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Pro Wrestling Pride Preview Heroes and Legends 2 Nov 1st 2015

Pro Wrestling Pride Preview
Heroes and Legends 2 Preview 
Nov 1st 2015

Hello and Welcome

Here is a preview for the forthcoming Pro Wrestling Pride event Heroes and Legends 2.

Coming to Torbay leisure Centre in Paignton. After the massive success of Heroes and Legends 1 with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Mr Anderson, Rockstar Spud, Robbie E, Chris Masters and many more Pride are back again with another huge event.

Heroes and Legends 2 will feature Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, Rhyno, Ultimo Dragon, Johnny Kidd, Mr Anderson, Bram along side tremendous pride talent such as Pro Wrestling Pride Champion Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths, Robbie Cane, Ultimo Tiger, JD Knight, Mean Tommy Dean, Red Eagle, Saime Sahin + Many More

These Matches have been announced so far (matches and card subject top change) here is what has been announced. 

Pro Wrestling Pride World Championship match
Rhyno vs Big Grizzly Steve Griffiths (C)

Big Grizzy regained his PWP World Championship and now has arguably his biggest test to date WWE NXT Superstar and former ECW Heavyweight Champion Rhyno, Can the Bear overcome The Rhyno and retain his title? 

Million Dollar Man Endorsement
The Fame Robbie Caine vs Red Eagle

A huge Opportunity for both competitors here. Red Eagle from Portugal and Robbie Caine from Wales both men have the chance to impress the Million Dollar Man in this match whoever does will receive his endorsement  and $5000!!!!

4 Way Match for Catch Division Championship
Ho ho lun vs Scotty Essex vs Ultimo Tiger (C) vs Tiger Ali

An international 4 way match for the Pro Wrestling Pride Catch Division Championship. Everyone is vying to become Catch Champion will Ultimo Tiger be able to overcome the odds and Defeat 3 other men or Will there be a brand new Catch Champion? 

6 man Tag Team Match
Bram, Tommy Dean, Jd Knight vs Mr  Anderson, Eddie Ryan and Chris Andrews

A 6 man tag team match which is sure to be an all out war. Bram Joining Anarchy Uprising will take on Impact Wrestling Mr Anderson, Eddie Ryan and Chris Andrews which team will come out on top and be victorious at Heroes and Legends 2

Special Match
Ultimo Dragon vs Johny Kidd

Two legends go face to face British Legend Johnny Kidd will be taking on Former WCW, WWE and Japanese wrestler superstar Ultimo Tiger. This match will be fought under British Rules which legendary superstar will come out on what is sure to be a classic match.

Special Attraction 4 Way Tag Team Match 
Team Hate vs Saime Sahin & Nixon Newell vs Lomax and UK Dominator vs Mason Ryan and The Saint

In what is going to be an amazing 4 Way Tag Team Match Featuring former WWE Star Mason Ryan Teaming with The Saint vs UK Dominator & Lomax vs Saime Sahin & Nixon Newell vs Team Hate who is going to prove that they are the dominant tag team in Pro Wrestling Pride?  

Tickets are selling out very fast you can get your for this excellent event now by going to

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CSF Wrestling Live Results Devizes October 2015

CSF Wrestling Live Devizes Results October 2015

Source CSF Facebook Page - Sold Out Crowd Devizes

I'm back and this time I'm going to Devizes in my last blog (you can read here) I wrote about the Debut Show for CSF Wrestling in Devizes. They did a cracking job and put on a great 1st show and set up nicely for their next show where they set up a tag team main event for this show Samie Sahin and The Saint after they got attacked at the first show and have teamed together to take on Tiger Ali and JD Knight in the Main Event of the evening.

We also have a championship match for the All nations Championship Kay Jutler (c) will defend against Challenger Charlie Garrett, also Hometown Boy Kian enderby will be taking on Nathan Bane and in a womens match Faith vs Nadia and making his debut in CSF Wrestling Eddie Ryan vs Lomax.

This is the 2nd show from CSF and as I arrived in Devizes and it didn’t take long to get in it got into the Main Hall of the corn exchange I sat at the back of the Hall as I like to sit there as I can see everything going on.

There were already lots of people in the main hall but more and more coming in as I sat down. It got so busy that there was several staff having to go and get extra chairs for people to sit on. There was a good atmosphere in the hall and there was a great mix of people from children's Adults and elderly too. That's how wrestling should be appealing to so many different people and across all genders, ages etc

5 Minutes before the show begins the The Corn  Exchange main hall looks packed out and completely sold out a brilliant achievement by CSF at only their 2nd show in Devizes and gives us a great live crowd for this evening.  

As always with my blogs everything is written is from memory and here are some brief match summaries of what took place at the show. I didn’t get many pictures that night due to phone issues (i’ll mention that later)  

Make sure you check out @csfwrestling on Twitter and check out CSF Wrestling on Facebook for pictures, videos and more from all the events  

Lets get to the Wrestling!!!!!

Lomax vs Eddie Ryan

To kick us off tonight we have Lomax vs Eddie Ryan. This is the Debut of Eddie in CSF Wrestling, Eddie for those who don't know is a great technical wrestler and is explosive as well. Lomax is a huge, huge man but has so much agility for someone so big.

The match starts off and Lomax and Ryan tie up and Lomax gets the better of Ryan due to his size advantage. Lomax is posing to the crowd as Ryan goes to the corner, Ryan goes to Tie up again but gets Lomax in a side headlock, Lomax manages to push Ryan off the ropes and Ryan comes back to Lomax and tires to Shoulder block him but it is to no avail Lomax isn't going anywhere.

They tie up again and Ryan gets a side headlock again but Lomax manages to pick up Ryan and perch him in a sitting position on the Top rope in the corner, Ryan goes to Jump off But Lomax catches him in the stomach with a punch in mid air, Lomax then takes control and is choking Ryan who is now draped over the middle rope and being choked by lomax leg.

Eddie then gets throw off the rope and goes for a sunset flip on  Lomax he is trying to pull Lomax over and it looks like Lomax is going to fall however lomax steadies himself jumps in the air and lands Ass 1st on the chest of Eddie Ryan. Ryan barely kicks out at 2.

Lomax then hits a big powerslam on Ryan for another 2 count and lomax goes back to using the middle rope to choke Ryan and then irish whips Ryan and hits a big clothesline for another 2 count. Lomax then changes his tactics and has a bear hug on and Ryan manages to battle out of it, Ryan goes for another sunset flip Lomax goes to jump and land of Ryan again as he did before but this time Ryan moves out of the way, Lomax is foiled, Ryan  takes lomax to the corner and then Ryan hits him, Ryan goes to the top rope and hits a flying splash and gets the pinfall victory!!

Winner - Eddie Ryan

Womens match
Faith vs Nadia Sapphire
Let me just say 1st that the ladies did alot more than i am going to write about here. Earlier on i mentioned i had an issue with my phone well it just happened to coincide with this match. I was told i had no memory left and the phone froze. So accept my apologies if this match is not as comprehensive as the others – blame Apple!

Faith is livid at the fans in Devizes she doesn't like them and is telling them what she thinks of them. Faith is annoyed that Nadia is getting cheered a lot so faith keeps going to the corner before the match begins and is posing to the crowd which is getting her more and more boos.

Nadia then gets up on the turnbuckle and the crowd are cheering her this happens a few times again with both ladies getting on the turnbuckle it ends with Faith stamping her feet in the ring and our match is on!!

Faith takes advantage early on and Faith takes Nadia to the corner and is rubbing her face along the top rope. Faith then uses the rope to choke Nadia too, then uses her foot to choke nadia also. 

Faith is taking it to Nadia and knocking her out of the ring and Faith is throwing Nadia around on the outside. Faith is really controlling the match as it is going on and although Nadia is able to get some shots in Faith is still kicking and keeping Nadia down until Nadia surprises her and gets the win 

Winner – Nadia Sapphire

All Nations Championship
Charlie Garrett vs Kay Jutler 

Before I start talking about this match let me just say that anything I say here wont do it justice it really wont. I have seen these 2 men before separately on different shows but these two together were total class. 

They put on an incredible match for the all nations championship. This was tremendous Charlie and Kay were totally brilliant and put on a match well over 30 mins, it had great wrestling, was engaging and intriguing and really caught the imagination the only thing it missed was Kay Jutler doing his #JutlerWarmUpLunges!!! :)

Jutler comes out 1st and grabs hold of the microphone the champ has something he wants to say. Jutler goes on to cut a brilliant promo instead of addressing the people of Devizes Jutler says Hello Marlborough and then Hello Tetbury and then gets told he is in Devizes he replies by saying Devizes is an armpit of a town full of inbreeds and he says that he should be forced to be in this town to defend his title in front of us.

Charlie Garrett comes out next and we are ready for our title match. Garrett tries to lock up with Jutler but Jutler is having none of it and goes towards the ropes and asked the referee to get Garrett back.

 Garret and Jutler then lock up and start off and Garrett then pushes Jutler in the lock up to the corner twice but referee breaks them out from the corner on both occasions Garrett then gets Jutler in a rear waitlock and Jutler and Garrett then do a great piece of wrestling they work at match initially around and armbar and wristlock and they do several reversal of this and it was very impressive these two really did use and utilize old school pro wrestling in their match. Garrett eventually gets Jutler to the canvas while still working on his left arm but Jutler manages to work his way out of it by Hitting Garret with a Northern Lights suplex out of the arm lock.

Jutler then applies his own headlock and Jutler looks like he is going to try and take on Garrett at his own game but to no avail as Jutler goes for an Irish whip but Garrett reverses it and he body slams Jutler coming off the ropes.

As the match continues Garret has Jutler in a Full nelson with Jutler trying to get out of it, Jutler eventually makes it too the corner and referee is asking for the break but Jutler while still in the hold has moved his feet up the turnbuckle so Garrett lets go of Jutler and Jutler falls back 1st onto the mat.

There was a great moment in the match where Charlie Pulls down the trunks of Kay Jutler and his bare ass is shown to the live crowd, Charlie shouts to the crowd “shall i kick him” and teases the kick before kicking Jutler hard right in the ass!! Garrett then backdrops Jutler and sends him to the outside with Jutler Trunks still half way down!!!

As the match continues Jutler starts to take advantage and works further on the arm of Garrett, Until Garrett is able to clothesline Jutler over the top rope and to the floor Jutler gets back int he ring and puts garrett in the corner but Garrett puts his leg up and Garrett goes to the top, jumps off but gets caught again by Jutler.

Both men continue to battle backwards and forwards still with an emphasis on working on the arms of each other.  Jutler manges to get a crossface on Garrett but Garret manages to get to the ropes shortly after this Jutler Pushes Garrett into the corner and squashes referee Mark Rowell, Jutler Low blows Garrett while the referee is down, Jutler then applies the crossface again in the middle of the ring and Garrett has no other option but to tap out.
This was an awesome match these two really put on something great, the match was built so well throughout.

 I don’t know if i have really done it justice here but if you get a chance to see it on youtube, CSF DVD make sure you watch

Winner and Still All Nations Champion – Kay Jutler

After the Interval we come back with Home town boy Kian Enderby Taking on Nathan Bane.

Kian Enderby vs Nathan Bane

I have seen both of these men wrestle in different matches on the first show in Devizes i was really impressed with Bane he has a good presence and size and is very intimidating and in his last match in Devizes he was a force defeating his opponent in dominating fashion so this is a big challenge for Kian coming into this show.

 Kian looked very different from the last time we saw him in Devizes he looked leaner and  this time was in all new Silver Singlet for his match. Both men enter the ring and our next match is on. Bane took control by attacking Kian before the match starts for alot of this match and really wanted to show the fans in Attendance what he was about and Bane wanted to hurt Enderby as much as he could.

Bane is kicking and punching Kian but Kian fights back and takes Bane down as he comes off of the ropes Kian looks like he is gaining more control int he match now Kian delivers a forearm to the back of Bane, then Kian hoists Bane onto his shoulders but Bane manages to get out of it.

A the match continues Bane is now choking Kian over the 2nd rope with his leg and then takes Kian to the corner and chops him, Kian manages to avoid Bane the 2nd time hits his head into the turnbuckle and then irish whips and clotheslines Bane in the corner.
The tide of the match turns again when Bane again turns the tables and is kicking Kian while he is sat in the corner, Bane continues his onslaught with a kick to Kian who is sat in the ring. Kian manges to Get Bane to the outside but his momentum is short lived as Bane goes to get back in he uses the top rope to give Kian a top rope stunner. Kian is now led prone in the ring clutching his throat.

As the match continues Bane hits a massive side slam on Kian for a 2 count and can start to see Bane getting frustrated he has done alot to Kian but Kian isn’t going to quit and give up not in his hometown, Kian keeps pushing on and not giving up, he answers Bane back with a  body slam and a massive running elbow drop. Kian again tries to get Bane up on his shoulders Bane then slides out again.

Kian then goes to the top rope and looks like he is going to Jump off but Bane hits the ropes and Kian goes crotch first down in the corner, Bane then takes Kian down from the corner and then goes to get his chain that he brought down to the ring with him, the referee Mark Rowell takes the chain away from Bane and while the referee I on the outside Bane fustarted as he has not finshed of Kian yet gets hold of a chair and hits Kian in the head with it and throws the chair to the outside of the ring the referee comes back in and counts the pinfall.

Winner - Bane

Now its time for our main event match

Samie Sahin and The Saint vs Tiger Ali and JD Knight

These are 4 very talented wrestlers all 4 men are tremendous and I have seen them in CSF on the last show and in other promotiions too. Ali and JD are out first followed by Samie and The Saint. Samie has such a big personality and the fans took to him right away along with The Saint the fans really want to see them kick JD & Ali ass. 

 JD and Ali are an formidable team and are both quality wrestlers in their own right so its going to be interesting to see how they work as a team tonight.

Samie and Ali tie up and Ali takes Samie to the corner and referee goes to move Ali back, but he tries to take advantage of the situation but is unable to then Ali bails to the outside and JD drops down from the apron and they talk some strategy and Ali comes back into the ring.

Samie and Ali tie up again and Samie gets a headlock but Ali gets to the corner and in the ropes to break it, Ali then uses this to his advantage to blindside Samie and get him in a headlock of his own until Samie is able to take Ali over to the canvas with a side headlock.

Ali gets back to his feet and he gets thrown into the ropes and Samie hits a massive hip toss, JD comes into the ring which brings in Saint and Ali and JD end up on the outside. Samie leads the dancing in the ring as Saint joins in annoying Ali and JD even more!!!

Ali enters back in the ring again as he tries to beg off from Samie and Samie grabs Ali and Tags in Saint, Saint and Samie deliver a back elbow to Ali, Samie then gets tagged back in and as the match continues Ali and JD manage to get a foothold in the match they start by working systematically to stop Samie from going on the attack and getting to his corner.

Ali then tags JD into the match and JD continues with forearms, punches and kicks to a downed Samie. Samie desperately needs to make it to his corner, but with multiple tags of JD and Ali coming in and out of the ring it is becoming impossible for Samie to get back to The Saint and tag him in. Ali while this is going on picks up his flag and uses it on Samie using and underhand tactics possible to try and get the win, Ali goes for a pinfall then gets a 2 count.

JD goes to lift Samie on the turnbuckle and JD goes up the turnbuckle himself too but Samie pushes him off. and Samie goes for a double axe handle but JD hits him in the stomach and Ali get tagged in again

Eventually Samie is able to tag out to The Saint the Saint comes in and takes out Ali and JD and is taking out all his pent up aggression on both men and The Saint then hit a DDT on JD Knight and then Samie comes off the top with a fantastic moonsault for the win

Winners Samie Sahin and The 'Saint

Overall i really enjoyed the show and i would encourage others to go and come and see and check out other shows in and around your area it was fun entertaining and the fans left happy.

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Does WWE RAW Presentation need to change?

As always everyone thank you for reading and taking the time to check this out. As you all know im a wrestling fan and not a “wrestling expert” or proclaim to be one just my opinion as a fan on what I see

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Does WWE RAW Presentation need to change?

I have been thinking about this recently I was reading 10th Anniversary Edition of a book called “the Death of WCW” and something hit me in context to today WWE product. Going back and thinking about “The Monday Night Wars” WCW vs WWE, Nitro vs Raw the thought hit me, the presentation of Sports entertainment has not changed since the Monday Night Wars.

Lets learn from History
Vince Russo

What I mean by that is the show format has changed very little from When Eric Bischoff started Nitro and Vince Russo (love him or hate him) went to Vince Mcmahon and told him that the WWE Product needed to change that was back in 1997 we are now in 2015 and we have the same format to a show Wrestler A comes out at beginning of the show talks about Wrestler B then they agree to have a match later tonight. Its always the same way, always the same thing just with different wrestler inserted into it each week, month or year.

WWE never starts off a Raw with a match or they don’t cut to backstage with Renee Young straight with someone, even do the normal wrestler A challenges Wrestler B but put it in a different environment the locker room, hallway or whatever make it feel different. That’s why I feel the fans of WWE have gone away for awhile now, they know everything stays the same, the show structure, the show format, what the wrestler says and does and even how matches are going to finish.

This brings me to a Vince Russo Quote he said this in an interview and was talking about when he was in WWE I’m paraphrasing here but Vince russo stated that

 “Vince (mcmahon) the fans know everything now, you need to throw away the handbook and start doing things differently, Don’t follow the handbook, start giving fans match finishes, situations and unpredictability that they haven’t seen before and more people will start looking at the product if your product is predicable people wont watch”
Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff went by a different mentality in WCW he used a formula he described in his book as SARSA ( Story, Anticipation, Reality, Surprise, Action) Eric described that when he was running WCW they surveyed the fans and did a good piece of market research and one of the things wrestling fans wanted was unpredictability. Eric used SARSA to his best advantage and created something which drew huge TV ratings for WCW at the time and for 83 straight weeks beat WWE at thier own game. WWE writers would be well served to look at SARSA in terms of a live television environment and how they could develop this in 2015. You Couldnt do it the same as it was previously in WCW as times have changed with social media and there being a more knowledgeable fan base in 2015.

Fans,Quantity Over Quality and Creative thinking

Fans wanted to be taken by surprise and fans want to know that the 3 hours that they invest in WWE Raw on a Monday Night is worth it. At the moment the issue is the time being invested does not equal the reward for the fans – so why would you keeping watching week in week out if its not a rewarding experience for you?

Fans need to be taken on an exciting journey week to week and be given a reason to tune again the week after. I think another issues especially over the past few years is that WWE I feel was oversaturated itself week to week and with so much content that they produce they have stretched themselves to far WWE went with the philosophy of Quanity over Quaility and as a result RAW is struggling. Moving Raw to 3 Hours I think is a prime example of Quantity over Quality which I think WWE would admit has stretched them further than needed and also diluted over Shows such as WWE Smackdown.

Suggestions on How to Fix Raw

Do Not Panic and No Quick Fixes
The Worst thing I think a WWE or any company in this situation can do is panic. Panic does not help anything and Quick Foxes only mask the issue for awhile. WWE are a global brand and company with some very intelligent people within in, we are saw what happened when WCW panicked they made the wrong strategic moves and  made big errors they shouldn’t of, keep a level head and a clear thought process.

Less time more quality
Talent is being over exposed and as a result storylines maybe aren’t as strong now as they once were and having a knock on effect throughout the industry.  Raw alone is 12 Hours of Original programming over one month. If you made RAW 2 hours aw week again this would slash this to a total of  8 Hours a month for RAW a lot more manageable in terms of creative.

Rebuild the Brand Focus on Core Customer First
To me the next thing you need to do if Raw rating s are struggling is to refocus back on who made you successful o being with. You may be a “sports Entertainment company” but your core fans are wrestling fans. In order to rebuild the product you need to start from the ground up, focus back on the Wrestling fans your core audience do things to appeal to those fans and along the way pick up new fans along the fans and expanded the product again as you go. Do things that appeal to the wrestlers, ex wrestlers Jim Ross and Steve Austin have always said if you doing things that entertain the boys (wrestlers in the back) chances are the fans will be entertained by it too, WWE don’t want to be known as a “wrestling company” but they need to refocus on what brought them to the dance.

Don’t do everything as its always been done
Variety is the spice of life and as I mentioned earlier if everything is always the same it means people will grow tired of it, the current format has been the same for nearly 20 years, WWE should experiement with different ways and see what works its only by going out on a limb and taking a risk will you be able to create, keep the attention of and garner a new audience.

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