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John Cena - Best Worker Ever......Brother

John Cena - Best Worker Ever......Brother
John Cena first appeared on our screens in 2002 in an Era of "Ruthless Aggression" and had his debut match against Kurt Angle on WWE Television since then Cena has gone through a few character changes and has gone from coloured wrestling shorts to a rapper making rhymes and telling the world that you cant see me, to telling us all about Hustle, Loyalty and Respect and giving us the message to Rise Above Hate.
Talking of Hate....Love or Hate him John Cena he is the poster boy for WWE. John Cena Works hard not just in the ring but out the ring as well, doing many appearances for Make a Wish Foundation, Meeting lots of children to doing lots of media interviews and he continues to push the WWE brand forward. The Kids love John Cena.
Personally I'm not a John Cena fan merely because Cena does not appeal to me in WWE TV Cena Entertains the fans and is a true star but as far as wrestling skill goes in this fans opinion Cena Would not rank in a top ten.
However its not about being the best wrestling. A Year ago I tweeted Hulk Hogan (Arguably one of the highest drawing wrestlers of all time) and I asked Hulk Hogan is it better to be the best worker or the best Wrestler? Hogans reply was "its always better to be the best worker, A worker can do anything" That really opened my eyes.........
I think people have lost sight of the fact that you don't need to be the best "Wrestler" in the world to make the most money. Remember its not about what I like, Nor is it about what you like, its about what the masses like and the masses like John Cena and John Cena makes WWE money. 
John Cena doesn't do flips, Technical Complicated Wrestling moves or Chain Wrestling but he makes WWE  Money. Whether a certain section of fans like it or not John Cena Will always be around.
For My Era when I grew up Watching Wrestling (late 80's - 90's) Hogan was that "Good Guy" he was a guy that as kids me and all my friends that watch wrestling loved. I suspect that if you asked and "older" Wrestling fan whether they liked Hogan and The WWE in 1992 most would of said "No Its A cartoon - give me Bruno Sammartino or Buddy Rogers that's Wrestling"
John Cena is still WWE Biggest Merchandise seller not only that but he has a recognisable face non wrestling fans would be able to tell you who he is and what he does. Wrestlemania's have shown over the last few years that WWE need to create more stars and I think at Wrestlemania 29 John Cena Will beat The Rock and become WWE champion once again Beating The Rock will make John Cena even more recognisable.

On WWE Raw on 25th February 2013 John Cena took on CM punk for John Cena's opportunity to go to Wrestlemania 29 in what was a brilliant match on WWE Raw. John Cena Won and even attempted a few new mobves as well. Cena now moves on to face The Rock at Wrestlemania
It Will take John Cena from Being a WWE superstar to WWE Megastar. None of the previous Big Drawing Wrestlers are around now on the WWE Active Roster With the Exception of Chris Jericho and The Undertaker. A Win against The Rock Will give the perception to Cena's fans and the casual fan that is watching Wrestlemania that Cena is now a larger than Life Star by beating one of the true legends of the Wrestling business.
Thats Exactly what WWE needs for 2013 and Beyond.
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Wrestlemania 29 :What Happens to Swagger?

 Wrestlemania 29 :What Happens to Swagger?

As Always below is all my thoughts as a wrestling fan, I'm not an expert nor do I proclaim to be one.

Please Enjoy

After the recent arrest of Jack swagger for DUI and being in possession of marijuana. WWE will have to look again at the world championship main event scheduled to be Swagger vs Del Rio.

Its a shame that Jack got himself into this mess otherwise we could of had an interesting program and event at wrestlemania. I hope that wwe keep Swagger in this match and carry on the path that they are on, however if past history is anything to go by Swagger will be out.

There are lots of options out there at the moment if a change of opponent is the way that WWE go.

So who put into the main event with Alberto Del Rio? You could go for Randy Orton. It has been long speculated that  Orton would turn heel and this could be a great opportunity to do it and could greatly benefit Randy Orton and lead to another title run for him. However after events last Year  and reports of Attitude difficulties with Orton and that Orton is on his 2nd Wellness Policy Violation it might make WWE look at a different route.

Now what about CM Punk? some people say that CM Punk will be in the main event of Wrestlemania with Rock and Cena. CM Punk has a match but  these Turn of Events might mean a change of position.

Punk and Del Rio have had battles before over the WWE title and fought back and forth. CM Punk Could be a great option for WWE to match up with Del Rio again and the dynamic now would be different with Punk a heel (bad Guy) and Del Rio a babyface (Good Guy)


However My pick and my choice is Mark Henry.

Henry was dominant in  the elimination chamber match and has still been dominant following on Raw and working with Great Khali. I think Henry is a great reliable choice for a main event player at Wrestlemania.

Henry has had a huge match at Wrestlemania with Undertaker previously at Wrestlemania 22 plus had other Wrestlemania matches. This piece of Misfortune or bad judgement for Swagger could be great for Henry. It could now be a hall of pain Wrestlemania and looking at all the options it seems to me that Henry is the best fit.

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My Memories Kevin Nash WCW years 1996-2001

My Memories Kevin Nash WCW Years 1996 -2001
After the success of my last blog Kevin Nash the WWE years 1993-1996 (Which can be viewed here);postID=6495934313225897804   

Based on feedback I received I decided that I would do another blog on Kevin Nash this time looking back at the next part of his career from Mid 1996-2001 Kevin Nash Career in WCW.
This blog differs slightly to the last one as at this time in my life we could not watch WCW here in the UK as we did not have Sky TV Therefore some of this I saw at the time and other things I have had to research.
When Kevin Nash Left WWF in May of 1996 it was to move to longtime WWF Rival WCW. Kevin was no stranger to WCW having been in WCW before he came to WWE in 1993. Kevin Came in  to WCW a week after his good friend Scott Hall made his debut on WCW Nitro May 27th 1996. Scott famously said "We are taking over" and Eric Bischoff (on Screen Announcer at the time) kept asking who is "we" well a week after Scott said that WE is himself and Kevin Nash.
Kevin Nash and Scott Hall acted like Imposter's from WWF this was so cool to me when i eventually got to see it! It was something like I had never seen before they were the characters I had known from WWE now invading WCW and being the same guys they were when I last saw them in WWF.

Nash and Hall Powerbombed Eric Bishoff off the stage and through a table underneath. Hall and Nash had become frustrated after asking Bischoff who the 3 WCW wrestler would be to take them on at Bash At The Beach. The following night it was revealed that Nash and Hall would face Lex Luger, Sting and Macho Man Randy Savage at WCW Bash at The Beach 1996.

Hall and Nash kept stating that they had a third man for the match however when the match started at Bash of the Beach the third man had not appeared. During the Course of the Match Lex Luger got taken out on a stretcher. The Hulk Hogan walks down to the ring looking like her is going to help the good guys instead Hogan Drops his leg on Savage and ushers in the Era of the New World Order. Click the video below to See the Promo After the Bash at The Beach match.

As Well as being the NWO Hall and Nash Named themselves The Outsiders and they became along with Hulk Hogan the hottest thing in Wrestling at the time. I don't think Nash and Hall get enough credit for the Attitude that they brought to the NWO without them the group would of had a very different feel. Hall and Nash had their finger on the pulse and some of the promos and matches that they were having were pure gold. Also the NWO Announcements when they were advertise merchandise were tremendous check out Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in this NWO Promo below.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash Throughout the rest of 1996 won the Tag Team Championship and then were joined by Another former WWF Superstar Sean Waltman named Syxx in WCW Nash, Hall and Waltman then called themselves the Wolfpac. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman have all said in many interviews that the Wolfpac was originally there idea and that the Wolfpac was their version of the Fabulous Freebirds, Kevin  Nash WCW took the name Wolfpac and started using it themselves.

In 1998 the original NWO was starting to show that they were not all on the same page and after being dominant for so many years the cracks were starting to show in the NWO. There were on screen issues between Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan which lead to the split. The Nwo Split into two the NWO Wolfpac (Red and Black) led by Kevin Nash and Nwo Black and White led by Hulk Hogan.

Below is a video of the 1st appearance of NWO Wolfpac in the Red and Black Colours

This is where i started to lose track WCW If i can go on a tangent for a moment! I got very confused t at this time for some reason (and I don't think we still know why) WCW bookers at the time decided it would be best to split Hall and Nash. Scott Hall allinged Himself with Hulk Hogan in NWO Black and White and Kevin Nash aligned himself with Randy Savage in NWO Red and Black.

WCW got that all wrong I would of had Nash and Hall vs Savage and Hogan it would of made much more sense the fans knew that Hall and Nash were good friends and also it would be the young main Event wrestlers Hall and Nash taking on the veteran wrestlers Hogan and Savage think that would of been a great series of matches and made more sense. (Rant over! Back to Nash's WCW career!)

Kevin Nash won his 1st WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Starcade 1998 by Defeating Goldberg. Despite Popular belief Kevin Nash was not the booker (matchmaker) of WCW when this took place. Kevin Nash in his own words states that "I did not take over the booking of WCW until February 13th 1999 nearly 2 months after this match at Starcade took place. Following the match at Starcade Kevin Nash was going to take on Goldberg in a rematch However Goldberg got arrested (in the show storyline) and it turned out that Hulk Hogan had set up Goldberg to be arrested so the main event of the night was set up Nash vs Hogan for WCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Click below to see How Nash beat Goldberg at Starcade and to see what happened in Nash vs Hogan Match on Nitro (Many Fans refer to this as the fingerpoke match)

Fans were really annoyed by this match and In interviews Kevin Nash states that fans were annoyed by it as they got tricked hook, line and sinker none of the fans expected it and that is way they are still annoyed about it to this day, Also Kevin Nash states to all his critics and "Smart Marks" that this angle did not help him at all as he only held the title for a day then lost it again Nash stated that "he looked like the biggest douchebag of all"
In  1999 Kevin Nash won his 2nd WCW World Championship by defeating Diamond Dallas Page at Slamboree 1999
Kevin Nash then faced off against Randy Savage and Sid. At  Bash at the Beach 1999 A match was signed Nash and Sting vs Savage and Sid. and the match was a little different in the fact that Whoever Pinned Kevin Nash in this match from the opposing team would becoming WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Randy Savage pinned Kevin Nash in this match.
Later on in 1999 Hulk Hogan defeated Kevin Nash in a "retirement" match.

In October 1999 Nash returned to WCW along with Scott Hall and they formed NWO 2000 Along with Jeff Jarrett, Bret Hart and Scot Steiner

Click the link to watch a backstage promo with the NWO 2000
 Nash Won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship 3 times throughout 2000. In late 2000 The Team of Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page known as The Insiders won the WCW Tag Team Championships. Then on Feb 18 2001 Kevin Nash Lost To Scott Steiner in a retirement match.

That would be the last appearance of Kevin Nash in WCW as WCW would go out of Business after being sold to the WWE in March 2001
 There is NO Question that Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were the catalysts for WCW challenging WWE in the mid nineties. Without Nash and Hall WCW would of reached those heights because Without Hall and Nash Hogan would of had no one to team with an no one to give him the credibility he needed to become a bad guy.

Nash and Hall Kickstarted the Golden Generation of Wrestling in 1996 wrestling would be in a very bad place without them Thank you.

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Zack Ryder - Its Time to be a #Heel (Bad Guy)

Zack Ryder - Its time to be a #heel (Bad Guy)

WWE Superstar Zack Ryder
 As Always what is written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan, I am not a wrestling expert nor do I proclaim to be one! I'm  a Wrestling fan with my opinion! Please enjoy Thanks
Zack Ryder has made a name for himself in WWE by Promoting himself and creating a fan base for himself using youtube and creating his on Youtube Series Z True Long Island Story.

Zack used this platform in which to be able to entertain himself, Wrestlers and Fans with his antics but also at the same time voice some of his frustrations with the wrestling business and with WWE too. Through doing this Zack Created a career for himself and also gained lots of fans Zack now has over 1 million twitter followers.
Zack Ryder stopped his Z True Long Island Story at Episode #100 its rumoured that Zack Wanted to end his series at #100 and also felt that series was not as entertaining since it was moved to the WWE Youtube Channel where the videos we produced and sent to WWE were changed by WWE then uploaded.
Zack Ryder Single on Youtube
So Now Zack Ryder has moved on from Youtube, Z True island Story is no more and the push from that show and popularity gained when he won the US championship seems like a millions miles away. Zack created all this buzz for himself and due to lots of different factors (including mishandling from WWE in my opinion) his popularity has waned. 

Zack is not seen much on WWE Raw Or Smackdown these days and that does not look like it will change anytime soon.
Now its rumoured (and some fans/people/wrestlers believe it as fact) that WWE will not push what they did not create. Some people say that past examples of this are the NWO and WCW invasion Angle.

 If I was Zack Ryder at this moment right now I would leave notes around a WWE Writers desk, Talk to a WWE Writer in his sleep and DO anything possible to make a WWE writer and Vince Mcmahon believe they came up with the idea. An idea which can change Zack Ryder....An Idea Created by WWE which simply is make Zack A #heel (Bad Guy)
Now I understand that Zack has a single in the Itunes Chart right now and most people will say that's crazy he's a good guy, people like him and he's popular. If that was the case surely WWE Would be using him to his fullest potential, Utilising his talents, making even more money from Merchandise and putting him on TV every week...... #HeresTheThing WWE are not doing those things there is a reason for everything a good guy Zack Ryder does not seem to be what WWE are looking for.
Mick Foley used so much emotion in his ECW promos
If it was me I would have Ryder turn on his fans by using some of that real life frustration he has pent up inside him. I my mind I think of those very angry  but very real feeling Cactus Jack ECW promos where he spoke the truth and used some of his own feelings when talking about how bloodthirsty the Ecw fans are. - I think heel promos like that are always the best because you can hear the belief in a wrestlers voice - it feels like reality.
 I'd  have Zack saying:
" I did everything I could to make the fans happy and get the WWE to notice me, Youtube shows, Social Media, Songs and Catchphrases but none of it matters because I did it all and none of it helped me, I thought the fans would help push me forward but The Fans ended up  holding me back - I blame everyone in this arena and everyone at home for Zack Ryder not reaching the potential he should have"

You could have Zack with a prolonged attack on a wrestler after a match  on Raw then the week after say the promo above and then have him move on from there in a feud. Doing this might not sound like alot but its more than Zack Ryder has right at this moment in time and gives the Zack Ryder character some meaning and also gives the WWE Universe a Character they can truly love to hate.

Maybe Zack Ryder as a heel is what WWE is looking for.....Maybe a heel is what Zack Ryder should be only time will tell.
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Impact Wrestling Clever Business PPV and TV

TNA Impact Wrestling: Clever Business PPV and TV

A Very interesting announcement from TNA Impact Wrestling President Dixie Carter Recently. Dixie stated that TNA Impact Wrestling would be changing their PPV model from 12 PPV's a year down to 4 Live PPV's a year and 7 pre recorded PPV specials.

Dixie Carter announcement can be viewed at

A comment from Dixie Carter from the above statement reads

“The Pay-Per-View industry has changed so much in the last decade,” says TNA President Dixie Carter. “The traditional pay-per-view wrestling model needed to evolve and we believe this strategy will positively impact not only the Pay-Per-View events but the weekly television programming as well.”
The Pay Per view specials are called One night only events .

The Live PPV's will now be Genesis, Lockdown, Slamerversary and Bound For Glory.
On The Pro Wrestling Report Dameon Nelson and David Herro discussed the impact (no pun intended!!) on the decision to cut so many PPV's and came to the conclusion that this is a good move for TNA Impact Wrestling and I have to say I think this is something that I agree with.
Dixie Carter Announced the Impact PPV changes
I think that this has been what has been borne out the the PPV figures that TNA have seen over the last year. So for TNA to drop so many PPV's makes alot of sense. As Dameon Nelson and David Herro said on PWR TNA can save an awful lot of money from doing this and use this money for other areas of the company and this could really help the creative direction of the company also and help the people writing the shows to be able to achieve greater success with a bigger and much broader storyline arc

Impact Wrestling General Manager Hulk Hogan
The Story lines now don't have to go from Month to Month as we have been conditioned to in the Monday Night Wars and since. TNA has an opportunity to do what WWE used to do when they had 4 Pay Per View's a year (Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble) and book talent and story lines to last longer with the eventually aim to build to a big PPV every 3 Months this could help TNA obtain a bigger PPV buy rate and present more complex and intricate story lines that can now play out in front of us over a few months rather than a few weeks.

Its a brave move by TNA and one that I think could pay off for them TNA are now playing to their audience and they are 100% focused on their product and what they want to achieve this move by TNA Management could as well hopefully open the Door for Impact Wrestling to be able to go out on the road and take Impact Episodes away from the impact zone and have the show emanating from a different city and venue each week. 

Impact Wreslting are looking at doing things differently and it reminds me of what Eric Bischoff said in his book Controversy Creates Cash when he got the Job to try and reshape WCW. Eric had information that the free Clash of Champions Pay Per Views that WCW were doing at the time were not making WCW any money (they were free to air shows) but they were costing WCW the same money to produce as if it were a traditional Pay per view therefore losing WCW Money. Therefore Eric Bischoff reduced the Clash Of Champions Specials until eventually they did not exist and money that would of been wasted was saved.

Eric Bischoff Changed the Business of WCW and now is helping change TNA
Impact Wrestling I feel are doing the same thing with their Pay Per Views and I think its so smart. TNA I think can make the money on 4 "Big" pay per view Events a year supplemented by 7 Pre Recorded Pay Per View specials as they could with 12 Live Pay Per Views a year its a move by TNA and its a move in the right direction keep your eyes on Impact and TNA this year.

 Dixie Carter TNA President has  announced that she will be making an announcement on Impact Wrestling on Spike TV on 31st January 2013 Dixie Carter stated

 " I will be making a major announcement on IMPACT tomorrow (8/7c) This will change everything for our wrestlers, company &; YOU our Audience"

Dixie Carter announced that Impact Wrestling will now go on the road and they will leave the Impact zone in Orlando Florida. Now they will be touring will Impact Wrestling and the 1st show will be at the Sears centre in Chicago in March 2013. Another fantastic move by TNA being from England and seeing Impact when it has been over here a live crowd adds so much to impact wrestling. American fans will add so much atmosphere to each and every impact also it will be great for business for TNA as they will now have fans that will pay to come to shows so this adds another revenue stream for Impact Wrestling and more importantly is clever Business for Dixie Carter and Impact Wrestling the future looks move.
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