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Dixie Carter has a point….Be Positive People

Dixie Carter has a point….Be Positive People!

A lot of wrestling fans out there are very opinionated especially in the world
we live in right now with social media and how quickly tweets and status updates can be sent we can make our opinions known on a certain subject matter within a few seconds. This has is plus and minus points being able to react to something and get a reaction as soon as something happens is great as it gauges reaction right at that time.

However living in this world of opinions also has its down side. As any regular user of Twitter, Facebook or any other platform of Social Media is aware the gift of being to give your opinion quickly is abused. Some People use it to try and force their opinion on others, some write abusive messages to celebrities trying to get a reaction or some just don’t think before they tweet or update a status and send messages that are violent and threatening in nature which have in some cases led to some people being arrested and even prosecuted.

In 2002 Panda Energy brought 71% of TNA and in 2003 Dixie Carter became President of TNA Entertainment Impact Wrestling (TNA) has been in business for 12 years it has a show on Spike TV in USA that airs every Thursday since October 2005 and also airs all over the world in Australia, Africa, Europe, South America including UK where I live on a Sunday Night at 9pm.
Dixie Carter said on Impact Wrestling recently that a lot of people like to “hide behind their Keyboards” “say things behind my back” and be “negative people”

I think Dixie has a point.

 Its very easy for people to crictise impact wrestling Impact has been around for a number of years now and like any company it has had great successes and things that have not worked out so well but that is the same in any business whether it be pro wrestling,  Mcdonalds or your local corner shop.
Each company has to make decisions in the best interest of the company in order to keep that company running and healthy sometimes those decisions are home runs and sometimes those decisions strike out – but its all a learning process.

In and recent survey 90% of new restaurants go out of business within 2 years - Why? Because the industry is that hard to survive in,  if you don’t have all the elements right you go under, people don’t come back & as an owner your not left with any other option.
Some Fans don’t agree with some decisions and Direction that Impact Wrestling has taken over the years however I think its as simple as this

“Its not your money”

Its Dixie Carter and  Money, Its very easy for people to sit back and who aren’t close to the situation who really don’t know that is happening in reality and using their perspective of what they think the reality is.

Dixie Cater owns this she knows what the reality is

Fact of the Matter is if it was your money that you were spending to run a wrestling company hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for Talent, Production, Hiring Buildings, Security and so much more, you would be taking a different perspective – you would be questioning every decision and making sure you made the right decisions for your company to survive and thrive.

I Don’t blame Dixie Carter for that, I think that over the years she has made the right decisions to keep Impact Wrestling running and in business – if she didn’t it wouldn’t be here now and continuing on With recent Impact Tapings in New York City, Bound for Glory in Japan Coming up in October and Another UK Tour in January 2015 things are looking bright for Impact wrestling there are so many positives right in front of us lets get excited about these positives celebrate those positives and be happy.


“Its Takes more energy to be negative as it does to be positive so why waste your energy?”

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