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Don't Hate Appreciate - Matt Hardy GoFund Me Video

Don't Hate Appreciate -Matt Hardy GoFund Me Video

To watch Matt Hardy Go fund me Video click on the video below watch it through to the end and then read my comments below

Now you've seen it and taken it in here is my perspective and my opinion....

Some people hated this to those people I say Don't Hate - Appreciate  

Matt Hardy takes an issue regarding crowding funding and how its being used by people for things so outlandish and crazy - asking for money for a holiday or the latest games console. 

Matt Hardy addressed this issue in a great way and actually in my opinion addressed wider issues in society in general today. 

There is a lack of work ethic in the world today,not just that there seems to be a lack of people putting in the effort to get the rewards from life. They think its better and easier to take the cheap route and ask someone else to provide them everything they need in life. 

The problem is in 2015 is that everyone feels entitled to everything, whether they have earnt it or not. Everyone feels like they should have what they want. 

Those people weren't taught the basic structure of life and how it works:

1, Work Hard
2, Make Money
3, Save
4, Then Buy what you want

This process seems too long for some people. As an example i will use myself. when I went to America for the 2nd time in 2013 and went to Wrestlemania 29 in New York and also met Matt Hardy at Pro Wrestling Report Shenanigans Party I booked the holiday a year before and myself and my friend that went with me saved for a whole year to pay for the holiday and also spending money.

We worked hard, went without nights out partying and enjoying life because we had a bigger goal in mind and what we wanted to achieve. We didn't have a big idea and not have the ability to back it up by putting our money where our mouth is - we worked hard, made money, saved and then we went where we wanted to go.

That Ethos, that way of thinking and that process seems to be lost on so many people, why I'm not sure its not hard to grasp or understand but the patience levels of people aren't what they used to be either.

Matt Hardy video seems to have certainly divvied opinion with people - I think Matt hit a raw nerve with a certain portion of his audience  but it was a nerve hit needed to be hit - those people that are offended by it maybe need to look in the mirror - you are the people that Matt is talking about.

 Always remember

1, Patience and hard work do pay off

2,Matt Hardy Quote via Ultimate Warrior RIP  " Do The Fucking Work"

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Monday, 13 April 2015

Pro Wrestling Pride 11th April w/ Chris Sabin & Mason Ryan

Pro Wrestling Pride 11th April w/ Chris Sabin and Mason Ryan

Hello everyone as welcome back to a new blog! I'm back again at pro wrestling pride after missing their last show in Saltash. This show in Teignmouth Devon took place at the Broadmeadow Sports centre and the crowd for this one was so big that staff were having to get more chairs and also a bench so that people could be seated.

I love to see that so many people are now coming and enjoying these shows and Experiencing the great action that they provide. Pro Wrestling Pride truly is developing and getting bigger and better with each show and there is more to come in 2015.

Remember everything here is written from memory so apologises if I missed anything and as always this is my opinion as a fan on the show :) 

Ring announcer Duncan J Bugg walks out with Referee Martin Longley and it's time for some wrestling!!!
Duncan J Bugg

UK Dominator and Robbie Caine vs Bristol Boys

Robbie Caine with his foot my my chest
I am sat front row for this match and UK Dominator and Robbie Caine walk out and around the ring they are not happy with the crowd as Robbie Caine walks around he puts his foot on my chest and tells me he owns me and can make me do what he wants - I wasn't going to argue with him!!! 

The Bristol boys come out and get in the ring UK Dominator and Robbie Caine go to the Outside and get on the microphone and are telling the fans not to call or chant to UK Dominator 'right said Fred' or he will take them out.

UK Dominator (left) and Robbie Caine (right)
Dominator and Caine get into the ring and start taking it to the Bristol Boys and throughout the match Dominator and Caine Sarcastically chant 'Bristol boys' and they pummel their opponents. I've said it before and I'll say it again they are a tag team you love to hate.

Bristol Boys manage to mount a bit of a comeback after Multiple tags from UK Dominator And Robbie Caine and they manage to hit UK Dominator onto the apron and have Robbie Caine in Trouble in the ring - However this is short lived and Robbie Caine hits a massive long standing vertical suplex.

As the match continues Robbie gets a chair on the outside as sets up one of the Bristol boys on it so he is sat down. Robbie holds his arms behind the chair and UK Dominator runs full force and hits Bristol Boy with the chair going over with him!

Bristol Boy being held on the chair 

After a melee in the ring and one of The Bristol boys trying to get in and the red stopping him, UK Dominator and Robbie Caine Take advantage of this and take out the Bristol Boy in the ring and get the pinfall victory.

Winners -  UK Dominator and Robbie Caine

Darren Saviour vs Tyler Hawke

Dareen Saviour
These two are two of the best that pro wrestling pride have to offer. Out 1st with Josh Knott is Tyler Hawke  he has a new look tonight and is wearing new black gear and a long black glove on his right hand. wrestling 1st avenger is out next  Saviour and Hawke shake hands and our match is on! Hawke takes the early advantage with a headlock but Hawke soon finds himself on the outside of the ring with Josh Knott Consoling him.

Tyler Hawke
Saviour manages to bring Hawke back into the ring but the tables get turned again and Hawke is choking Saviour on the ropes but saviour manages to come back and throws Hawke to the ropes and hits Hawke with and incredible forearm which echoed throughout Broadmeadow sports centre. 

saviour then goes to come off the ropes but Josh Knott Grabs his leg and stops him from moving which then allows Hawke to work himself back into the match.

Hawke with Saviour on the ropes

Saviour through hits Hawke with fantastic rolling forearm short again and then hits the Saviour Blockbuster for a near fall and finishes Hawke off with the Falcon Arrow and gets 1-2-3.

Winner - Darren Saviour

Dareen Saviour states that Koji Kanemoto is coming back to Pro Wrestling Pride and states that he would like to face Koji as Koji is undefeated in Pride so far, Saviour makes this request to matchmaker Duncan J Bugg and the crowd are chanting Yes and The match is made Darren Saviour vs Koji Kanemoto will happen at a future show!!

Handshake with Hawke and Saviour

Pro Wrestling Pride World HeavyWeight Championship
Chris Andrews vs Mason Ryan

PWP champion Chris Andrews

Former WWE Star Mason Ryan
Wow to be honest with you I don't know where to start with this match these two big men had an incredible fight and this was a Damm special match. I got immersed in this Match and if you want to see a cracking title match this is worth getting on DVD when it comes out it!

In my opinion they built this match so well with both men face to face to begin with and shaking hands before the bell rings. Both men Have such presence and look even bigger in real life than they do on TV. As soon as the bell rings both men tie up and start wrestling each other reversal counter reversal with neither man getting the advantage.

Mason Ryan with a massive Suplex to Andrews
As the match continues Mason Ryan gets the advantage and hits a huge standing suplex onto Chris Andrews which makes the ring shake in front of me!

Andrews Comes back at Mason Ryan after Mason is hitting right hands to Andrews with no effect, Andrews is now in the ascendancy and hits a running power slam onto Mason Ryan for a 2 Count. Andrews then gets reversed on a Irish whip attempt and Mason Ryan goes to leapfrog but lands on his left knee and it buckles and Andrews can take advantage of this an starts working Ryan Leg, Andrews then gets Mason Ryan in the figure four leg lock and it looks like the Match could be over but Ryan makes it to the ropes.

Chris andrews has Mason Ryan in Figure 4
Both men go to get up and and Andrews goes to a TKO but this is blocked by Ryan and then Ryan hits a powerbomb he immediately pulls Andrews up for another one and then goes for a third but Mason Ryan Left Knee that was injured earlier gives way and Andrews rolls up Mason Ryan for the Win.

loved this match and in my option told a fantastic story that they told both guys are so talented and they really showed off their skills here. crowd were chanting this is awesome too :) #NicelyDone

Mason Ryan and Chris Andrews Shaking hands

Winner - Pro Wrestling Pride Champion Chris Andrews

Now we have the interval and a special moment for me. Just on personal level I want to write about this. I haven't been in a wrestling ring since I was at Mad Eli Collins show in Trowbridge many years ago (20 years ago fact as an 8 year old kid) and he gave gave me and my brother Mike a VHS tape! At the interval at Pro Wrestling Pride I stepped to the ring to have photo taken with Mason Ryan and Bristol Boys - it was a nice feeling to walk through the ropes and into that ring again (Although I nearly fell off the ring apron getting out due to my ridiculous balance! Luckily I hadn't been drinking and No I did not fall over!!) :)

Back to the action and up next is a 6 man Tag Team match.

Keizer and Pretty Marvellous vs Darren Saviour and ???? and ???? (sorry i cant remember the two guys names!!!)

Keizer walks out with pretty marvellous who are looking in incredible shape both Mark and Danny are looking leaner,meaner and ready to fight tonight! Keizer demands absolute silence before he will speak. Keizer cuts a promo telling all the fans in attendance that member of opposite team had a 'small accident' and that he won't be there so he proposes a 2 on 3 handicap match however Darren Saviour comes out and says that he will be the 3rd man on the team! After his hard fought match win Tyler Hawke Darren is now working in a 2nd Match! Fans were very happy about this and started chanting lets go Saviour.

Mark Walsh and Keizer

Saviour and his team get into the ring and all 3 of them Lou thez press there opponents and the punches start raining down of Pretty Marvellous and Keizer.

Everyone is down!!!!
Keizer and marvellous get out of the ring and their opponents follow them at this point their is so much action going on with all 6 men fighting outside the ring.

They come back to the ring and everyone gets into their respective corners and it's not log before Darren Saviour and Danny Walsh get into the ring and Danny is the Unfortunate recepitant  of saviour and a lot of the fans pulling his legs balls first into the post and continuing to pull on his legs too.

Danny looks in a bad way after this and Mark Walsh is on the apron beyond livid with the referee and the fans for that happening and says that Saviour Team should be disqualified.

Keizer comes round by me at one point and throws his opponent into a chair where the crowd are as hits then with a knee.

Pretty Marvellous and Keizer pick up The win here when mark Walsh hits a great RKO and Danny Walsh comes off the top rope with a massive elbow drop.

Top Rope Elbow from Danny Walsh

Winners - Keizer, Danny Walsh and Mark Walsh

Main Event Catch Division Trophy Match
Ultimo Tiger vs Josh Knott vs John Harding vs Chris Sabin

Ultimo Tiger, John Harding and Josk Knott in the ring
Josh Knott comes out first followed shortly after by John Harding. Catch Divison Champion Ultimo Tiger and then Former TNA Star Chris Sabin.

Chris Sabin
All the participants get introduced and Chris Sabin is telling Josh Knott to get out of the ring and holds the ring ropes open for him to leave. our match starts with Ultimo Tiger and Chris Sabin in the ring.

Ultimo and Sabin start locking up and Tiger gets Sabin into an arm lock but Sabin manages to reverse and gets Tiger to the ground by grabbing his left arm and bringing Ultimo Tiger to the canvas. Chris Sabin then gets Ultimo Tiger and has his feet on the top rope Sabin grabs Tiger by the head and spinning neckbreeaker type move - its a move to be seen!!

John Harding
 John Harding then gets himself into the match and he and ultimo tiger go at it and Harding is hitting the Matt going to hit a superkick but this attempt gets blocked.

As the match continues Josh Knott gets himself into the match and hits and impressive back suplex on John Harding but Knott gets a top rope hangman neckbreaker. Knott and then Harding end up on the outside of the ring and while Chris Sabin is in the ring and is by the ropes Ultimo Tiger Runs towards Sabin and Sabin back body drops Tiger over the top rope to the floor below!! Again another incredible move!!

Ultimo Tiger begin back body dropped to the floor
Sabin then jumps over the ropes himself with a huge dive and lands on all the competitors outside.

Chris Sabin then hangs Ultimo Tiger in one corner and hits josh knott in opposite corner and then delivers a drop kick to Ulltimo Tiger!!

As all the competitors get back into the ring Chris Sabin takes Josh Knott to the corner and gets on the turnbuckle himself and looks like he is going to hit Knott with a top rope suplex John Harding goes up as well but Ultimo Tiger comes across and gets between Harding and Sabin who are on the turnbuckles and we get a suplex/powerbomb combo from the corner.

Ultimo Tiger then hits a tremendous cross body from the top on John Harding.

Ultimo Then hits his fisher (sliced bread) for the win and retains his Catch Division Championship!

Winner - Ultimo Tiger

Ultimo Toger and Chris Sabin
Next show coming up for Pro Wrestling Pride is with Former ECW star Sabu! On May 3rd 2015 Get your tickets now

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Saturday, 4 April 2015

How I'm not ruining WWE for myself anymore.......

Staying off the Internet for a day to enjoy Wrestlemania 31
How I'm not ruining WWE for myself anymore

I decided this year as it was the 1st year I have been able to have the WWE network and the fact that I live in the UK and had to work the day after that I would not be able to see Wrestlemania 31 live as it airs a 1am but I would be able to see it after work on Monday at 6pm.

So for the 1st time in a long time I decided that I wasn't going on Facebook, Twitter, Internet or any form of media to find any of the results or find out what happened. Also before the event I didn't go on any rumour sites and find out what might be happening. I do this a lot because it saves me time and I get to know what happens straight away, I think im a victim of today's society needing to know everything now, so I decided if I could change that.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is a wrestling fan as long as me and we were talking about the days when we couldn't afford PPV and didn't have sky to be able to see WWE PPV and we would get the VHS tape of Wrestlemania (or any of the big 4 WWE PPV) when it came out via Silvervision and pop it into the machine and sit back and enjoy. We didn't know the results, who was there or what happened you could get lost in those shows.

I wanted that same feeling watching Wrestlemania this year - I feel that I ruin surprises in wrestling for myself too much and wanted to see what the great minds in WWE had in store for me and wanted to watch a show as it was intended to be - with me the fan knowing nothing and letting this all unfold in front of me and letting myself get moved by what was taking place and to feel the natural flow of the show.

Im so glad I made the choice, Wrestlemania 31 this year delivered from beginning to end to me one of the greatest Wrestlemaina's in many years and I was seeing it through different eyes. instead of reading about what was going to happen then seeing it, I was experiencing the same feeling I did many years ago as a child that feeling of unpredictability, suspension of disbelief.

1. Wrestlemaina 31 had a cracking ladder match to kick it off

2.  Randy Orton the best RKO he has ever done onto Seth Rollins that will be a moment that will be replayed for a very long time.

3. We had Sting vs HHH which we thought we would never see and on top of that we saw DX vs NWO in the same match! I was so happy I didn't ruin that for myself it was a moment I thought I would never see.

4. Even following that a fantastic segment with The Rock coming out and UFC Contracted Fighter Ronda Rousey joining him in the ring vs Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon

5. Seth Rollins becomes the 1st man ever to cash in his Money in The Bank Briefcase at Wrestlemania and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

I am going to continue to do this for all the PPVs I liked not knowing, I liked the anticipation of watching and the surprise involved.

Try it yourself and see what happens maybe you'll feel the magic of wrestling again as I have - I thought I needed to know it all as it turns out its better when I know nothing :)

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Jonathan Orchard