we are in Taunton, Somerset for Pro Wrestling Pride Undisputed. This is a loaded card with WWE legend Tatanka, NJPW Bullet Club Leader Kenny Omega, TNA Superstar Robbie E and ROH Donovan Dijak.

The show is totally packed out tonight and there must be 600 people in Attendance  if not a bit more. It was great to see the venue so packed and to hear the crowd buzzing in anticipation of the nights action.

The show was quality total quality in fact there was such much great talent on it and the expectation level was high from fans and I think those expectations were met. There were some stellar matches at Pro Wrestling Pride last night.

An amazing heavyweight contest Between Big Grizzly and Donovan Dijak which was hard hitting and really set the tone for the night which man came out as winner the Pro Wrestling Pride Champ or ROH Rising star?

This was followed up with a 3 vs 2 tag team match pitting Chris Andrews and Adam Da Sliva against the odds against their opponents Danny Duggan, James Baker and Sammy Smooth Were Andrews and Da Silva able to overcome those odds?.

It was billed as a dream match and that it was Ultimo Tiger vs Bullet Club Leader Kenny Omega both men were put there to prove who was the best but who won?

Nadia Sapphire met Japanese Star Hikaru Shida for the first time who came out the undisputed top lady in Taunton?

Scotty Essex told Robbie E that Robbie has something to prove to him in the ring did Scotty Defeat the impact Wrestling star or did Robbie E shut the mouth of Mr Reem?

In a huge 6 man Main Event tag team match WWE legend Tatanka teamed with Darren Saviour and Eddie Ryan to face Uk Dominator, Lomaxx and Gideon what happened when these two brilliant teams collided?

To find out what happened in these matches read on Below to see the match result and pictures to go with it 

Match Results and Pictures 

Big Grizzly Defeated Donovan Dijak

Chris Andrews and Adam Da Silva Defeated James Baker, Danny Duggan, Sammy Smooth

Kenny Omega Defeated Ultimo Tiger

Photo Credit Luke Pegler

Robbie E and Scotty Essex - No Winner (draw) Both men move forward to 4 way catch division match

Photo Credit Luke Pegler

Hikaru Shida Defeated Nadia Sapphire

Photo Credit Luke Pegler

Tatanka, Darren Saviour and Eddie Ryan defeated Gideon, Lomax and UK Dominator

Photo credit Luke Pegler
Photo credit Luke Pegler
As a fan of pro wrestling i cant tell you how much i loved this show it had something for everyone and really delivered. It had everything a wrestling fan would want, great wrestling, great personalities, great atmosphere and above all great fun.

Coming soon will be the Pro Wrestling Pride Undisputed Taunton DVD see the show and all the matches in full!! When released will be available at future Pro Wrestling Pride Shows and also online at

 Keep checking Pride Promotions on Facebook and @propwp on Twitter to keep up to date on future releases and everything Pro Wrestling Pride.

Next show for Pro Wrestling Pride is 7th Feb Rock N Rollas with WWE legend Billy Gunn, Japanese Buzzsaw Tajiri, Robbie E, Rockstar Spud and more!!!

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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Can Impact Wrestling Make a Bang on Pop TV in 2016?

Can Impact Wrestling Make a Bang on Pop TV in 2016?

Impact Wrestling logo on POP TV
TNA Impact Wrestling found a new home on Destination America in 2015 but as 2015 comes to a close Destination America chose not to renew Wrestling on their Network and Impact Wrestling had to find a new home.

Thankfully they have found a new home thanks to POP TV. Having Impact is important. Its important for Wrestling Business and for the people that are in it. Well done to Dixie Carter and her team at Impact Wrestling from negotiating the move and securing the future of the program.

TNA Impact Wrestling Owner Dixie Carter

 TNA Impact Wrestling will be debuting on POP TV in January 5th 2015 with a huge Live episode with the Semi finals and finals of their World Title series eventually crowning a brand new TNA Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

TNA will be looking to new stars to step it up even more in 2016 than they did in 2015. TNA lost a lot of established talent in 2015 So Impact needs to build new talent in 2016 and the debut on Pop TV gives them the opportunity to do that.

There are high expectations for TNA Wrestlers in 2016. EC3 Ethan Carter has been tremendous in 2015 and to me is now established as a top star along with Bobby Lashley, Matt Hardy and More. It’s a shame for TNA that Kurt Angle will be leaving the company and is having his farewell tour in January in the UK Kurt Angle is always been great to watch and has always been so entertaining.

Kurt Angle

So with these changes taking place more wrestlers take a step into the main event in 2016 and mix it up with top of the card in Impact Wrestling. The wrestlers I'm talking about that I would like to see more in Impact Wrestling main event picture  Rockstar Spud, Robbie E, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.

I have managed to see all of these men not just in Impact Wrestling but seen all also in Pro Wrestling Pride a promotion in Devon England where I live in 2015. As always this is my opinion as a wrestling fan I'm not a wrestling expert and don't proclaim to be one! This is jus my opinion on what I think.

I believe This group have so much to offer and I believe could be key to a successful 2016 for Impact Wrestling. They are loyal to the company and they have a blend to great wrestling skill, entertainment and engaging the audience.

Rockstar Spud

Rockstar Spud has so much charisma and personality he connects with the audience so well and above all he is entertaining to watch and has an ability to make people laugh and smile but make them feel for him and care about his character. To me watching him that is something that is so unique today.

 Rockstar spud is a multi faceted athlete with so many different complexities and intricacies  to his character that he can adapt to many different situations. Whether it was being Madam Dixie chief of Staff or Being The Ultimate Underdog Rockstar Spud is a tremendous talent and someone to keep your eyes on and could well make himself a full time main event player in 2016.
Robbie E

Robbie E is someone who I think is right on the verge of becoming a top star for Impact Wrestling. Robbie needs the right feud to show what he can do. He has come such a long way since Jersey Show gimmick and he has built himself tremendously into the wrestler he is today.

He has evolved and changed when he has needed too and continues to do so. Robbie E Evolution has been great and I believe he can be a future impact wrestling world champion look out for him in 2016 on POP TV.

The Wolves
I think the Wolves are a tremendous team they work together so well, they make things look effortless in the ring together, and I saw them live and they were even better than they looked on TV – totally Brilliant I hope TNA eventually split these two so that each can then create a defined character to take themselves forward as singles wrestlers – I think they could both add a lot to TNA at the top of the card.

In terms of Technical skill you wont find anyone better than Richards and Edwards.

TNA using their talented roster alongside some exciting compelling Story lines could means great news for them going forward. Pop TV Has a much bigger reach than Destination America had previously and all those things combined could mean a bang on POP TV in 2016.

I will enjoy watching to find out

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