Sunday, 20 April 2014

TOP 5 - Most underatted WWE Music Themes

Top 5

Most Underrated WWE music Themes

I am a massive WWE fan as many of you know also I love theme music o lots of WWE superstars I have lots on my ipod and enjoy listening to the Themes of WWE superstars past and present. what I thought I'd like to do in this blog is to share with you what I feel are my Top 5 most underrated WWE themes of all time.

 As always this is my opinion on the themes I feel are underrated and maybe some you haven't heard before possibliby. if you don't agree let me know your top 5 underrated WWE thems by tweeting me at @jon422002.

you can click on the videos below and listen to each theme!!!

Number 5

Dudley Boyz Theme

Number 4

Slick Theme

Number 3

The Fabolous Rougeaus

Number 2

Randy Orton - Burn in My Light

Number 1


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