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Daniel Bryan Fans Be Careful What You Wish For

Daniel Bryan Fans Be Careful What You Wish For

Picking up from a point that was made on Pro Wrestling report this last week about the fans and Daniel Bryan is there a risk that if the fans get what they want at Wrestlemania that the same with happen to Bryan as what we have seen happen to the likes of Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler and others they get a little piece of success and the fans stop caring about them.

fan adulation didnt mean success for Zack Ryder
This is a very different case in some ways but similar in others in terms of placing on the card it is different however In the case of Zack Ryder the fans got to the point of chanting "We Want Ryder woo woo woo" at The Rock at Madison Square Garden at survivor series fast forward a year later and Zack Ryder was no where to be seen. Why was that, to be honest in my opinion because the struggle of Zack Ryder was over....they wanted to see Zack win the US or IC title they wanted to get behind and underdog and see an underdog succeed. Zack Ryder was the ultimate underdog he started his own youtube show after being frustrated by what WWE weren't doing with him, that show became a huge hit with WWE fans and as such his popularity soared and WWE ignored it. Similar to Daniel Bryan to being with WWE didn't  want to acknowledge what the fans liked. This in turn just made the fans louder to the point where the fans were cheering Zack Ryder name at The Rock. However once  Ryder became a champion things changed, WWE took over editing his youtube show and within a year Zack Ryder was no longer on Raw the fans didnt keep demanding Ryder after this his demand faded away.

see below from survivor series 2011 Fans chanting Zack Ryder name to The Rock

This is why WWE and Daniel Bryan have to be very careful. As Dameon Nelson rightly said most fans enjoy the chase rather than the catch and following on from the catch its whether he can keep that momentum going forward. if Daniel Bryan wins a Wrestlemania 30 and becomes WWE champion are people going to start to lose interest similar to Zack Ryder above? Daniel Bryan rise in WWE has been incredible and well deserved too, he has created a name for himself and due to Yes and No chants that he created, they will be heard in the WWE for Years to come.

Fans can make a wrestler but they can also break a wrestler too. every story needs an ending and once this ending comes and the story of Bryan being held down is over what can WWE do Next?

I feel that they need to keep it going but in a different way, people will have the pay off, so now re tell a new story one of Triple H being livid that he lost at Wresltemania which allowed Bryan to get in to the Title Match and win the title. Triple H is now putting every big heel in front of Daniel Bryan in every type of match in order to get the title back off him, so the emphasis is on Bryan being in peril as champion but still trying to win through against seemingly impossible odds, this I feel would help keep Daniel Bryan in the mix with the fans after Wrestlemania 30 and beyond and keep Bryan in that role, but it needs to be handled carefully if not alot of great potential and alot of merchandise and business dollars for WWE could go to waste.

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Jeff Jarrett - Its coming April 7th 2014

Jeff Jarrett - Its coming April 7th 2014

As always everything I write as my opinion as a wrestling fan, I'm not a wrestling 'expert' and nor do I claim to be one or want to be one for that matter,just a guy that loves wrestling with that said please read on and enjoy :)

Remember you can follow Jeff Jarrett on Twitter  @realjeffjarrett and Karen Jarrett at @karenjarrett and link to the video website is  (you can also see videos below)

As many of you wrestling fans are aware and for those of you who are not Jeff Jarrett was the founder of TNA Impact Wrestling Jeff and his father Jerry founded the company in 2002 and took a huge risk getting the company of the ground.

In a big shock to me Jeff Jarrett decided to leave TNA Impact Wrestling on 6th January 2014, Jeff hadn't been seen on TV in quite some time and I was always a fan of Jeff Jarrett on TV and really liked his character of being "the king of Mexico" and being undefeated in his own mixed martial art "Double J MMA" always felt he was great in the ring and I felt disappointed that Jarrett was not inducted in TNA Hall Of Fame.

Thanks to Jeff Jarrett taking that risk there is an alternative in wrestling today. Jeff Jarrett is now setting out to change the wrestling world again but how......that is the question.

I have watched every video since Jeff Jarrett announced that #itscoming. It was good to see Jeff talk about Why he left impact wrestling and what he wants to do in the future. Jeff talks about going to different parts of America, Mexico, Europe, Canada and all over the world looking for the best talent available. Also this is just my opinion but Jeff doesn't come across as bitter and jaded he sounds energetic and enthusiastic about the future and wanting to embrace what is next. 

below is the first video from Jeff Jarrett where he talks Impact and what he wants to do next

In his 2nd Video Jeff Talks about his decision more in depth and what it took for him to be able to leave impact wrestling and what he learnt from the last 12 years and what he can take from that and use it going forward.

In this 3rd video both Karen Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett talk about the future and when the official announcement will be made about #Itscoming will be 7th April 2014!!!!! see the announcement below

I'm not sure what's coming but I'm excited to see what's coming on 7th April 2014, time for change is upon us.......

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hulk Hogan is back in WWE & hosting Wrestlemania 30

Hulk Hogan is back in WWE & hosting Wrestlemania 30

Hulk Hogan finally made his return to WWE in Green Bay  after being in TNA Impact Wrestling since 2010. Hulk Hogan is returning to WWE at the perfect time for the company and also for himself.

Hulk Hogan finished up with TNA a few months ago and there were lots of rumours around whether Hogan would return or not, Hogan stated recently in an interview with regarding his return

"Over the last couple years, there’ll be texts between Vince and I. “Happy birthday brother!” on August 24th, his birthday. Christmas, Thanksgiving. We’ll touch base like that. And then I guess the word got out that I was jobless. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was thinking of going back to playing music or something. On a Tuesday, I was officially out of work. And Friday morning I was drinking my coffee and I hear my cell phone. And it was Triple H. “Hey brother, just checking on you.” I’m like, “Hey, dude, I’m just contemplating my navel here. I’m officially out of work, I’m unemployed.” And that started us talking. In my heart, I was hoping to come back here. I was hoping to put the period on the end of the sentence and it was the logical extension. It just made so much sense to come back"

Hulk Hogan has been brought back to be the Host of Wrestlemania and to also help WWE promote the WWE Network, a new platform from WWE which allows users to watch every WWE,WCW and ECW PPV in history as well as lots of other content. Hogan is a huge part of the history and having him promote this is great for WWE as one of there most recognisable stars and will help drive fans towards the WWE Network to relive memories of some of wrestling greatest moments.

see the return of Hulk Hogan to WWE below

Hogan returning to WWE is what is right for WWE right now and as fan to see Hogan walking back down to the ring wearing the red and yellow with real American playing is exactly how it should be. Hulk Hogan being the host of Wrestlemania is a great idea I think that this a great position for Hogan to be in and doesn't call for him to have to be too physical in the ring or to have a match against anyone following all his recent operations and surgeries along with back and hip issues.

The hosting position at Wrestlemania allows Hogan to interact with may different talents verbally whether it be in the ring or backstage and be sable to still be part of WWE and Wrestlemania event.

That doesn't meant to say that Hulk Hogan may not wrestle in WWE in the future if the situation called for it in the future.

Hogan being back works for everybody and is nothing but a win/win situation for him, WWE and the fans too.

Welcome back Brother :)

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