Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What is Pro Wrestling Pride?

What is Pro Wrestling Pride?

Hello Everyone and welcome to another Blog today I want to talk to you all about a British Wrestling company that I have been going to see regularly over the past year that company is Pro Wrestling Pride.

Pro Wrestling Pride is based in Devon and has been in existence since 2013 and been running shows in the Devon area Expanding out to Cornwall and Somerset also.

Pro Wrestling Pride has a fantastic flow to their shows they pride themselves (no pun intended) on telling a story at their shows, making the matches make sense and giving the audience great story that they can get themselves into but also telling great physical stories in the ring through the matches.

There is a tremendous roster in place filled with great talent these guys go out there and they all work so hard and have a drive and ambition to be the best they can be every single time

From Super Bad Guys C2 Stable (Calum Cain, Tyler Hawke Josh Knott, Big Grizzly) then to  UK Dominator,Robbie Caine, Mark Walsh and Keizer to Fan Favorites Ultimo Tiger, Darren Saviour, Danny Walsh John Harding and others that is a tremendous mix of styles that create the uniqueness that I have been able to see.

Big Grizzly
Robbie Caine

Pro Wrestling Pride in Addition to their own roster also bring in Wrestlers from other companies for shows and stars previously seen in american Promotions for example Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Carlito, Sabu,Jay Lethal, Chris Masters, Mr Anderson, Too Cool, Juvi Guererra, Mason Ryan, Chris Sabin, Bram, Joel Redmond, Doug Williams, Raven, Koji Kanemoto and Many More.

Pride Mix this talent coming in with their great talent and it creates some magic, even if you have never been to a show before you will quickly be able to understand what is going on and find characters that you can gravitate towards and others that you’ll boo out of the building!! :)

Come out and discover something new see the great new and fresh British talent. If you haven’t been to a pro wrestling pride show I suggest you do!

check out their website on Twitter @propwp and also on Facebook search Pride Promotions. You can see below poster for the upcoming shows, come along, get involved and enjoy

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Jonathan Orchard

Thursday, 11 June 2015

The implosion of Pretty Marvellous

The implosion of Pretty Marvellous
Danny (left) Mark (right)
Pro Wrestling Pride Pretty Marvellous the tag team of Danny and Mark Walsh have been a staple for Pro Wrestling Pride since its inception they have been singles competitors and Tag Team but always been a cohesive unit.
Pro Wrestling Pride Show on 25tH May 2015 in Torquay proved to be maybe the last time we will see Pretty Marvellous as a team in the main event and in a shocking turn of events Mark Walsh decided he wasn’t going to help his brother and left Danny in a 2 on 1 situation vs The Lionhearts and as a result The Lionhearts became new Pro Wrestling Pride Tag Team Champions while Mark should there at ringside with his arms crossed an unwilling  to help his tag team partner. As a result Pretty Marvellous longest running tag team title reign of 161 days came to an end.
Danny Shaking Hands with The Lionhearts
I was there live at the show and I  don’t feel that Danny did anything wrong. I feel that Danny Wrestled as hard as he could and gave as much of himself to the match as he could. Even after the match Danny was willing to shake hands with The Lionhearts and concede that The lionhearts were the better men on the day, Mark refused to shake Lionhearts hands and instead gave double middle finger to Danny, Lionhearts, all the fans in attendance and even pushed the cameraman over.
I  have a few theories as to why this might of happened I’m trying to see things from Mark perspective and try to understand his mind set
Mark Walsh in Torquay
Sibling Jealously?
Could it simply be that Mark was/is Jealous of his older brother? Mark was frustrated many times throughout the match towards his brother did he feel that Danny was trying to take too much of the match for himself? Maybe Mark wants more of the limelight on himself and feels the spotlight should be firmly on him maybe that explains his actions.
 Are there further underlying issues there as well I feel does Mark feel that although Danny has been PWP World Champion in the past that it should have been him instead? It was interesting at this show that Pretty Marvellous came out with no ring girl with them – Was there an issue when Danny left with Tara through the curtain at the previous show in Exeter is that the source of problem? Danny gets the girl and Mark Doesn’t?
Tara with Danny at ringside could this be the cause of the pretty marvellous rift?
Proving himself
Does Mark feel the need to prove himself as a wrestler and to prove to his brother that the can do it on his own that he does not need his brother beside him in order to be successful was this Mark saying “I am going to be the best and no one is going to stand in my way” Has Mark now got the motivation that its me against the world and I’m gong to prove to the wrestling world, that Mark Walsh can Win, be successful and be a champion and not be known as the younger Walsh Brother, is Mark saying to people when you talk about the Walsh Brothers in Future you will say my name 1st and my name only.
Over the next few shows we are going to see where this goes will Mark continue with his change of attitude and cause a greater rift with his brother or is there still a chance that Pretty Marvellous can survive? Only time will tell.....
Mark (left ) and Danny (right)

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Jonathan Orchard

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Jim Ross on The state of Wrestling in 2015

My Thoughts on Jim Ross state of Wrestling Blog

I think Jim wrote a fantastic blog on state of wrestling and i have been a Wrestling fan since i was 5 (now 29) I could really relate to it as what i used to see even in my lifetime isn’t what we see now.

I am an avid listener to Ross Report Podcast and enjoying listening to Jim Ross every week talking Wrestling Business and talking to his guests about the sport and entertainment we all love. I saw a tweet from Jim on Sunday and it was his newest blog partially titled “Rant on Today’s Wrestling Business”
You can read the full blog by clicking the link below
 Jim has 40 years of experience in the Wrestling business as Broadcaster/Announcer, Talent Relations, Business Management and so much more.

Jim has far more experience and know how than I will ever gain in my lifetime and is one of the greatest minds in wrestling today.

 I write on all my blogs that I am a fan of wrestling and have been for over 20 years everything that I write is from a fans perspective I’m not a wrestling “expert” or proclaim to be one I am writing this as just my opinion and perspective.

Let me break it down here and explain why from my standpoint. I am using excerpts of his article here the parts that really caught my attention and inspired me to write this blog today and then writing my standpoint on it after the quote 

(please do read Jim blog in full 1st)

Please read and enjoy!

Jim stated
“I've said here many times that I hope that all wrestling promotions are successful and make it through their respective rough waters that many are currently encountering. Nonetheless, some within these organisations can't handle constructive criticism and seem to take some things that I say personally which is both childish and unprofessional. It is my prerogative to criticise bad acting, over scripted promos, no selling major moves, illogical creative and other eye rolling creative content in an attempt to re-invent what isn't broken. I think that I've paid my dues, earned a decent track record within the biz and, above all, I am still a fan of over 50 years”

Jons Perspective
I don’t think Jim is wrong to criticise production values of some companies, if you have heard his podcasts he has talked about this in depth  and has said many times that if you’re on TV you need to have a polished product.

You need to make sure that the non fan flipping the channel happens to see your product that they are impressed by it visually and then stay with it to see what it is and to invest their time into the show.

 Not only that in the highly competitive world of television you’re not just competing against other Wrestling shows but everything else on TV too. Being that I’m from England we know all too well that bad production and non investment in your product can cost wrestling dear, we lost British Pro Wrestling in England in early 1990’s because promoters weren’t willing to invest in the look of their product as a result ITV stated that wrestling was “too behind the times” and we have not seen British Wrestling back on mainstream TV since in the UK, to me get your production looking right or get cancelled its an extreme example i admit but look and feel are so important today.

Jim Continues
“The vast majority of wrestlers these days are not good promo talents. Reason being is that creative staffs seemingly have to justify their existence by role playing with these individuals and scripting virtually every word that the talents say. That system is both outdated and unproductive as fans today can recognize a wrestler reciting a promo from memory instead as from their heart within a few sentences.
Wrestling is best when it comes from a logically, realistic place and is executed inside the ring as an athletic contest built on common sense and not an acrobatic show that exposes the business as a sham with no selling and the complete lack of some talent's ability to properly apply an actual wrestling hold.
The faster some talent perform the louder that they tell us that their skill set is lacking and that they are trying to get by on sensationalism instead of realism.

I get taken to task because of my 21 years in WWE as if I'm picking on the TNA's, ROH's, Lucha Underground's, etc of the world when nothing could be further from the truth. I've dedicated 40+ years of my life to the wrestling business, proudly I might add, and would do it all over again if the opportunity presented itself. But that isn't going to happen. I want the business to be healthy and to prosper long after I'm gone for future generations to enjoy. At the rate of some of the things that I'm watching each week on TV are happening,  I'm not sure that's going to occur.
Some feel that we are allegedly in a pending "boom" period because there is so much TV wrestling product available o n a weekly. Does average, at times at best average, TV product indicate "Boom" to any one who actually thinks about it? I think not”

Jons Fan Perspective:
I grew up watching wrestling via VHS tapes of 1980’s and got  to see Hulk Hogan, Jake Roberts, Ted Dibase, Macho Man and so many more cut great promos and there is a difference today to then. In that these characters from years ago could make you feel their emotion and get across  eloquently their match or opinion. 

Today It feels like wrestlers aren’t allowed to fly and see what happens as Jim says, they have to have everything written out and it feels devoid of that emotion because its not coming from the heart of the person saying it. In life people can feel and see when someone is lying to them and can see when someone isn’t who they are and is trying to be someone different.

 They can tell when someone isn’t speaking from he heart and meaning it. Wrestling today can blossom and prosper but companies seem to want to try to get it down to a science and have this perfect formula that is always going to work, being too constrictive is never going to find the next big star, I would venture to say that if Steve Austin or The Rock came up in this era their promo style, delivery and ability would be very different for what we know and love them for.

Jim then goes on to say
“The product is by and large over thought and those in creative charge seemingly feel compelled to take a tried and true product and put their personal finger prints on it as if they are going to be the one who is forever known as "changing the wrestling business forever." The wrestling business changed forever when the territories died due largely because local promoters got lazy and complacent and did not want to move into the modern era of marketing and producing TV programs plus they stopped developing new, young stars.  Blame who you want but the territory system stopped doing what brought them to the dance and that was featuring new stars in compelling rivalries that were based in easy to understand, common sense story lines produced in weekly, episodic television. Plus, the talents back in the day were, by and large, better story tellers than we are fed today with some exceptions.
An essentially, easy to watch, non complex hour of TV that virtually anyone could understand and enjoy was what worked best for many of us lifers.
Where have  those days gone?"

Jons Fan Perspective:
This was the part of the blog for me that really caught me it made me in terms of WWE and Jim talking about “non complex easy to watch TV”  WWE PPV’s recently and Network Specials and how the pace of WWE seems to me to be too fast. So much happens in the space of two weeks at this point and WWE are burning through things so quickly that i can’t take it all in as a fan. 

There is so much content to digest and get your head around that it gets too much. Raw is 3 Hours, Nxt 1 Hour, Smackdown 2 Hours PPV/Special 3 Hours that’s 9 Hours from WWE, not to mention Main event, Superstars too and that’s just from WWE don’t forget to include TNA,ROH, Lucha Underground and GFW to that list soon.

For any fan of any product that is so much time to invest, Wrestling needs to be doing storylines that everyone can relate too, not everyone is going to enjoy everything you cant please all the audience all of the time, but I feel that especially in the case of WWE that the long term effects of their strategy with programming is leading us down the path of less meaning and with less meaning as I said before in this blog means less investment and that leads to less fan live attendance and interest.

Jim Continues
“Perhaps some day someone in a promotion will understand that simpler is better and the majority of fans don't want bad acting or predictable promos but instead want to get lost in personal issues featuring the stars settling the conflict in the ring utilizing superior athletic representation.
It's just not that hard to figure out from where I sit or perhaps the feedback that I receive from some young fans on Twitter @JRsBBQ is true....times have simply passed me by”

Jons Fan Perspective:
I love getting my mind so absorbed and lost in wrestling its been said before but watching a live show or TV show I want to get lost in the entertainment and enjoy what I’m seeing in front of me and forget all my problems, issues and my reality and immerse myself into something that I love. I don’t believe that Jim is lost and behind the times at all, because I don’t believe that wrestling in itself has changed what has always drawn the most interest is 2 men/ladies/groups in conflict with one winner and one loser one good guy one bad guy. It works and has been the foundation for many great feuds over the years as an example see Austin vs Mcmahon.

I think wrestling maybe is overcomplicated itself in 2015 that wrestlers feel that they need to be something different to what they should be. If the company will allow it and be less restrictive, The Talent in my eyes should be themselves that’s when you get the best out of them and the company employing them gets the best of who they are.
Let the talent Turn things up, amplify your personality and let things happen naturally, if wrestling companies could create, foster and encourage and environment like that with less micro management, and a little more leeway the wrestling business could thrive creatively once again.

Thanks for Reading and again Thank you to Jim Ross for an excellent thought provoking blog and giving me inspiration to write this

Jonathan Orchard

Friday, 5 June 2015

Want WWE Attitude Era in 2015?...No You want Entertainment

Want Attitude Era?...No You want Entertainment

WWE The attitude Era - this is a defined period of time in WWE history between 1997-2008 where WWE went TV - 14 and had a very edgy and very over the top product where Wrestlers were more of an extension of themselves and they used more colourful language and mannerisms.

It helped be the launching pad for many great stars including Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Mankind and many more. It also gave birth to a fantastic tag team division headed by The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, Dudley Boyz, having amazing matches with Tables, Ladders and Chairs that redefined WWE and their tag team division at the time.

these men had some of the best matches in wrestling history

After WWE purchased WCW in 2001 and then ECW went out of business also they decided to change direction and look at a different way of doing things.

Fans since 2008 have bemoaned the direction of WWE - they have been very vocal in saying that WWE was not what it was and that they want. however WWE since 2008 and beyond decided to change direction from Attitude Era and become more of a PG product to start marketing towards children and families again and be able to attract more sponsors and appeal to a broader portion of the audience it was a clear business strategy by WWE to make more money and to make the product more family friendly.

you can read wwe statement going pg in 2008 here >>>
WWE had stretched their product so far at the time that people were becoming desensitised to what they were seeing. WWE had taken hardcore extreme matches as far as they could go and the fans needed re-educating there became a point where WWE could no longer top themselves, so it was time to tone the product down and re educate the fans,.

This new strategy has been very successful for WWE with them making Millions of dollars, selling out Wrestlemania's and making Millions of Dollars in Merchandise with stars such as John Cena, CM Punk and Randy Orton as far as WWE business strategy since 2008 it cannot be argued that  they have been successful and made profits

John Cena has been prominent in PG era

There is a certain portion of the audience which wants "Attitude Era" back that say they have put up with PG WWE for to long and they want edgy content back and over the top characters that certain portion of the audience say that Attitude is the wrestling they want to see - however to me the attitude era isn't wrestling its entertainment.

If you have the WWE Network you can go back and watch the attitude era and the emphasis is more on entertainment and promo segments. Don't get me wrong there were some great matches as well at the time with some of the best performers of the era but the direction was more towards entertainment.

 Its Steve Austin blowing up DX bus, its The Rock telling someone to Turn something Sideways and stick it up their ass, its Triple H telling us to suck it, The New Age Outlaws throwing 2 people in a dumpster off a stage that's not wrestling that's entertainment none of those examples have anything to do with the in ring product that WWE put on an episode of Raw in 1999 had more segments of entertainment or promos than it did long in depth wrestling matches. WWE were trying to catch the attention and retain the attention of the casual viewer and they did it successfully there has never been another era before or since when more people watched WWE.

The Rock and Mankind did the biggest and highest rated Wrestling Segment of attitude era garnering an 8.4 rating people tuned in because they were entertained by what they saw, what they could feel coming through the screen and by the compelling characters that were performing for them. It wasn't a 20 minute spot fest with lots of flips and counter reversals or a 40  min technical wrestling match it was The Rock and Mankind with a purple clown that got the biggest wrestling rating in history....Fact. Im a fan of great wrestling and love seeing fantastic wrestling matches but WWE weren't marketing their product at the wrestling fan like me that will tune in every week - they were marketing it to people they wanted to hook in too it.

In 2015 you couldn't put the attitude era on TV, fans see everything from one standpoint what they see in front of them. the reason why WWE don't go back to attitude era is because they don't have too. Vince Mcmahon said previously on WWE Network series "Monday Night War" that the reason he beat WCW was that he also had something in his back pocket that he didn't put it all out there and have no back up plan.

Fact of the matter is WWE is making enough money currently with this strategy and are the biggest player in the world of Wrestling/sports entertainment if they weren't making money and eyeballs weren't on the product and live events weren't selling out, then you could see a change in strategy
but not to what you saw before. Television landscape in 2015 is very different to 1998 and No Company or organisation could put out that content and get away with it. The world is a different place with Board rooms and shareholders having more influence, that is a key difference in WWE too, when they entered Wall Street WWE as a company became answerable to other people.

The return of the attitude era in 2015 isn't the issue - the in ring product isn't and has never been the problem. The in ring WWE product is great with so many different styles, incredible moves and performers.

 what WWE has to do is to be more entertaining - as history has proven the more entertaining it is the more successful it can be not to just wrestling fans but to the broader audience as well

Attitude isn't the answer Entertainment is.

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Jonathan Orchard