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My Predictions WWE Money In The Bank 2012

My Predictions WWE Money In The Bank 2012 

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Well here we are a year one from the Historic Money in the Bank in 2011 where CM Punk Beat John Cena  for the WWE Title and took it away with him when he left the company and on the same event Daniel Bryan won his first Money in The Bank Ladder Match and took his first step to superstardom in the WWE. Will WWE money in the Bank 2012 live up to this one? Lets take a look 

As Always what is written below is My Opinion it is written from this wrestling fans perspective :)

       Money in the Bank ladder match for  WWE Championship 

Big Show vs Kane vs Chris Jericho vs John Cena

The first Money in the Bank Ladder match is basically a fatal 4 way ladder match for a WWE Championship Briefcase. I must say im quite disappointed with the WWE Contract Match. Thought there would be more stars added to this match and with the added stipulation that only former WWE champions could compete in this match though WWE might include The MIz in this match (he is due to finish filming Marine 3 very soon) and maybe thought you could get a Mick Foley or Past WWE champion involved too. On the go home show of Raw we saw Big Show and Chris Jericho take on John Cena and Kane and there was the possibility that more could of been added on Smackdown but this did not happen. I have a feeling that WWE might even announce someone on the day of the PPV maybe a Rey Mysterio just feel that more need to be added to make this match a bit more unpredictable.

  To be honest this match is a complete coin flip as to who will win I would like to see Chris Jericho win this as he has not had one big win since his return and think it would be fitting. However My Head Tells me that the winner of this match will be John Cena reasoning behind this is that Cena then doesn't need to be involved in the WWE title picture week to week but WWE can throw him into it whenever they like when he cashes in his briefcase.

Prediction - John Cena

WWE Championship Match
Special Referee - AJ Lee
Who will she pick ?
Cm Punk (c) vs Daniel Bryan

I must admit when this whole angle started with AJ and both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan fighting over her i could not understand it at all. I took the old school view  "let the Wrestling speak for Itself" however I have had my opinion changed. AJ has added a great element to this match an element of unpredictability and element of surprise and an element of craziness too. On the go home show on WWE Raw AJ Proposed to CM Punk then Bryan comes out and proposes to AJ! WWE have been clever as they haven't had AJ show her allegiance one way or the other she keeps the fans wondering where do her loyalties lie, Who does she really want to be with and who will she count to the mat 1-2-3 at Money in the bank?

AJ has really added to this feud and this feud has really made her into a star and a top Diva in WWE. My predication for this match is that we will have a great contest as always between Punk and Bryan and I think that AJ will show her True Colours and help Bryan to win his first WWE Championship!!!

Prediction - New Champion Daniel Bryan

World Heavyweight Title 
Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio finally gets his singles Match for the World Heavyweight Title. Del Rio always seems to have been unlucky with injuries and circumstances changing beyond his control. When He should of won at Wrestlemania vs Edge the match was changed due to Edge Career ending Injury. Then last Month he was due to face Sheamus However a Concussion ruled him out of action. For Sheamus winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania was a huge deal and winning it so quickly and in dominate fashion from Daniel Bryan. However I feel since Sheamus won the title he has had some great matches especially with Doplh Ziggler but Sheamus World Heavyweight Title run has been largely forgettable. Just feel that Daniel Bryan overshadowed Sheamus that's maybe why they moved Bryan over to Feud with CM Punk for the WWE Title. I feel that in this match we will see a new WWE champion think now is the right time to have Alberto Del Rio dominate the Smackdown Brand and be a catalyst for some new Babyface good guy characters Del Rio seems to be adding a more aggressive element to his character too which would play off well for a sympathetic good guy character 

Winner and New World Champion - Alberto Del Rio 

World Heavyweight Championship Money in The Bank Ladder Match

Cody Rhodes vs Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow vs Tensai vs Santino vs Christian vs 
Tyson Kidd vs Sin Cara

Now this will be the real main event this match has the traditional money in the bank set up with lots of young and new talent wanting to get their shot to get that Money in the bank briefcase. I like that WWE have put Damien Sandow & Tyson Kidd in the match. If you had told me a month ago that these two guys what be in the match i wouldn't of believed you but its an opportunity for both men to showcase their skills and gain some PPV and Big match experience. Two people I wouldn't of included in this match is Santino and Christian. I would of had both of these men in US and Intercontinental title matches as with only 4 matches announced for this PPV so far I think the addition matches are needed and also I feel that it makes both the US and Intercontinental titles a bit irrelevant as the perception is that those titles don't matter. This will be a great PPV match you have so many great worker involved but I can only really see two people winning this Cody Rhodes or Dolph Ziggler. Now for me I'd love to see Dolph Ziggler Win this match iv been a massive Ziggler fan for a long time and feel that the time is right for him to take the next step up. However Equally as much Cody Rhodes could do with a win here. Since Wrestlemania Cody has fallen into the background a little bit and as with Daniel Bryan last year I think a win here for Cody could give his career the "shot int he arm" that it needs. 

This one is hard to pick but for me the winner of this match is 

Winner - Dolph Ziggler 

I hope everyone enjoys Money In the Bank this Sunday and also don't forget to check out Pro Wrestling Report post show on Money in The Bank right after the PPV ends tune into with David Herro and Dameon Nelson with all the News, Opinion and Reaction on the PPV. Also taking your calls and thoughts on the PPV!

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Jon422002 Impact Wrestling Superstars of the week

Impact Wrestling Superstars of the week

Hello All I'm back with another blog and today I thought I would give you  in my opinion. three of the Impact Wrestling Superstars of the week This is based on the Impact Wrestling that aired on Spike TV on 5th July 2012. 

As Always what is written below is My Opinion I'm not a wrestler I'm a fan of Wrestling and this blog is written by this fans perspective. You may agree or disagree with me!!

With that being said lets look at my Superstars of Impact Wrestling This Week!

Austin Aries

Austin Aries Just gets better and better every time we see him he is stepping it up. Aries was not in a match this week but I really enjoyed him in his backstage segment with Hulk Hogan.
 and at the end of the show with Bobby Roode and Hulk Hogan.

 Austin Aries ending the show holding up the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. Aries was great on the mic and the fans in the arena are really behind him his attitude, delivery and belief in what he says were the key to his great performance on Impact

Dakota Darsow 

As Many of you who follow me on twitter (@jon422002 - Quick Plug!!!!) know I am a big fan of Dakota Darsow. I think he has lots of talent a great look and has the ability to be a premier star in the X Division in Impact Wrestling. Dakota had a match in the X division Title Tournament vs A wrestler I hadn't seen before Flip Casanova. Now I'm not a wrestler and as with everything in this blog its prefaced as My opinion  but  Flip Casanova did some questionable moves in this match once where he broke the nose of Dakota Darsow then at the finish of the match did a flip  Senton/Cannonball and landed with his full weight on Dakota's shoulder. Dakota had a great showing and also showed that he is as tough as nails - Bravery award of the week definitely goes to Dakota Darsow. I think they got the finish wrong I would much rather see Dakota Darsow advance however Dakota returns this Sunday for a last chance battle royal for a final spot in the tournament - Hope Dakota wins this he has alot of ability and I think given the chance he will show the whole world this Sunday at Destination x.

Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode Is really getting his character down. The Development has been great and it was great to the the interaction between Bobby Roode and Chris Sabin it was booby Roode at his heel-ish best! Bobby Roode has really grown on me over the past few weeks and on Impact using Chris Sabin as an illustration of what Bobby Roode says will happen to Austin Aries on Sunday was a great way of getting Roode even more heat. I have a feeling that he and Aries will have a great match Sunday and I can see Roode keeping hold of his Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship.

So ladies and Gentlemen there are my three Impact Wrestling Superstars of the week!!! 

Thank for for reading Until next time