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PWR TV Debate: WWE "Big Stars" vs WWE Attractions

PWR TV Debate: WWE "Big Stars" vs WWE Attractions
As Always what is written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan. Im not a "Wrestling Expert" and nor to I claim to be one. Simply giving my opinion as a fan and as I see it :)
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I was watching Pro Wrestling Report primetime as I do Every Sunday and this week Dameon Nelson and David Herro went In Depth on WWE change of Direction from "Internet Darlings to Big Stars"
Dameon Nelson Explained that for the purpose of this debate the size of the wrestler is not what we are talking about here but the perception of the wrestler and how that translates across ALL different sections of the audience not just the Hardcore Wrestling fan base. Also that this is not about Wrestling in ring Talent either, We all know as Hardcore fans that Ziggler, Punk and Bryan are 3 of the best in ring performers today but that isn't making casual fans press the buy button for PPVs.
You can watch the show by clicking the play button on the video above
Dameon and David Herro Discussed about John Cena and how he commands attention when he walks in a room and that people not just wrestling fans are in ore of him when they see him and even though might not know Cena is a wrestler will know that "he is somebody"
Maybe CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are not on that level in terms of  recognisability to a wider audience but in their defence I must say this, If Punk, Bryan, Ziggler aren't the answer who is? WWE has gone back to using "Big Time Established Stars" for the PPV events especially recently with the use of The Big Show.
The argument is that Big Show is someone who casual fans will want to see more in a big main event match and will therefore outdraw someone that, The Internet and hardcore fans call "awesome". After being at a WWE House Show in Cardiff Wales This Month and hearing the sell out crowd chanting "Daniel Bryan" nearly throughout the whole match between Orton and Big Show and Show having to apologise at the end of the match for Bryan not being there, it seems the crowd want something different. A lot of feedback from that show and many of the WWE Live Events that Daniel Bryan was not in attendance for, fans were unhappy.
Fans that turn out for Live events, make WWE money and are a huge part of the lifeblood of WWE is their two philosophy's at play here? Is there a battle between the two ideas, fans at live events saying one thing and WWE Executives saying another? 
WWE has themselves to blame for this situation as much as anyone, WWE couldn't and didn't build any new generation stars behind John Cena and with big stars like The Rock, Batista, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho whether retiring or leaving WWE did not do enough in my opinion to build investable characters, especially investable good guys behind John Cena. WWE has an abundance of Bad Guys, but not so many "Good Guy" characters.
Right now WWE is getting less ratings on Raw than When WCW was doing 3 Hours of Nitro......This is a wider issue one "big Man" in a main event is going to change WWE Fortunes. WWE needs to look at the wider issues and making Wrestling or "Sports Entertainment" Characters that resonate with the audience of 2013 and beyond  is the key for me, Developing Investable resonating Characters Creates Interest, Interest Creates Intrigue and Intrigue makes people put down cash to watch a PPV........
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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pro Wrestling Report in WWE 2K14 and Guide: How to Download in Xbox 360

Pro Wrestling Report in WWE 2K14 and Guide of How to Download in Xbox360

Over the past week I have been adding Pro Wrestling Report Dameon Nelson, David Herro, WCW Meathead, Linda Lay and Sara Macdermott Characters and Entrance Videos onto Youtube and In addition uploading my created Characters of the Pro Wrestling |Report crew to the WWE Community Creations, which means that anyone with an xbox 360 and WWE 2K14 and go on to community creations and download the Characters that I have created.
Not Sure how to download on WWE2k14 for Xbox 360? Its nice and Easy let me take you through it
1, When on the Main Menu Screen of WWE 2K14 go down the Menu List and click on "Xbox Live"

2, Once Xbox Live WWE 2K14 has loaded you will come to a 2nd Menu screen click on WWE 2k14 "WWE 2k14 Community Creations"

3, Then Click on "Download", You will then be presented with a list of the most popular uploads as voted by the WWE2K14 users.

4, On this screen press the X button to search and in the Keywords section type in the name of the Character  you would like to download E.G, David Herro - once you have done this press Start to Search.

5, This will then bring up the David Herro Character as created by me (Xbox Live Id Jon422002) Press A to view Character Details and on this menu scroll down and click A on "download"

6, The Character will then Download to your Xbox 360 and now you have downloaded your Pro Wrestling Report Character. You can do the same process as described above for all the other PWR characters all you have to do is change the keyword you search (Dameon Nelson, Linda Kay, WCW Meathead and Sara Macdermott) and you can download the rest of the PWR Team!!
You can Also Search by User, If This is Easier for you Search for my Xbox Live Gamer ID jon422002 and It will bring up all the PWR Content which you can then also download.
Below are the Entrance Videos for PWR Group and PWR characters in WWE 2K14 for Xbox 360
PWR SWO (Shenanigans World Order) WWE 2K14 Entrance
David Herro PWR WWE2K14 Entrance
Dameon Nelson PWR WWE2K14 Entrance
WCW Meathead WWE2K14 Entrance
Linda Kay PWR WWE2K14 Entrance
Sara McDermott PWR WWE2K14 Entrance
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Sunday, 10 November 2013

WWE Live Results Cardiff 10th November 2013

WWE Live Results Cardiff 10th November 2013

I'm writing this just after getting home from the show. Felt we saw a good show tonight, before the show Justin Roberts comes out to the ring and states that tonight there will be a fans choice match after intermission of the show and it will be fandango vs Santino and fans could choose between a dance off or normal match. Justin then started the show and gave us our first match

Match 1

The Real Americans vs Los Matadores

The real Americans come out to the ring and are accompanied by Zeb Colter. Lots of cheers for Zeb and Zeb was pure gold on the mic, the started off by saying 'im so happy to be back in Scotland' and then once he got the country right stating that the women of Wales were 'too big'. Los Matadores come out and the match begins. This was a great opening match, a nice spot where Los Matadores use the don't tread on me flags against swagger and Cesaro and make them run like bulls to get the flags back. Cesaro got the big swing in and rotated 15 times with the crowd counting along. Los Matadores win the match with double team Samoan drop

Winner - Los Matadores

Match 2

Zack Ryder vs Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett comes out and cuts a promo on how the welsh haven't qualified for the World Cup in 2014 and how they should all support England, Barrett takes off his shirt and has an England football team too underneath, which the crowd boo heavily (although I cheered as I'm English!!!) short match between Wade and Zack, Barrett wins the match by hitting the bull hammer elbow for the 1-2-3.

Winner - Wade Barrett

Match 3

Askana vs Natayla

Typical divas match here with Askana trying as many ways as possible to get away from Natayla even hiding behind the referee and hugging him!! Lots of back and forth action until Natayla is able to lock on the sharpshooter for the win.

Winner - Natayla

Match 4

Kofi Kingston vs The Miz

I found this to be a very interesting match. At first both men were very even in the match and there was a handshake before the match started between Kofi and Miz. Crowd were also really split with lots of loud Miz is awesome chants. However part way through the match as the Miz gets back in the ring as Kofi is sitting on the ropes for him, Miz attacks Kofi leg and crowd start boo-ing. Miz is now working as a bad guy and is taking advantage of the situation and doing everything he can to take out the leg of Kofi. Kofi managed to battle back and win with the trouble in paradise.

Winner - Kofi Kingston

Match 5

6 Man Tag Team Match

Cody, Goldust and Big E Langston vs The Shield

Massive pop from the crowd for Cody, Goldust and Big E. Lots of Goldust chants. Funny moment when The Shield come out to the rig their music is playing but wwe production queued the wrong video and on the screen was The Miz Titantron!! After a short delay the shield come out and all 6 men proceed to have a great tag team match, The shield spent most of the match beating down Goldust and Goldust spent a lot of time trying to make the tag to his corner and eventually he manages to make it and tags in Big E who takes out the shield until the shield get control and all hell breaks loses lots of people hit their finishing moves we get spears, disaster kicks etc then Cody manages to roll up Dean Ambrose for the win. Great match and the crowd were really into this. This match was the match of the night and in my opinion should of been the main event.

Winners - Cody, Goldust and Big E


Match 6

Fans Choice Dance off

Santino Marella vs Fandango

Well not much to say here really, best thing was actual seeing Mrs Fandango.......Summer Rae damm that lady is fine. Santino and Fandango have a dance off, Santino wins, Fandango attacks Santino, Santino turns the tables and the dance off is over.

Dance off Winner - Santino Marella

Match 7

Damien Sandow vs Dolph Ziggler

Damien Sandow comes out first and tells the unwashed masses of Wales that although he no longer has his money in the bank briefcase he is still out uncrowned World champion. He tells the crowd that they should feel sorry for Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler comes out and the crowd pop big for Ziggler and see happy to see him. Sandow and Ziggler have a good Match with sandow getting many near falls throughout the match, Ziggler hits the fame asser and gets a 2 count as well. sandow then manages to hit his full Nelson slam for the win.

Winner - Damien Sandow

Match 8

Main Event

WWE Title Match

Big Show vs Randy Orton

Big Show and Orton both get into the ring, after a very long entrance by Randy Orton. As soon as Big Show and Orton are in the ring the crowd are chanting 'we want bryan' Randy Orton has to get on the mic and address the situation, Orton says he put Bryan in a hospital in USA and Bryan won't be here tonight. The crowd aren't happy about this, however the Mach begins. Orton and show have an OK match, but to be honest wasn't the most memorable main event I have seen, although I did enjoy the conclusion to the match Big Show goes to chokeslam Orton and suddenly the lights go out and Kane music hits!!! Kane walks down to the ring this distracts Big Show, Orton turns show around and hits him with the RKO to win the match. Following the match Kane signals to the back and the shield run out and attack big show. big show manages to fend off The Shield and then hits the KO punch on Orton to end the show. Big Show then gets the microphone and thanks the fans for all the support he has received through the years in Cardiff, Big show ends by saying he will tell Daniel Bryan that all the fans in Cardiff wish him well and this ends the show.

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