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10 Years of TNA Impact Wrestling

10 Years of TNA Impact Wrestling

2002 - NWA-TNA

2012 - TNA Impact Wrestling

Hello Everybody as we are at the day of TNA slammiversary 2012 Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of TNA Impact Wrestling. 

Alot of Fans did not think TNA would have got this far and had Jeff Jarrett not taken the chance to create a wrestling company in 2002 Impact Wrestling would not exist as we see it today.

Of Course there have been Many Ups and Downs in the history of TNA For the last 10 years TNA has been learning.

The Impact Wrestling that we see today is improving week on week and being Live on Thursdays will certainly help increase Impact Wrestling profile. 

I want to concentrate on the positives so here I'm going to give you in My Opinion 5 of TNA Wrestling Greatest  Moments. These are just in my opinion and of course yours may differ these are some that came to mind writing this so please click on the videos below to view some of the moments I have chosen.

Kurt Angle's Debut in TNA going Head to Head with Samoa Joe

For Me this was a huge moment for TNA Wrestling I had not seen as much TNA wrestling up to this point and I can remember the shock and disbelief I had when Kurt Angle showed up in TNA. The Kurt vs Joe series was extremely entertaining and I think this was by far the biggest transition of an active "in Their Prime Wrestler" from WWE to TNA in the history of the company.

Jeff Jarrett Starts TNA Impact Wrestling 

As I said above Without Jeff Jarrett Starting TNA in 2002 It would not be here today.This video is Jeff Jarrett from 2011 talking about the evolution of TNA and also the early years of TNA what at that point they had achieved and also what he thinks needed to change to bring more success to TNA and the TNA Product as a whole.

Hulk Hogan Debuts with Impact Wrestling

Something I think alot of fans thought we would not see but you can never say never in wrestling. The Hulkster coming to TNA had alot of people wondering what affect he would have on the company and what strides the company would take. Its fair to say that the direction with Hulk has changed a few times since his debut but in addition I think its fair to say that now in a GM Role of Impact Wrestling he is doing a great job and it is a perfect role for him in TNA.

TNA Wrestling Debut's On Challenge TV in The UK

For Me being a fan in the UK this was a huge moment for me! In The UK we have not had Wrestling on free to air British TV since WCW went of the air in 2001. In 2011 Impact Debuted on Challenge TV. TNA before this was on Bravo until Bravo was brought out by Sky TV. TNA had to find a new home and thankfully they found Challenge. It has been great having TNA on free to Air TV and it has given them so much exposure in the UK. This was a great business move by TNA and I hope this long continues. They have no competition on Free to Air TV in the UK and also PPV's are shown for free in the UK every Wednesday after it airs live on Sunday in America. 

TNA's Awesome in Ring Moments

A video I found on Youtube of some of the great moments in TNA wrestling history! This is what TNA is about the Action, The x Division Matches the courage and the ability of the wrestlers to give 110% whenever they go out to the ring. Thought this would be a great way to finish off a top  5 of TNA. Sit back and watch some awesome moments from the early years of TNA.

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