Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dodgy Gimmicks Of Wrestling's Past

Hello All  this week thought I would Delve into Dodgy Gimmicks Of Wrestling's Past. This came to me as I was watching a video on Youtube earlier this week of Techno Team 2000 (Remember them?) A Tag Team that consisted of Erik Watts and Chad Fortune. They were a tag team in WWF in 1996 and they wrestled the Smoking Guns as well as others So what Id though I'd do is list some of the strangest gimmicks that I have seen in Wrestling. Of Course and as always this is just my opinion. Please see below each Gimmick has a video underneath where you can view a match/promo from the person(s) in Question.

As I started off with Techno Team 2000 here is a video below of them !!!


Kwang was actually played by Savio Vega and he debuted 1994. He was Managed by Harvey Wippleman, This Gimmick only lasted a year  then by Early 1995 the  Kwang experiment was finished . After this Savio Vega stayed with the WWF and came out as Savio Vega which got over alot better than his former character!

Man Mountain Rock

It seems like I'm picking on the old WWF at the moment but I promise you I'm not its just so many of these dodgy gimmicks turned up in the WWF around this time. Man Mountain Rock (Previously Maxx Payne) debuted this character in 1995 by the end of 1995 he was released from WWF. Man Mountain Rock's gimmick was that he would play guitar to the crowd before his match. If you watch the video below you will see what I mean (also you might recognize the music it was later used as Droz's Theme!!)

The Yeti

Here is a WCW gimmick The Yeti!!! Yeti was played by Ron Reis who later dropped this gimmick and became Reese in Ravens Flock in WCW. He debuted as Yeti  in 1995 on episode of WCW Monday Nitro as a member of the Dungeon of Doom and During the match between  The Giant and WCW Champion Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc 1995 the Yeti interfered and appeared to hug/hurt both the giant and hogan by hugging them together!!! (check out the video below to see it all) lol!!


Phantasio was played by Harry Del Rios He made only made one  appearance in WWF you cant get a shorter gimmick than that!!! He was a kind of magician and I feel It was a very strange gimmick to have as he would do these strange tricks in the ring but he was portrayed as a babyface. I have found a video on youtube of his match below take a look at it - it's well worth a watch!!!

Well There we go there are some of my dodgy gimmicks of Wrestling!! Hope you enjoyed the blog! you can tweet me @jon422002 and let me know some of yours!!  

Sunday, 2 October 2011

WWE Hell in A Cell 2011 Predictions

Before we start Everyone please make sure that you check out Pro Wrestling Report for all the latest in Wrestling News and Information. Pro Wrestling Report have Wrestling News in Two Sections VERIFIED News and Rumors So you know what is fact and what is fiction in the World of Pro Wrestling! Also PWR Primetime is now on My24 Milwaukee make sure you check it out!!! You can see the Latest Primetime Episode by Clicking Below - Includes Exclusive Interview with Jeff Hardy!!!!

Its been awhile......but its back the jon422002 predictions and this week we are looking at WWE Hell in A Cell 2011 PPV!


Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly (c)

 I see why WWE has booked this feud the way it has. If Beth had beaten Kelly Kelly in their first match for the title the win wouldn't of meant as much. Then at the last PPV Night of Champions Beth Lost again to Kelly Kelly now if Beth Wins at HIAC the title change is going to mean so much more as Kelly Kelly has had the better of Beth in their previous encounters. I solidly going for a Beth Phoenix win here. I think Beth Needs the title now So that some of the Babyface Diva's can chase her for the Title.

Winner and New Diva's Champion - Beth Phoenix

Check out Video below where the Beth Discusses Kelly Kelly's Last win Over her at Night of Champions

Christian vs Sheamus

Christian and Sheamus have had there issues with each other over the past few weeks/Months. I think Sheamus turning face has been a great move for him and for WWE. Also Christian turning into this whining/annoying heel who keeps wanting "one more match" and threatens people with Lawsuits has been equally as entertaining. Christian has a way of delivering as a heel which really gets under your skin! I think that this match will be an entertaining bout and I think that both these men will put on a great PPV Match. Although Christian has not won a big match recently I think that he will not win this one either. My Pick is for Sheamus to Win this and to then go on to face Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner - Sheamus

Check out this video below of Sheamus vs Christian from Smackdown 12th August 2011

Sin Cara vs Sin Cara

This match just added to WWE HIAC will be an interesting one. Sin Cara Original vs New Evil Sin Cara. I like the idea of this and this match will determine who will be called Sin Cara.

 On this weeks  SmackDown, one of the Sin Cara's appeared on the screen, in a black and silver mask that makes it alot easier now for the watching fans as at least now we can tell who is who!! I have been really struggling to tell them apart with the same attire on.. The Evil Sin Cara as I like to call him said that the Original Sin Cara had stolen his identity in the past and that this match would settle there differences. I hope the Evil Sin Cara wins this one and then they can keep developing this into the next PPV

Winner - Evil Sin Cara


Randy Orton vs Mark Henry (c)

After 15 years blood sweat and tears and  terrible gimmicks Mark Henry finally became World Heavyweight Champion by beating Randy Orton. The way that Henry has been built by WWE has been fantastic I think this has to be one of the best builds to a character in a very long time. It has often been said that if the WWE machine gets behind someone they can make them a star but in this case I think Henry Deserves alot of Credit too. I think that this match has the potential to be match of the night for me they are in a hell in a cell and this could also as well be the most brutal match of the night.

 Randy Orton has been like a man possessed in the past few weeks following his lost to Mark Henry at Night of Champions. The match Orton has with Cody Rhodes of especially brutal too. My feeling is that Randy Orton will lose this match I am a huge Orton fan and think he is great at what he does in the ring but as mentioned by David Herro on Pro Wrestling report Be the Booker Cody Rhodes could well get involved in this match.

I think Rhodes will cost Orton the title then Orton and Rhodes can go and continue their Feud and as I mentioned earlier on in this blog Henry can go on and face Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner and Still World Champion - Mark Henry

Check out video below of Mark Henry Defeating The Great Khali on Smackdown

Triple Threat Match

John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

So for the first time ever we will be seeing a triple threat match for the WWE title inside Hell in a Cell. I think this match has been the hardest to build for WWE as the time between Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell has been very short. CM Punk is included into this match for the WWE title but to be honest I'm not really sure why. The issues between him & HHH are still ongoing and I would of preferred to of seen Punk carry on with that storyline. I'm Sure it will be picked up gain after HIAC but I would of liked to have seen Del Rio vs Cena 1 vs 1 in Hell and a cell? why do you ask? because Del Rio was made to look so poor by WWE at Night of Champions - WWE are supposed to be creating new stars but instead they let John Cena Beat Del Rio and made Del Rio look like an extremely weak Champion. I think this match is Tailor made for Del Rio to win back the WWE Title and to this time let him run with it. Cena needs to lose to Del Rio Clean because this would then put over to the fans that Del Rio is in fact a huge threat and is a viable threat. Also in this match I feel that Someone either Nash,Truth, Miz, will interfere and cost CM Punk his chance at the title - therefore there is some intrigue going into RAW the next night

Winner and New WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio

Check out Highlights of Del Rio vs Cena from Night of Champions click the video below

I hope you all enjoy WWE Hell in a Cell and also do not forget to check out the post show from Pro Wrestling Report on right after HIAC with all the talking points an opinion!!!