Sunday, 28 August 2011

New York....New York

Hey all its been a long while since I have written a blog but I wanted to write one today just to get down on electronic paper how I'm feeling. Yesterday August 27th  was meant to be the day I have been dreaming of since I was a little boy finally I was going to go to America and be in New York City never thought id have the opportunity or the money to be able to do that!! I got up yesterday at 4am GMT and got myself ready for the off.

The anticipation was building. I checked the night before on Delta Airlines website and my flight was sheduled to go but at 4:15am GMT I checked again and saw the news i didn't want to see Delta Airlines Flight DS004 - Cancelled. I wasn't sure what to do I was at home still at this point and my friend I was going with hadn't arrived -  I talked it over with my family and thought that I would not be going anywhere.

My Friend then arrived and I passed the bad news onto him, he could believe it as much as me this trip which we had planned for nearly a year, we had saved for 6 months looked like it was over. However my friend decided that we had to travel to the airport to see if there was still a shot that we could go.

We Jumped into the car and started to make the 2 1/2 hour drive to Heathrow Airport. Along the way I'm checking twitter,facebook, cnn, bbc news anything i could find to see if I could get anymore information - nothing else had been announced.

Then at 6:15am I checked my phone again and read the headline "All New York Airports to be shut to new arrivals" My worst fears realised today was not going to be my day. I informed my friend who was sat int he front passenger seat he could not believe it. So 3 miles away from Heathrow Airport we turn around and start heading home.

We were slient pretty much coming home everyone felt really annoyed about it 3 hours later I arrive home after texting and tweeting alot of people along the way. When I got home 9am in the morning i got in sat on my sofa and watched the news. I was watching news reports of Mayor of New York and Barak Obama explaining how bad this hurricane could be how much destruction it could cause and harm it could create - then all my feelings of anger from earlier in the morning changed.

I then saw the big picture actually President Obama, The New York Major and American Authorities actually did me a huge favor I praise the American Authorities for being so organised and for planning in advanced if not I could be there now too in the eye of the storm probably very worried or scared thinking about what might happen America seems well prepared. They made the right decision not only to protect tourist like myself and lets be honest this isn't the right time to be having a holiday.

 I was watching people on TV leaving their homes, windows being boarded up, trees being knocked over i was looking also at the destruction this hurricane had already caused and thinking although this holiday was important to me, in the grand scheme of things going on It wasn't that important. Some people have already lost loved ones int his hurricane and What I remembered and appreciated was that I'm alot luckier than I think I am in life sometimes and that is often something I forget. I hope Everyone in the path of the hurricane has taken on board the advice that was given to them I hope all of them are safe and their loved ones, friends and family are all safe also. To everyone in the hurricane's path please take care - I pray that you all are OK.

As for me I will arrange to go to this wonderful country at some point hopefully 2012 its a tremendous place and somewhere I want to experience.

 As Vince Mcmahon said once "the boyhood dream has come true" and It will for me in March 2012 :) Thanks for reading