Monday, 30 June 2014

John Cena Is best for business

John Cena – Is Best for Business

As always everything written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan, im not a "wrestling expert" nor do I clain to be one, just my jumble opinion as a wrestling fan read on and enjoy :)

With the recent issues/troubles that WWE have had I’m not quite sure why anyone is surprised, this needed to happen, it should not happened and it was the right decision. WWE have been through some very turbulent waters over the past few months, Vince Mcmahon predictions in regards to how much money a new TV contract in America were not as much as expected and resulted in him losing $350 million.

WWE has to go back to what works and what sells tickets and what makes money
I was very happy to see John Cena become WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WWE Money in the Bank PPV. A lot of people dislike it, hate it or cannot stand it but as Triple H and Stephanie say it’s definitely best of WWE business right now.
Cena Is versatile someone who is a solid hand and WWE know what they are getting with John Cena a man that sell tickets, puts asses in seats for live events, Sells a tonne of Merchandise and makes the company Money.

David Herro of Pro wrestling Report said it right when he said WWE needed to use Cena for this as
“Punk Quit and Bryan got injured – you have no top babyface”
Cena for me is this solid constant a man that can help and work with a new generation of stars to help elevate them toward the top of the card thus making a stronger, more profitable and better WWE for the future.

If you haven’t listen to Steve Austin Podcast “the Steve Austin Show” you should – Steve had a great episode on some time back now with John Cena and John talked openly about the business, his feelings and what he wanted to help WWE in achieving as a brand. Cena’s main concern in that interview was making the WWE the biggest it could possibly be, to the point of even learning mandarin so that when WWE starts to go into the Chinese Market with TV and PPV he can connect with those fans in their own language – doing this in his own time by the way, I don’t care what job you’re in now that’s dedication, that’s seeing the big picture

Cena I feel can be used as the foil to be able to work with new talents such as Money in the Bank Briefcase winner Seth Rollins, Cesaro or Reigns and help this next generation of stars move to the next level.

At this point right now I believe the fans that are complaining about Cena are missing the point, but Cena gets it perfectly it’s not about Cena it’s about the future stars of WWE.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dolph Ziggler - is Flair the key

Dolph Ziggler - is Flair the key

There are lots of rumours and questions out there at the moment regarding Ric Flair and WWE. There is lots of talk (no evidence as of yet) that Ric Flair will be making a return to WWE in a non competitive capacity maybe as a manger or some have even speculated that Flair may return as GM of RAW.

Personally I like the idea of Ric Flair coming back to be a manger I think Flair with Evolution as their manager was great and really helped all 3 men he managed Triple H, Orton and Batista. I believe Flair helped those men get better and gave those superstars some added presence and credibility with him  beside them.

I would like to see Ric Flair manage Dolph Ziggler, I am a massive Dolph Ziggler fan and feel that Doplh never really has got the opportunity he should have had or did get with the World Heavyweight Championship after getting his concussion to me it will always be one of those “what if “ moments What If Dolph didn’t get that concussion – he could have been Main Eventing Wrestlemania 30 or he could be where he is now.

Flair coming back would be used in a different way to Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter both of whom were brought back in to be mouthpieces for guys that needed mouthpieces (Lesnar, Cesaro etc) Flair I think would not need to be a mouthpiece for Dolph Ziggler as I feel that Dolph can talk and be entertaining doing it, Flair adds his experience (ringside, dirty tricks and Woooooo’s) and as I said above makes Ziggler a more credible threat.

Flair could help Ziggler get back into the mix of things in WWE and maybe Help Ziggler get into the WWE Worldheavyweight  title picture . I feel its what Ziggler needs the fans appreciate this time, effort, skill and everything he does in and out of the ring. WWE top brass on the other hand don't seem to feel that way, but given a chance built properly with Flair at his side, I feel WWE could have a great babyface on their hands and they need one to compliment Daniel Bryan and I see no better fit than Ziggler - a new fresh babyface that the faces like.

 I still think that Ric Flair the man, the character, the wrestler and the personality can help elevate a superstar and that Star is Dolph Ziggler and get him back where he needs to be.

A Star is rising and it has the initials DZ engraved in the middle of it

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Justin Credible on Steve Austin Podcast

Justin Credible on Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast

Justin Credible former WWF/WWE/ECW superstar recently appeared on The Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast and talked to Steve about his WWF Career, how he got hired and how the Aldo Montoya gimmick came about and talking Justin Pro Wrestling 101 videos and what he is doing now. Justin Credible also talks in depth about his drug addiction and really gives an honest and frank insight into his addiction at the time and talks about overcoming his addiction and what he did to overcome it and what he continues to do to keep himself healthy. 

you can listen to the podcast (click the link below)

Episode 123 - Justin Credible aka Aldo Montoya

or on iTunes -

In this podcast also Steve Austin talks about and endorses Justin Credible Pro Wrestling 101 videos. these video are where every week Justin takes an aspect of wrestling e.g Staying in shape, working a match, tag teams etc and talks about the given subject and gives his knowledge and talks about his experiences on that subject.

All Pro Wrestling 101 videos can be seen here -

Juston Credible Twitter account

Below are some of the recent Pro Wrestling 101 videos click on the videos to view them

\pro wrestling 101 Psychology

Pro Wrestling 101 - Locker Room Etiquette

Pro Wrestling 101 - Lance Storm

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Friday, 13 June 2014

WWE Release 11 Superstars June 2014

WWE Release 11 Superstars June 2014

Yesterday 12 June 2014 saw 11 releases made from WWE, There were recent reports that WWE weren’t going to Release anyone from their contracts and merely let contracts run down, it seems now that those reports were very wide of the mark and WWE decided to release talent.
Below is the official statement from

WWE has come to terms on the release of the following Superstars as of yesterday, June 12, 2014:

•    JTG
•    Drew McIntyre
•    Jinder Mahal
•    Aksana
•    Curt Hawkins
•    Theodore Long
•    Camacho
•    Brodus Clay
•    Evan Bourne
•    Yoshi Tatsu
•    Marc Harris (referee)

For me I was surprised by a few of these releases for me most notable was Drew Mcintyre, Brodus Clay, Evan Bourne and Aksana. I feel that all 4 of these are great talents and Bourne was just on his way back from a big injury and I thought that we would see him re-debut again very soon, however it was not to be.

This may not be a bad thing in the long run for the talents and people involved don’t get me wrong no one wants to lose their job whether it is in wrestling or not but this provides this group of talent with massive opportunities on the indy wrestling scene or with another companies. I’m Sure Impact Wrestling (TNA) will have their eyes on some of these talents as will ROH and not forgetting Global Force Wrestling which is another new option and could be a good place from some of this established talent to work, not to mention all the other indy companies across the US and here where I live in England too.

Looking at the list of released workers I got a chance to meet one of them back in 2012. Aksana was at a private WWE signing I was able to go (thanks Matt) and she was there along with the Big Show. Aksana was lovely to meet and for the few moments that I spent with her totally awesome, not to mention she is stunning too, I’m sure she will find a place as also we haven’t seen much of her character (which I feel could of been expanded on a lot) and she hasn’t been too over exposed in WWE, She has potential and room to develop, she is a great opportunity and be a great assest for another company.

All these superstars that have been released see this as a new opportunity a new beginning and a new way to develop your wrestling skills to enrich your lives and to be creative and to go in a direction they want to not the direction they are told.

Everyone thinks WWE knows best sometimes they don’t

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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Finally WWE gives me something to Watch

Finally WWE gives me something to Watch

This past week has been a much better week. I wrote in a previous blog that I felt that WWE was losing its touch both in the business world and also in the creative world of WWE, while business may not be great creatively WWE are trying to get back on track and this last week of television proved to me they are starting to make an effort to get in the right direction.

WWE Payback although going into it I did not think or believe it would be a great pay per view however was I wrong. I enjoyed everything about this PPV a great opening match between Sheamus and Cesaro for The US title, Bray Wyatt vs John Cena being an amazing match between both mean plus The Shield having a clean sweep over Evolution were just some of the highlights for me. A PPV that delivered from WWE and it delivered great matches and overall great entertainment.

Then We roll into Monday Night Raw, now granted John Cena vs Kane I really wasn’t sure about, only because I had seen this so many times and the direction with Daniel Bryan and the prolonged issues around the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will need to come to an end soon and that end looks like it will be WWE Money In the Bank.

However WWE creative Decision to Finally split The Shield and in a surprising move have Seth Rollins be the guy that turned on his fellow Shield Members was a stroke of Genius. I always thought that this would be Dean Ambrose that would Turn. I thought that his character would be a perfect fit due to his unpredictability and issues he had in the past with the other members of the Shield.
Seth Rollins has created something for fans to get their teeth into I said on Monday after it happened “Finally WWE are giving me some compelling, interesting and entertaining TV”

It’s surprising entertaining TV that is going to keep people watching and the more WWE does this the better it will be.

Give people a reason to tune in every Monday for Raw and Friday for Smackdown, make WWE TV Can’t miss TV again.

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