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Wrestlemania Revenge Tour April 19th 2012 WWE Smackdown

WWE Wrestlemania Revenge Tour
April 19th 2012 WWE Smackdown 

We Kicked off our day by going to an Exclusive WWE signing at The MotorPoint Arena in Cardiff My friend Matt Hilleard Who brought the Tickets also managed to get tickets for this signing and it was well worth it! We Got the meet The Big Show and Askana They were both really nice and I spent some time talking to Big Show about his days in WCW!!!!

We got into the arena in Cardiff and noticed a few different things straight away. This is the 1st WWE show Id been too in about 18 months and now WWE have invested in some video Screens for the show. Thought this was a great idea and throughout the show really made the fans feel part of it. Before the show started they showed and intro of Smackdown on the screens then Lillian Garcia Announced our first match!!!

1st Match 

The Great Khali vs Jinder Mahal

THis was a good match to kick off the show Khali was really over with the crowd ion Cardiff. Khali dominated early on with Heavy strikes then Mahal came back and started working on Khali leg trying to ground the big man. Khali came back with a series of chops and eventually caught Mahal in the Tree slam for the 1-2-3

Winner - Great Khali

Following this match we all turned our attention to the Big Screens again as Daniel Bryan Appeared and cut a promo about how in the main event tonight he will beat Sheamus and win back his World Heavyweight Championship! There  lots of YES Chants in the crowd!!!

2nd Match
6 Man Tag Team Match

Curt Hawkins, TylerReks & Drew Mcintyre vs The Usos and Mason Ryan

Funny moment when Curt, Tyler and Drew were int he ring. Tyler takes Curt's Stick that the Carry's to the ring with him and hit the stick on the ring apron and the metal top of the stick flew off into the crowd!!! This was a good 6 man tag Mason Ryan was mega over being in his Home Town of Cardiff. Reks, Mcintyre and Hawkins worked over one of the Usos for most of the match until they were able to make the hot tag to Mason Ryan who came in cleared out the heels with the help of The Usos then Ryan gave the Full nelson slam to Hawkins for the win for his team!!

Winners - The Usos and Mason Ryan

3rd Match

Alberto Del Rio vs Percy Watson

It was great seeing Alberto!!! Im a huge mark for him and Ricardo and seeing the entrance and Announcing was great!!! Percy Watson came out and didn't get much of a reaction. Alberto Beat Percy in about 2 mins with the cross armbreaker

Winner - Alberto Del Rio 

4th Match

Natalya vs Alicia Fox With Special Ref Askana

These ladies had a great match lots of back and for the between Natalya and Alicia trying to out do each other. Natalya slapped Alicia Extremely hard in the face at one point in the match. Alicia won the match when Natalya thought she had won the match via Submission (but Alicia got to the ropes) Natayla then pushed Askana who pushed Natalya back, Natalya fell over Alica and Alica rolled up Natalya for the win!!
Winner Alicia Fox

5th Match

Intercontiential Title Match

The Big Show vs Cody Rhodes

Cody Comes out first and cuts a promo and Big Show stating that he isn't afraid of Big show and that what happened at Wrestlemania was a complete fluke and that tonight he will be be intercontiential champion once again. Lots of stalling at the beginning of the match Cody did not want to lock up with Big Show until Show grabbed the Mic and told Cody we are wrestlers lets fight.. Good match between these two both got some great offence in. Cody Hit two disaster kicks in a row on big show,. Big show managed to come back though and went to go for the KO Punch Cody Ducked out of the way Show Grabs Cody in the Goozle and Chokeslams him for the win!!
Winner - The Big Show


6th Match

Brodus Clay and Booker T w/Hornswoggle vs Christian and Mark Henry

Everyone that I was sat with was really surprised about this match I certainly did not expect to see Christian on Booker T but the crowd reaction to them was great!! Was awesome to see Booker T live. Lots of Shenanigans in this match Christian kept Challenging Booker T to a Spinarooni contest  however when Booker went to do the Spinarooni Christian attacked him. Good tag teamk match and finsh came when Brodus was tagged in and finished off Christian with the big splash for the win!! After the match one of Brodus Dancers did the spinarooni along with Booker T !! Great Moment!!!

Winners - Brodus Clay and Booker T 

7th Match

Randy Orton vs Kane

A brilliant NO DQ match between  Orton and Kane Match went for a good long time. Kane went under the ring and got a kendo stick which he used on Randy Orton, randy managed to come back get the stick and use it on kane. Kane then brings a chair ino the ring and both men use the chair as well. Kane went for a chokeslam and orton managed to get out of it and RKO Kane on the chair for the win. Really impressive match between both men

Winner - Randy Orton

World HeavyWeight Championship

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

This was hands down match of the night crowd was very split between both men. Me and my friends were doing the YES chants lots of support for Daniel Bryan! Bryan was so clever as well before the match started he called all the fans in attendance stupid Englishmen which drew lots of heat as we were in Wales thought it was a clever touch. This match was the longest of the night at around 35 mins and brilliant match that the crowd were into at all times. Bryan and Sheamus both fought really hard and there were alot of false finishes really got the crowd into the match. Sheamus Wont he match when after a couple of failed attempts the hit the Broigue kick on Daniel Bryan for the win. 

Winner - Sheamus

In Summary i was really impressed with this show the addition of the video screen made it feel so much better and made it feel like a Smackdown show. I felt that i got more than my money's worth I felt I got alot more for my money than i was expecting (begin that id been to WWE live Events int he past) WWE really seemed to have upped their game with the House Shows and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of going!! Next show in Cardiff is WWE Raw on 9th November 2012......Think I'll be going again!!! :) 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Have TNA Wrestling Hit the Reset button?

The Big Red Reset Button

TNA Wrestling

Its been awhile but Iv decided to a new blog post. While we all enjoyed Wrestlemania 28 the matches with Rock vs Cena and HHH vs Undertaker and Raw the night after where the crowd was so into the product and the return of Brock Lesnar - Wrestling is certainly Buzzing again...but there is something which isn't buzzing in the wrestling industry and that's TNA Wrestling.

While the WWE Is thriving and making Bigger money than they have ever made at at Wrestlemania (Thanks to The Rock) TNA seems in the Doldrums and stuck in this Revolving/Rehashing mode.

I'm not here to knock the wrestlers in TNA they do a fantastic job and give us all the effort they have No matter what Situation they are put in and I respect them for all that they Do.
These Guys and Girl Wrestle I don't,  I'm a fan of Wrestling and I'm giving my perspective and Thoughts on what I saw in front of me.

I watched Impact Wrestling this week (for the first time in a few weeks if i'm honest but I do listen to Pro Wrestling Report Sudden Impact Radio which keeps me up to date!!!)  and I couldn't believe what I saw Dixie Carter Stood in the middle of the ring with Hulk Hogan and Sting Apparantly Sting and Dixie "Begged" Hogan to come back and lead the company again as a general manager

hang on a minute............Storylline wise

Didn't Hogan and Bischoff Steal the Company from Dixie?
Didn't Dixie Carter lose her Company?

Why would she be stupid enough to do that?

If you left your pet with someone & they didn't give it back to you for a year would you 8 months later give them your pet again to look after because you think they wont do it again?.......Of Course Not!!!!

Now I know this is Wrestling and we are meant to have Short Memories and not remember anything but suddenly over a year later Dixie trusts Hulk Hogan again because in his match with Sting last year he became a good guy?

I feel like TNA have hit that Big Red Reset Button, All the members of Impact Wrestling a ringside. When I was watching I keep thinking of WCW - Russo and Bischoff in the ring talking about the new blood (Nothing like that this time Thankfully) but this thought was going through my head while I was watching it was as follows:

Did TNA know where they were going with Sting in charge?....or Did they not know where they were going to begin with?

Hogan  continued giving out orders in the ring in the opening Segment of Impact saying things like "I met with creative earlier today" and Making matches between Wrestlers for later that evening Hardy v Angle, A knockouts Number one Contender match and Roode vs Anderson Also asking to see Eric Bischoff later in the ring that night.

After that confrontation With Hogan and Bischoff on Impact a match for Lockdown was announced Team Eric vs Team Garrett (Eric's Son) If Eric wins Garett has to Leave TNA and If Garrett Wins Eric leaves TNA.

Then another thought stuck me: Are TNA Trying to be like WWE? TNA Lockdown is coming up very soon and the Team Eric vs Team Garrett idea sounds very similar to Team Teddy vs Team Johnny at Wrestlemania except TNA Version will be in a steel cage. Also as I mentioned earlier Hogan is now know as a "General Manager" and  When Eric BIschoff arrived at the arena he was met by Ric Flair and Eric Put over Ric as the "2 Time Hall of Famer" Eric while Without mentioning WWE, made WWE immediately come to mind that's something that you don't want the fans doing, thinking about your more successful Competition while they are Watching Impact Wrestling.

I  hope TNA can find their direction soon they have some great talent and there is great potiential within TNA for them to be something special but you can only press the reset button so many times........before you have to hit the Shutdown Button.

I'm Jon422002 and that's my view

Thanks for Reading