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My Memories CM Punk in WWE 2006-2014

CM Punk Best Moments in WWE 2006-2014

So it seems we have come to the end, CM Punk has left WWE and told Vince Mcmahon that he was reportedly "going home" and that he would not be on live events going forward 

I am going to focus on some of the career highlights  from my perspective of CM Punk throughout his career in WWE and go over some of my favourite moments. remeber these are my memories as a wrestling fan, yours may be different but these are the moments that mean something to me.

CM Punk debut in WWE

CM Punk Debuted on ECW against Justin Credible, the crowd really helped set the scene for CM Punk in this match as the moment he walked out he already felt like a star, perception counts for a lot in wrestling and with the fans already cheering punk although most WWE fans had never seen him before it made punk feel like a star from day one, click the video below to watch Punk in his first match

CM Punk wins the ECW Championship

CM P:unk gained his first championship in WWE by defeating John Morrison in a last chance match on ECW WWE TV in September 2007, Punk and Morrison had been feuding for some time and Morrison always seemed to get the upper hand but in this match it was CM Punk time to take the championship away from Morrison and become the first ever straight edge ecw champion, see the match below

CM Punk is Mr Money In The Bank

At Wrestlemania 24 at the citrus bowl in Orlando in front of  a massive ppv crowd CM Punk went into the money in the bank ladder match as quite the underdog. Punk went in facing Mr Kennedy,Chris Jericho,  Carlito  Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison  and MVP CM Punk was able to win this match and become Mr Money in The Bank for the first time. see highlights from the match below

CM Punk wins the cashes in his Money in the bank briefcase and wins World Heavyweight championship

CM Punk cashes in his briefcase against Edge who had just been in a fight with Batista, Cm Punk pins Edge to become the new World Heavyweight Champion! This was a huge moment and i remember being so happy when this happened i thought at the time that this would be a big change of direction for wwe and would mean a big change as they gave CM Punk the chance. See Punk win below

CM Punk "pipe bomb promo"

Every wrestling fan in the world knows what this is and this started the era of the best in the world, CM Punk at that time broke out of the mould and did something no one else had done or dared to do he spoke out he told us all how he felt and what was wrong with WWE. This night CM Punk made himself a megastar, i remember watching this and couldn't believe what i was hearing it was what all fans wanted to hear for such a long time but never thought they would, punk talking about the mcmahons, about perception of john cena, his unhappiness at what he was being given at the time, punk let out his anger and emotions, it is one of the greatest moments in wwe history and is certainly the greatest moment for me in the last 10 years of wrestling.

watch the whole promo below.

CM Punk defeats John Cena at Money In The Bank 2011 for the WWE Title

After his pipebomb promo and stating that he is going home with the title CM Punk does just that by beating CM Punk and then leaving through the crowd with the WWE title this match took place in Chicago the hometown of CM Punk and the crowd went cray for this match it was 110% pro cm punk. again one of the most incredible matches of the modern era as old and new fans had never seen anything like it, and there was a buzz around wrestling at the time it felt like a new movement was taking place see the match below

CM Punk hits the GTS on The Rock

Its Raw 1000 the 1000th episode of Monday night raw and towards the end of the episode The Rock comes out to the ring to face The Big show TheRock gives the spine buster to show and just about as he is going to give the peoples elbow to the big show, com punk comes into the ring clotheslines The Rock and gives him the GTS, this starts CM Punk Run as a bad guy in wwe.

Cm Punk joins forces with Paul Heyman

This is a great moment for me and going forward for the next year or so it was pure genius. Heyman and Punk together were fantastic, Heyman carrying the WWE title and talking on the microphone combined with Punk wrestling skill and great bad guy characteristics and pipebombs made this one of the must see duos in the last 10 years and it was a partnership that led to Punk having the WWE title for a record 434 days. see the video below where CM Punk attacks John Cena and Paul Heyman is revealed to be his driver!

CM Punk vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 29

CM Punk then defeated Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show in a match on Raw to see how would face The Undertaker. little did anyone know at that time how controversial this feud would be. Not long after this feud started the legendary manager of The Undertaker Paul Bearer sadly passed away, as Undertaker was giving tribute to Paul Bearer int he ring, CM Punk came out and interrupted. This was the first of many things Punk would do including taking the urn and Paul Heyman dressing up as Paul Bearer on one occasion also. AtWrestlemania 29 CM Punk lost to The Undertaker. I was at the event and it was the best match i had ever seen live a tremendous wrestling match which even had a friend of mine who isn't a wrestling fan jumping out of his seat, that made me realise the genius that i was seeing in front of me that Punk and Undertaker could illicit that emotion. see below the match Cm Punk vs Undertaker.

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Royal Rumble 2014 Predictions

Royal Rumble 2014 Predictions

Pre Show Match 
WWE Tag Team Championship
The Brotherhood vs New Age Outlaws

I don't usually write about the pre show match but honestly this is the match I have wanted to see for the WWE Tag Team Championships The Brotherhood vs New Age Outlaws. As most of you know I'm a massive outlaws fan and it surprised me when they left CM Punk in a recent 6 man tag team match vs The Shield. following this on Smackdown the Outlaws got the win in a non title affair with  a quick roll up. This is going to be a tremendous kick off match and will be one of the best matches of the night with so much talent and wrestling skill in the ring. I am going for New Age Outlaws to win and to become the x6 WWE Tag Team Champions!

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions - New Age Outlaws

Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt

Daniel Bryan in my opinion right now is the hottest property in WWE. In my view although Vince Mcmahon called Bryan a "Swing and a miss" Bryan is hugely popular with the fans and it doesn't seem to matter where WWE decide to put Daniel Bryan he is getting the reaction of a main event player. Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt Family and was working alongside Rowan, Harper and Bray/ Bryan managed to get himself and Bray into a steel cage vs The Usos and Bryan then turned back and took out Bray Wyatt with a massive yes chant at the end of the show. Daniel Bryan is going to win this match, that's why WWE have cut this story short and made Bryan turn on Wyatt so quickly as Bryan Yes movements and chants are hitting the mainstream and Bryan will move on from this feud.

Winner - Daniel Bryan

Brock Lesnar vs The Big Show

Brock Lesnar Returned with his manager Paul Heyman and immediately stated that he wants a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Champion right after Royal Rumble.Brock Lesnar states that he is not waiting in line and if anyone had a problem he would show them why he isn't going to wait. that resulted in Mark Henry having his arm broken at old school Raw. Following this Lesnar was then confronted by the big show who has in recent weeks go the better of Brock Lesnar and showing himself to be a challenge and a threat to Lesnar. I feel that Brock Lesnar will win this match and this will give him massive momentum going into a match with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Elimination Chamber

Winner -  Brock Lesnar

WWE World Championship Match

Randy Orton vs John Cena 

Honestly I don't care too much for this rematch i feel that the build up has been lacklustre and this match has tried too hard to be able to mean something but really doesn't mean alot. When WWE have to resort to Randy Orton punching out John Cena father you know that the story between Cena and Orton does not have much substance. Orton beat Cena at TLC and I feel at that point /Orton should of moved on from Cena and got into a new challenge. How Often have we seen John Cena as Champion? AS a person i think John Cena is great with all the charity work he does but as a wrestler iv seen it all and there isn't much more too see. This is a hard match to call for me as I think that Orton should remain as champion but should that happen he would then face Brock Lesnar and a heel vs heel match wouldn't make any sense at this point. Although i don't think it should happen i feel that the winner of this match will be John Cena and we will see Cena vs Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner and New WWE World Heavyweight Champion - John Cena

Royal Rumble Match 2014 - Potential Winners

Every wrestling fan loves the royal rumble match and everyone has a great memory from the vent. Whether it be Hacksaw Jim Duggan winning the 1st Rumble or Ric Flair winning the WWF Title in 1992 to Shawn Michaels winning it from Number 1, the Royal Rumble has provided us with some great moments.

this Sunday 26th January 2014 I hope there will be some more great memories made as WWE Present Royal Rumble 2014.

Here I am going to talk about the Royal Rumble Match Itself and who I could see Winning the match or what could happen during the match that could lead into new feuds, as we know Royal Rumble is the start to the set up for Wrestlemania and what we will see at the "Grandaddy of them all"

potential winner number one


Batista made his return to WWE on 20th January 2014 where he came out and interrupted Randy Orton and told Orton that he wants to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Batista came out later int he night also and gave a spinebuster and a Batista bomb to Alberto Del Rio. Out of all the participants Batista seems to be the most likely choice to win.

Potential winner number two

CM Punk

CM Punk is entering the Royal Rumble at #1 this year. Punk is going to try and prove that he has been the best since day one and go the distance and win the whole thing from being number 1 entrant. Of Course Punk was put in this position by the authority and Kane . As David Herro Said on pwr primetime (and I agree with him ) Triple H will stop Punk from winning the rumble somehow and cost punk the chance to main event wrestlemania and lead into a match with Triple H at Wrestlemania 30.

Potential winner number 3 

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the big man of The Shield and could be an outside bet  to win the rumble this year. reigns in my view is going to be the breakout star of the group and this rumble match for me will be the last time we see the shield together as a group. I feel that if Reigns does not win that he will eliminate Rollins and Ambrose and then end up feuding with his former stable mates and they will be in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania, this gives a chance to develop Reigns as a good guy character and also can help Ambrose and Rollins develop their own persona's for a big match at wrestlemania.

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Why David Herro is right on wrestling

Why David Herro is right on Wrestling

For most of you reading this you will know who David Herro is, if by chance you don't know here is a quick run down. David Herro is a Wrestling Promotor, he presents Pro Wrestling Report Primetime TV along with Dameon Nelson on My24 Milwaukee and all over the world at

David Herro is known as the opinionist of the show which means its his job to give insight on the subjects on the show and wrestling in general. he draws on his vast knowledge from his many years in the wrestling business from having his own merchandise shop, to then having autograph signings with the likes of The Rock in the 90's to then go on and create his own wrestling promotion GLCW and Create his own annual event Blizzard Brawl held in Milwaukee every December. David has worked with so many wrestling talents ex WWE, WCW, ECW alumni including Al Snow, New Age Outlaws, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Jim Ross, Mean Gene, Bobby Heenan, Roddy Piper plus many more.

David in 2014 will be heading towards Blizzard Brawl 10, King Kong Bundy calls Blizzard Brawl the Wrestlemania of independent wrestling - so when it comes to talking wrestling the personalities and what is going on in the business today, there is no better fountain of knowledge than Mr Herro.

David talks a lot on Pro Wrestling Report about how in today's wrestling world, not everything has meaning and how in the attitude days and before this meaning was there and the men and woman performing knew how to translate to the fans and millions of people watching at home. David talks about how the wrestlers told stories in the ring and how those stories captivated people and brought interest in the product.

 WWE presented a great product in the late 90's where by everything had a meaning, had a purpose and reason to be there was to draw a crowd into a PPV. The Reason I bring this up is that iv been going back recently and watching a lot of old WWE Raw's from 1999.

I remembering seeing these back in the day but at the time I was 13 years old and my perspective from then to now is very different. I managed to watch 3 episodes of raw leading up to the 1999 Royal Rumble.

While I was watching these, David words came to mind as from week one to week three, everything seamlessly joined together from commissioner Shawn Michaels changed Vince entrance number at the top of the card, too the Ken Shamrock/Val Venis /Billy Gunn Feud with Ryan Shamrock involved for the IC title, to the ministry of darkness forming and inducting the brood too the group, to a fantastic hardcore match between road dogg and Al snow on an episode of raw, what I noticed was exactly what David would say -  everything on the Raw's created interest and that interest created investment, that was WWE greatest asset.  Here is the match card from Jan 4th 1999 WWE Raw

Steve Blackman defeated Ken Shamrock

Goldust defeated Mark Henry via DQ 

  • The Godfather vs. Test ended in a double DQ

  • Edge vs. D-Lo Brown ended in a no contest 

  • Kane vs. Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco ended in a no contest in a handicap match

  • The Road Dogg (c) defeated Al Snow to retain the WWF Hardcore Championship 

  • Also while watching these episodes it felt like every character had meaning on the roster and this worked for those performers and for the company. Now in WWE I feel there are too many shades of grey everyone feels the same.  In those three episodes I was watching I saw everyone from Gilberg, Kane, DX, Steve Austin, Undertaker, Bluedust, Ken Shamrock,The Oddities,Mankind and The Rock.

    There was something for everyone crowd interaction with promos and catchphrases, if you didn't like Act A you would like Act B. I'm not saying everything back in 1999 was perfect some of the TV was close to the edge and certainly wouldn't be appropriate in this era, but if there is one thing that WWE could recapture in a bottle it would be that great fan investment that David talks so fondly about because it was that great investment that drew great ratings and had Wrestling beating NFL football in the ratings, when wrestling is done right it can capture the imagination of the masses, those masses then lay down money for PPVs and Merchandise, everyone wins. 

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    Sunday, 12 January 2014

    WWE Network what does it mean for UK fans?

    WWE Network what does it mean for UK fans?

    This past week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas WWE announced the upcoming WWE Network.

    WWE with this announcement are going to change the way that the watch WWE Programming and WWE television. As noted at the press conference WWE Network will be launching in the USA on 24 February 2014 and will included every WWE,WCW and WCW PPV in history plus PPV that month Pay per view offering from WWE.

    In addition to this there will be Raw and Smackdown Pre and Post shows, replays of Raw and Smackdown after they have aired and original new programming such as legends house, WWE Wrestlemania rewind and the Monday night war, WWE
    main event and live episodes of WWE NXT.

    Also WWE network will have a linear channel showing programs everyday so you can also watch episodes fromt he linear channel or choose programs to watch when you want to watch them its your choice!

    Did I mention you can access all this for $9.99 a month? (£6.06 UK equivalent)  a truly incredible price for what is on offer, you do have to have a 6 month contract but $60 is the price of two WWE PPV's in the USA so in my eyes its definitely worth it.

    What will WWE Network be available on in the UK and how to I access it?

    All you need to access the WWE network is an Internet connection.

    WWE have not released this information at this time but looking at what they have released about what it will be available on in the USA I would expect similar platforms in the UK too.

    WWE  have stated that WWE network will be available on smart phones, tablets, games consoles, laptops, PCs and through the WWE app. Basically anything with a Internet connection and has a screen so not matter what you have you should be able to access WWE Network.

    So what does this mean for UK fans and when can UK fans access the WWE Network?

    WWE have said themselves on that WWE Network will launch in the UK either December 2014 or January 2015. the reason for this is because the WWE UK TV contract with Sky is up at this time, so in a similar situation to where WWE is now with its US TV negotiations  the WWE network will give WWE some bargaining power come the end of 2014 plus WWE will already have a gauge on how successful the WWE network has been with fans up to that point in America.

    Will WWE programming continue on Sky past 2014?

    WWE Raw and Smackdown have been on Sky for many years after all the relationship between Sky and WWE goes back to 1989 and it is a strong relationship however Sky (as with other PPV providers in USA) wont be impressed that WWE PPV's will be airing on the WWE Network thus pulling buys away from Sky TV and  Sky themselves and putting that money straight to WWE on the WWE Network. Also Sky insist of classifying WWE as a Sports program therefore it goes on Sky Sports where customers have to pay extra to get the Sky Sports channels package that seems crazy especially with new avenues of watching WWE on the horizon.

    Don't forget as UK fans we have to pay (along with a sky sports package) £42 a month just so we can see WWE Raw and Smackdown plus get access to a handful of free PPV a year, if we are able to access WWE Network for the equivalent price of $9.99 this would be a huge money saver for fans

    So their is the possibility there that a freeview channel (a channel accessible to all) could be in the running to obtain WWE Raw and Smackdown programming and that a long running and successful partnership with Sky TV in the UK could be coming to an end in 2014 after 25 years.

    All this means is that it will be better for the fans, expanded coverage for the WWE, more money for the WWE and the middle man (Sky TV, PPV Provider ) is gone.

     WWE TV is about to change and it is a great change, a change that makes it better for fans programming all in one place, less money to spend on PPV and less money in which has to be paid to SKY.

    A change in which is the same as the tag line that WWE have given to the WWE Network

     "Get ready to go Over the top"

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