Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dodgy Gimmicks Of Wrestling's Past

Hello All  this week thought I would Delve into Dodgy Gimmicks Of Wrestling's Past. This came to me as I was watching a video on Youtube earlier this week of Techno Team 2000 (Remember them?) A Tag Team that consisted of Erik Watts and Chad Fortune. They were a tag team in WWF in 1996 and they wrestled the Smoking Guns as well as others So what Id though I'd do is list some of the strangest gimmicks that I have seen in Wrestling. Of Course and as always this is just my opinion. Please see below each Gimmick has a video underneath where you can view a match/promo from the person(s) in Question.

As I started off with Techno Team 2000 here is a video below of them !!!


Kwang was actually played by Savio Vega and he debuted 1994. He was Managed by Harvey Wippleman, This Gimmick only lasted a year  then by Early 1995 the  Kwang experiment was finished . After this Savio Vega stayed with the WWF and came out as Savio Vega which got over alot better than his former character!

Man Mountain Rock

It seems like I'm picking on the old WWF at the moment but I promise you I'm not its just so many of these dodgy gimmicks turned up in the WWF around this time. Man Mountain Rock (Previously Maxx Payne) debuted this character in 1995 by the end of 1995 he was released from WWF. Man Mountain Rock's gimmick was that he would play guitar to the crowd before his match. If you watch the video below you will see what I mean (also you might recognize the music it was later used as Droz's Theme!!)

The Yeti

Here is a WCW gimmick The Yeti!!! Yeti was played by Ron Reis who later dropped this gimmick and became Reese in Ravens Flock in WCW. He debuted as Yeti  in 1995 on episode of WCW Monday Nitro as a member of the Dungeon of Doom and During the match between  The Giant and WCW Champion Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc 1995 the Yeti interfered and appeared to hug/hurt both the giant and hogan by hugging them together!!! (check out the video below to see it all) lol!!


Phantasio was played by Harry Del Rios He made only made one  appearance in WWF you cant get a shorter gimmick than that!!! He was a kind of magician and I feel It was a very strange gimmick to have as he would do these strange tricks in the ring but he was portrayed as a babyface. I have found a video on youtube of his match below take a look at it - it's well worth a watch!!!

Well There we go there are some of my dodgy gimmicks of Wrestling!! Hope you enjoyed the blog! you can tweet me @jon422002 and let me know some of yours!!  

Sunday, 2 October 2011

WWE Hell in A Cell 2011 Predictions

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Its been awhile......but its back the jon422002 predictions and this week we are looking at WWE Hell in A Cell 2011 PPV!


Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly (c)

 I see why WWE has booked this feud the way it has. If Beth had beaten Kelly Kelly in their first match for the title the win wouldn't of meant as much. Then at the last PPV Night of Champions Beth Lost again to Kelly Kelly now if Beth Wins at HIAC the title change is going to mean so much more as Kelly Kelly has had the better of Beth in their previous encounters. I solidly going for a Beth Phoenix win here. I think Beth Needs the title now So that some of the Babyface Diva's can chase her for the Title.

Winner and New Diva's Champion - Beth Phoenix

Check out Video below where the Beth Discusses Kelly Kelly's Last win Over her at Night of Champions

Christian vs Sheamus

Christian and Sheamus have had there issues with each other over the past few weeks/Months. I think Sheamus turning face has been a great move for him and for WWE. Also Christian turning into this whining/annoying heel who keeps wanting "one more match" and threatens people with Lawsuits has been equally as entertaining. Christian has a way of delivering as a heel which really gets under your skin! I think that this match will be an entertaining bout and I think that both these men will put on a great PPV Match. Although Christian has not won a big match recently I think that he will not win this one either. My Pick is for Sheamus to Win this and to then go on to face Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner - Sheamus

Check out this video below of Sheamus vs Christian from Smackdown 12th August 2011

Sin Cara vs Sin Cara

This match just added to WWE HIAC will be an interesting one. Sin Cara Original vs New Evil Sin Cara. I like the idea of this and this match will determine who will be called Sin Cara.

 On this weeks  SmackDown, one of the Sin Cara's appeared on the screen, in a black and silver mask that makes it alot easier now for the watching fans as at least now we can tell who is who!! I have been really struggling to tell them apart with the same attire on.. The Evil Sin Cara as I like to call him said that the Original Sin Cara had stolen his identity in the past and that this match would settle there differences. I hope the Evil Sin Cara wins this one and then they can keep developing this into the next PPV

Winner - Evil Sin Cara


Randy Orton vs Mark Henry (c)

After 15 years blood sweat and tears and  terrible gimmicks Mark Henry finally became World Heavyweight Champion by beating Randy Orton. The way that Henry has been built by WWE has been fantastic I think this has to be one of the best builds to a character in a very long time. It has often been said that if the WWE machine gets behind someone they can make them a star but in this case I think Henry Deserves alot of Credit too. I think that this match has the potential to be match of the night for me they are in a hell in a cell and this could also as well be the most brutal match of the night.

 Randy Orton has been like a man possessed in the past few weeks following his lost to Mark Henry at Night of Champions. The match Orton has with Cody Rhodes of especially brutal too. My feeling is that Randy Orton will lose this match I am a huge Orton fan and think he is great at what he does in the ring but as mentioned by David Herro on Pro Wrestling report Be the Booker Cody Rhodes could well get involved in this match.

I think Rhodes will cost Orton the title then Orton and Rhodes can go and continue their Feud and as I mentioned earlier on in this blog Henry can go on and face Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner and Still World Champion - Mark Henry

Check out video below of Mark Henry Defeating The Great Khali on Smackdown

Triple Threat Match

John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

So for the first time ever we will be seeing a triple threat match for the WWE title inside Hell in a Cell. I think this match has been the hardest to build for WWE as the time between Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell has been very short. CM Punk is included into this match for the WWE title but to be honest I'm not really sure why. The issues between him & HHH are still ongoing and I would of preferred to of seen Punk carry on with that storyline. I'm Sure it will be picked up gain after HIAC but I would of liked to have seen Del Rio vs Cena 1 vs 1 in Hell and a cell? why do you ask? because Del Rio was made to look so poor by WWE at Night of Champions - WWE are supposed to be creating new stars but instead they let John Cena Beat Del Rio and made Del Rio look like an extremely weak Champion. I think this match is Tailor made for Del Rio to win back the WWE Title and to this time let him run with it. Cena needs to lose to Del Rio Clean because this would then put over to the fans that Del Rio is in fact a huge threat and is a viable threat. Also in this match I feel that Someone either Nash,Truth, Miz, will interfere and cost CM Punk his chance at the title - therefore there is some intrigue going into RAW the next night

Winner and New WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio

Check out Highlights of Del Rio vs Cena from Night of Champions click the video below

I hope you all enjoy WWE Hell in a Cell and also do not forget to check out the post show from Pro Wrestling Report on right after HIAC with all the talking points an opinion!!!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

New York....New York

Hey all its been a long while since I have written a blog but I wanted to write one today just to get down on electronic paper how I'm feeling. Yesterday August 27th  was meant to be the day I have been dreaming of since I was a little boy finally I was going to go to America and be in New York City never thought id have the opportunity or the money to be able to do that!! I got up yesterday at 4am GMT and got myself ready for the off.

The anticipation was building. I checked the night before on Delta Airlines website and my flight was sheduled to go but at 4:15am GMT I checked again and saw the news i didn't want to see Delta Airlines Flight DS004 - Cancelled. I wasn't sure what to do I was at home still at this point and my friend I was going with hadn't arrived -  I talked it over with my family and thought that I would not be going anywhere.

My Friend then arrived and I passed the bad news onto him, he could believe it as much as me this trip which we had planned for nearly a year, we had saved for 6 months looked like it was over. However my friend decided that we had to travel to the airport to see if there was still a shot that we could go.

We Jumped into the car and started to make the 2 1/2 hour drive to Heathrow Airport. Along the way I'm checking twitter,facebook, cnn, bbc news anything i could find to see if I could get anymore information - nothing else had been announced.

Then at 6:15am I checked my phone again and read the headline "All New York Airports to be shut to new arrivals" My worst fears realised today was not going to be my day. I informed my friend who was sat int he front passenger seat he could not believe it. So 3 miles away from Heathrow Airport we turn around and start heading home.

We were slient pretty much coming home everyone felt really annoyed about it 3 hours later I arrive home after texting and tweeting alot of people along the way. When I got home 9am in the morning i got in sat on my sofa and watched the news. I was watching news reports of Mayor of New York and Barak Obama explaining how bad this hurricane could be how much destruction it could cause and harm it could create - then all my feelings of anger from earlier in the morning changed.

I then saw the big picture actually President Obama, The New York Major and American Authorities actually did me a huge favor I praise the American Authorities for being so organised and for planning in advanced if not I could be there now too in the eye of the storm probably very worried or scared thinking about what might happen America seems well prepared. They made the right decision not only to protect tourist like myself and lets be honest this isn't the right time to be having a holiday.

 I was watching people on TV leaving their homes, windows being boarded up, trees being knocked over i was looking also at the destruction this hurricane had already caused and thinking although this holiday was important to me, in the grand scheme of things going on It wasn't that important. Some people have already lost loved ones int his hurricane and What I remembered and appreciated was that I'm alot luckier than I think I am in life sometimes and that is often something I forget. I hope Everyone in the path of the hurricane has taken on board the advice that was given to them I hope all of them are safe and their loved ones, friends and family are all safe also. To everyone in the hurricane's path please take care - I pray that you all are OK.

As for me I will arrange to go to this wonderful country at some point hopefully 2012 its a tremendous place and somewhere I want to experience.

 As Vince Mcmahon said once "the boyhood dream has come true" and It will for me in March 2012 :) Thanks for reading

Saturday, 14 May 2011

TNA Sacrifice 2011 Predictions

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TNA Sacrifice Predictions

Hello I'm back with another predictions blog this time taking a look a TNA Sacrifice 20111 and what might happen. This is a very important PPV for me as many of your know I am doing a Pro Wrestling Report (follow them on Twitter @pwrshow) inspired draft along with fellow PWR Fan Blandchardbuzz (follow him on Twitter @blandchardbuzz) and I find myself 200 points behind! That is only because WWE Creative at Extreme Rules really made life difficult for me so hopefully in this TNA PPV MY Fantasy Team TEAMFOTY can Make an 'Impact' :)

If you would like to follow my Draft battle go onto Twitter and follow @FOTYvsCREW in addition Blanchardbuzz also has his own blog page for our Draft which he has all done himself which lists the full Teams and the points so far please go and check it out at:

Now on to the predictions!!!!

Sting (c) vs. Rob Van Dam for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Sting has hand chosen RVD for this battle for his TNA Championship. Sting was able to do this thanks to the network putting a clause in his contract allowing him to be able to choose his own opponent. I think we will see a great macth between these two both will put on a great show for the fans for me I would love RVD to winb this match as it would give me lots of Fantasy points!!! But with an unbiased and blanced view I think Sting will win this. With Mr Anderson Winning the recent 25 man battle Royal on Impact Wrestling I think a Sting vs Anderson match is the next logical step for TNA and would really help tie up the issues between Anderson and Sting.

jon422002's Prediction - Still TNA Champion Sting

Kazarian (c) vs. Max Buck for the TNA X Division Championship

I think Kaz is a great wrestler who has a great look and is able to perform extremely well in the ring. Kazarian has held the X division for a long time now and has defended it well. With the storyline recently on Impact Wrestling a few weeks ago w a group of X Division Wrestlers complaining to Eric Bischoff about not getting an oppertunity in TNA which included Max Buck it looks as if TNA is starting to get ready to use a few of these Giys. As David Herro said on Be the Booker it makes the most sense for Max Buck to win this so that they can continue forward which the storyline that they started with him and others a few weeks ago. This prediction hurts me to do because the last remaining title holder on TeamFOTY is going to lose his title with im going to have to go with Mr Herro's Logic on this one!!

Jon422002's Predction Winner and NEW X DIVISION Champion Max Buck

Abyss vs. Crimson

Hmmm this match is a difercult one to call. The storyline goes back to when Crimson put the nailed bat of Abyss's (janice) into his back and put Abyss out for a number of weeks. Since Abyss has returned we have seen Abyss Attack Crimson to gain revenge for what happened to him. I think that in this match we are going to see Abyss get his revenge and beat Crimson. Alot of you will think im crazy but hear me out. THis could then lead on to Abyss going back and concentrating on Immortal and for Crimson this could lead to a more full time feud with Samoa Joe which seemed to of started a little bit on impact over the past few weeks.

Jon422002's Prediction Winner Abyss

Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode and James Storm) (c) vs. Immortal (Matt Hardy and Chris Harris) for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

I must say that I was very very surprised that TNA decided to bring back Chris Harris I must say that it was defintley one of those things that I didnt expect to see however I think its a great Idea that they brought him back for this match. Chris Harris the man that knows James Storm better than anyone else the man that started out with him in TNA as America's Most Wanted. I think that in this match in a surprise upset Beer Money will lose the match and also their TNA TAg Team Titles. I think Bobby Roode will be pinned. My feeling is that  in the long term and although It might sound far fetched I think TNA are getting Bobby Roode Ready for a run as a singles Wrestler so I could see James Storm Turning on Roode and eventally someway joining up with Harris again as America's Most Wanted.

Mickie James (c) vs. Madison Rayne for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship with the stipulation if Mickie wins, Tara's contract with Madison gets nullified and Tara is free to work in TNA.

THis match is an interesting one to me because I dont think the Stipulation of the match really benefits Mickie James after all if Tara gets her freedom it benefits Tra!!! Anyhow I have got to pick a winner in this match I just cant see Mickie Losing this match. I think Mickie will win and then MIckie will move forward andf New Knockouts will be added to the title mix. I think its time that the MAdison/Mickie Feud moved on and that some fresh Knockout title feuds are introduced.

Winner and Still TNA Knockout Champion - MIckie James

Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett vs Kurt Angle and Chyna

This is going to be match of the night for me. Jarrett and Angle always have good matches together which always try and tell a story so I always look forward to these matches as they both have great wrestling skills as very as great in ring pschologyskills. WHere you wont get wrestling in this match is from Karen Jarrett but I dont expect wrestling from Karen Jarrett - her role in this match is simple - keep being Karen Jarrett by that what i mean is hide behind Jeff Try not to get into the ring do all the things that Karen has been doing recently in trying to get out of this match. The lady that will do the wrestling int his match is Chyna. I was very shocked to see her returned but I must admit see looked great and I will be good to see who she is back in the ring this is the first time for me in about 10 years that I will see her in a ring so it will be great to see what her contribtion will be. I think that in this match Kurt will finally get hois revenge and both teams will be able to move ion fromt his feud. I think its the next logical step let us not forgetthis feud has been going since after Bound for Glory.

Jon422002's Prediction Winners - Kurt Angle & Chyna

Mexican America (Hernandez and Anarquia) vs. Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore)

The Team of Mexican America has been really good since they have been formed I enjoy it and I think it will only get better and better. I think its great too that Hernandez has a stiop on TV and is being used more - always felt that he has the potential to be something big. On the flip side of this match is Ink Inc this team at the moment confuse me they tease the team breaking upo then when Mexican America are Celebrating Cinco de maya Ink inc come out and challenge them to a match and Ink inc look like a united team again? was a strange thing for me. I think that this match will see Mexican America get the win due to Shannon Moore Walking out on Jesse Neal and Leaving him to fight for himself.

Winners - Mexican America

Tommy Dreamer vs. A.J. Styles

Dreamer comes down in a match that Aj was in on Impact wrestling a couple of weeks ago against Bully Ray and turns of Styles and gives him a Piledriver. Hence setting upt his match between the two. For me there is only one winner in this match and its Dreamer. I have a feeling that Bubba Ray will come down and help Dreamer get the in against Styles ebven though this week Ray threw Dreamer out of the battle Royal.

Jon422002's Prediction - Tommy Dreamer

That Concludes my predictions for TNA Sacrifice! I hope the show is really enjoyable and that as wrestling fans we get to see some great action!! Until Next time!!! :)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

WWE Draft 2011 Predictions

Hello All Its been a little while since I have done a blog!!! life has been pretty busy - but finally I'm back!!!! Since the WWE draft is coming up I thought I would be good to give you my thoughts on who I think might switch brands in the WWE Draft!! Remember these are just my thoughts on what I think might happen I have no information Just my predictions!!

In the main WWE Draft last year there were 8 Picks 4 for Raw and 4 for Smackdown so I will use the same template for these predictions Lets take a look at who I think will be drafted!!

Going to WWE Smackdown......

Draft Pick Number one

Randy Orton

I think Randy Orton will be heading over to Smackdown. I think Orton is a great Talent but just feel that he has become a little stale on Raw and I think the change to Smackdown  would really help freshen up his character and provide him with a new challenge and New matches. I think Orton going to Smackdown would do for him what I did for Edge a few years ago. Randy Orton really could be the Main Player on Smackdown and also fill the void left by Edge.

Draft Pick Number 2

Daniel Bryan

Going to smackdown could be a really good move for Daniel Bryan. I recent months his opportunities to shine on Raw have become limited. He is a great wrestler and Smackdown has more time to be able to Wrestle than Raw and I think Smackdown would be a fantastic place for Bryan to showcase his talents.

Draft Pick Number 3

Ted Dibiase

This might seem like a strange pick to alot of people but I really think Ted has alot of Potential and although at the moment he has not had the easiest of rides int he WWE I predict that the future has alot in store for him. Ted would be able to excel on Smackdown and maybe be able to get himself into a meaningful feud with other talents on Smackdown.

Draft Pick Number 4

John Morrison

Again people may not understand me picking John Morrison to go to Raw but hear me out. I think currently Smackdown has an imbalance where they seem to have more heels on Smackdown than they do good Guys. If Alberto Del Rio wins at Extreme Rules he will have Orton, Morrison, Christan to feud with which is what I think Smackdown needs so for me this move makes alot of sense and would really help even the imbalance out.

And going to WWE RAW.....

Draft Pick Number 1

Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger helped Michael Cole as his trainer for Wrestlemania and I think Swagger's Association with Michael Cole is really helping him. Swagger I think has been lost in the shuffle since losing the World Championship and Moving Swagger to Raw would give him a fresh start and a chance to be pushed more on Monday Nights.

Draft Pick Number 2

Cody Rhodes

I really Must Admit I have not been the biggest fan of Cody Rhodes actually I have really disliked him. Until he changed his character after been hit by Rey Mysterio's Knee Brace.The turning point for me was when I saw the promo on Smackdown between Cody, Dusty and Rey It was extremely well done and Cody seemed to have more of a presence - a presence which exceeded my expectations. I Really like this new aggressive Cody Rhodes. His match with Rey at mania was extremely good and I enjoyed it alot. I think Cody is really building a character for himself and has managed to turn "Dashing" into something that has meaning.

Draft Pick Number 3

Rey Mysterio

Rey has been the main staple of Smackdown for many years now and has been wrestling for many years and has suffered many injuries. Rey Moving to Raw would something that we have not seen for a very long time and I think that also with Sin Cara on Raw that Mysterio/Sin Cara either as a team or against each other would be great also and along with my 4th draft pick for Raw below below would help bring an exciting high flying style to Monday Night Raw!!!

Draft Pick Number 4

Justin Gabriel

I have a strange feeling that for some reason the former WWE tag team champions Slater and Gabriel will be split up. So with that in mind that think that Justin Gabriel will be heading to RAW. Gabriel (as Mentioned above) with Mysterio,Sin Cara, Evan Bourne Etc would create a great division of wrestlers for WWE to use on Monday nights. Its Dynamic exciting entertainment that the fans love so for that reason I can See Justin Moving brands.

So there is my WWE Draft Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you all enjoy the WWE Draft. Send me your though on who you think will be drafted on Twitter send me a tweet @jon422002 See you all again soon when I will be back with my WWE Extreme Rules PPV Predictions!!!

All Pictures used are property of there respective owners and are used for illustration purposes only

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TNA Victory Road 2011 predictions

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Hello All am here I am back again with a look at TNA Victory Road 2011!! As always what is written here is my own opinion!! With that said lets take a look at the card!!

TNA Victory Road 2011 Predictions

Beer Money, Inc.  vs. Ink Inc. Tag team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

I for one was very happy that Beer Money regained the TNA tag titles. Beer Money are the most premier tag team on all the wrestling today they have great timing, work together so well and are able to tell a story in the ring. Beer Money defeated Gunner & Murphy recently in a Tag Team Title on Impact from Carolina to retain the titles then after they won the match Ink Inc come out and challenge Beer Money for the Titles. I find the match set up a little strange as we have not seen Ink Inc for a little while but I understand why this match was put together Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal have become and entertaining Tag Team and I think that they will really put on a great show with Beer Money  but ultimately I think that Beer Money Will win this match and retain the TNA Tag Titles.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions - Beer Money

Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan First Blood match

I have really enjoyed Hernandez being back in TNA and to bring him back as a heel was a good idea. There is lots of back story with Hernandez and Morgan from being Tag Partners to Matt Morgan kicking Hernandez in the head and "taking him out" of TNA until his return recently.

I think both of these men with have a great match with each other going by previous matches they are always entertaining. I do worry for both men about where they go after this. Matt Morgan at the beginning of the year was talking about World Titles and Title shots yet he seems to of been shoved out of the way in favor of other talents. I hope this isn't the end for Matt Morgan and that he gets a chance on top of TNA.

In the same breath I hope Hernandez came excel and do well himself. Hernandez has a very different/unique wrestling style combining power with selected high risk moves he has alot of talent and I think further down the road a Hernandez vs Angle would produce some really great matches.

A winner in this match? Well its really tough to call I want Morgan to Win but I think TNA will want to keep Hernandez strong so......

First Blood Winner - Hernandez

Kazarian vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Max Buck vs. Robbie E (w/ Cookie) Ultimate X match for the TNA X Division Championship

I mean this in the best way possible but lets hope Max and Jeremy turn out for this one!! :) Like everyone else I really enjoy ultimate X matches they always bring something new and fresh to the table. I think Kazarian is champion is the right choice so TNA for far.

Kazarian really does carry the belt well and has had good matches with whoever he has been against. Gen Me are great athletes and I think both could shine in this match. Also Don't discount Robbie E and his ability i have said it countless times I Don't like his character or Cookie but he has ability and some good sound wrestling skills and that's what Robbie should be judged on. This is a tough one for me because I feel at the moment that no one can do better with the belt than Kaz has done but I have a feeling with the Jersey Shore stuff going on that Robbie E will win this ultimate X match and the TNA X Division title.

Winner and New TNA X Division Champion - Robbie E

Bully Ray vs Tommy Dreamer - Singles Match

This match between Bully Ray and Dreamer with be all out violence for both these two. Ray and Dreamer have been friends for a long time and i think that they will both want to put on the best match that they possibly can. I think this will be alot better than what alot of people are saying. The change for Brother Ray to Bully Ray has been a good one with Bully beating up Devon and his children and making himself a violent, obnoxious, son of a... you know what! We haven't seen Dreamer in a long time and I don't see how a win here would help him bit a Win here for Bully Ray would set up the final match between Devon and Bully Ray in a steel Cage at Lockdown very Nicely.

Winner - Bully Ray

Angelina Love and Winter (c) vs. Sarita and Rosita Tag team match for the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship

So Angelina and Winter have been Knockout Tag Team Champions still not quite sure where there storyline is going at the moment.....but i must admit i do like the pairing of Sarita and Rosita think they bring something different to the knockout division a different style and presence. I have to be honest and say it as i see it. I think Sarita and Rosita will become the new TNA knockout Tag Champs!!

Winners and New TNA Knockout Tag Champions Sarita and Rosita

Matt Hardy vs. A.J. Styles Singles match

This I think will be a great match between "Cold Blood" Matt  Hardy and the Phenonenal AJ Styles. I think this could really be a sleeper match on the Victory Road Pay Per View. Matt Hardy had a great match last time in his PPV outing against Rob Van Dam. After Impact this week with Matt and Flair taking on Styles (even though it was meant to be a 3 way match) and Flair getting the pin and the win against AJ Styles - I think that will add to this match and make it more meaningful and more important. I hope this is the springboard that can put AJ back in the Hunt for the TNA World Championship a good series of matches with Matt Hardy could ceartainly help him get back into the mix. With Lockdown coming up after this PPV I can see Aj Winning this match - then of course a Lockdown seeing Team Immortal vs Team Fortune for Control of TNA Wrestling.

Winner - AJ Styles

Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam Singles match to determine the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

I am really looking forward to this match. To give you all somebackground Mr Anderson loses his TNA Championship at the last PPV to Jeff HArdy. Jeff and RVD then face off in a TNA Championship match on impact and the special referee is Mr Anderson - who was really angry because he wanted his title shot. Things get heated between Anderson and RVD and Anderson gives RVD the MIc Check which has lead to these two feuding as to who will get the next title shot. I have a feeling about this match - Anderson has had much more of an Edge since losing the TNA Title I have a feeling that Mr Anderson is getting ready to turn heel - its just my opinion but like I said his character feels different maybe i am reading it wrong...we'll see. As for RVD always puts in greaat matches and there is always a flow to them. Id prefer not to see RVD in the title picture as I think Anderson,Sting and Jeff Hardy are the right mix for TNA at this time. I would like to see someone like Rob Van Dam (even if its just a little while) maybe getting onvolved in some x Division matches. I know Rob is older now but I still think he could have some great X Division Matches especially against soemone like Kazarian. I think a series between those two would be awesome!!!! So my pick for new number one contender the man that will go on and face the winner of Sting vs Jeff Hardy is.............

Winner - Mr Anderson

Sting (c) vs. Jeff Hardy Singles match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

It wasz great to see Sting return to TNA even though in my opinion the way TNA did not was not to my liking. I was surprised that Sting comes back and on his first night wins the TNA Title. After all Hardy had not been champin for all that long and in my opinion I did not think the match between Sting and Hardy on impact was the best we will see. With that being said though I am hoping that with this match being on PPV that they can give more time to them both to be able to tell a story and have them be able to do what they do in the ring. If i'm honest i would like Hardy to have the title back and here's why there are so many contenders to the title (Morgan, Anderson + Others) that all have a problem with Hardy because he screwed them one way or another it makes more sense that Hadry has the title so that these issues with the other contenders can continue to Evolve and hopefully as they involve draw interest and eventually draw money for TNA.

Having said all of that though I think taht Sting will retain his title here as you have all read this is not my preferred outcome but it is a sensible and safe Outcome for TNA. The TNA Title seems to be changing hands alot recently over the past few months (Hardy,Anderson, Hardy, Sting) and I think that it needs to stay on one person for a little while otherwise the title doesnt become important.

Winner and Still TNA Champion - Sting

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Predictions

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WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

Welcome to WWE first PPV offering of 2011 Royal Rumble. I suspect like many of you this is a favourite PPV. I have always found the rumble entertaining and this year we now have 40 entrants instead of 30!! So here are my predictions for WWE Royal Rumble 2011 As always these are my own opinions on what I think might happen/ would like to happen!!!

The Miz (c) vs. Randy Orton Singles match for the WWE Championship

I think MIz as WWE Champion has freshened things up a bit on Raw. I have liked seeing someone new with championship - the last time that happened it was Sheamus. I think The Miz has this great quality about him that he is able to get "heat" or anger from the fans no matter what situation he is in. For every good feud in wrestling you need a good antagonist and Miz fits that bill perfectly. However I haven't really agreed with the way Miz has been built for this PPV. Miz has been in matches with Jerry Lawler and as a long time wrestling fan the champion would usually have the end match of Raw. Instead John Cena/Cm Punk/Nexus has been closing Raw. Most people wont agree but it makes it look like The Miz is less important and that someone somewhere in the WWE doesn't think MIz can close up Raw.

I like Randy Orton he is a great wrestler and has so much skill both in what he does in and out of the ring. I have said this before why does it feel like Orton has gone off the boil? He has so much yet (as I have said before) it feels like his character has been dumbed-down since he lost the title. My feeling is that The MIz will keep hold of his title. Think it might possibly be a count out or DQ but this way the feud can continue into Elimination Chamber.


jon422002's Prediction - Winner and STILL WWE Champion The Miz by DQ or Countout

Edge (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Edge beat Kane for the WWE Title and then had a tremendous rematch on Smackdown against Kane in a last man standing match. A really great entertaining match and i would venture to say probably the best match I have seen between them. On that same episode of Smackdown Dolph Ziggler lost the intercontinental Title to Kofi KIngston but on that very same night beat 3 other men to become number one contender for the World Championship.

As many of you have read this before you will know that Dolph Ziggler was my next big thing of 2010 well I'm keeping him and adding Alberto Del Rio as my nest big things of 2011. Ziggler has sooo much heat due to being with Vicki Guerreo. Ziggler himself is a tremendous wrestler and as Dameon Nelson - Host of the Pro Wrestling Report stated "he is the best bumper in WWE" and I totally agree with that. I think these two will have a fantastic match and I think that Ziggler's time to shine is now. I like Edge as champion but if Edge does win the match where do you go next with Edge??? I think we will see a shock a brand New World Champion...

jon422002's Prediction Winner and NEW World Champion DOLPH ZIGGLER

Diva's Championship

Natayla vs Laycool 2-1 Handicap Match

I see this match going the way of Laycool. I am a fan of Natayla and think she's great in the ring but I have got to say that I think Laycool are exellent in there roles in WWE in really can freshen feud up. I have a feeling that Awesome Kong will debut at the Rumble and Join Forces with Laycool as an enforcer this gives new life to the feud and could lead to some very entertaining and different matches.

Winners and NEW Diva Champions Laycool

40 Man Royal Rumble Match Winner gets a shot at either the WWE or World Title at Wrestlemania

Here are the list of 25 confirmed Entrants so far (in no particular order)

John Cena
CM Punk
David Otunga
Husky Harris
Michael Mcgillicutty
Daniel Bryan
John Morrison
Ted DiBiase
Mark Henry
Alberto Del Rio
Cody Rhodes
Darren Young
David Hart Smith
Rey Mysterio
Tyson Kidd
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder
Ezekiel Jackson
Health Slater
Justin Gabriel
Wade Barrett
Mason Ryan,
Jack Swagger,
Drew Mcintyre
Kofi Kingston,
 Big Show  

Well there is a list out of 25 out of those listed currently I would go for Alberto Del Rio to win the rumble. I can see the CM Punk/Cena Feud still going and I have a feeling that Sheamus will have trouble find his A "game" during the rumble. I would be great to see Del Rio win it he has such a good character and think he has a great future in WWE and has all the elements to be a great champion!!

We are going to get a few surprises in the rumble this year I think I could be HHH, Jericho or any number of other wrestlers lets hope we see some great matches and some more great rumble moments made!!! Until next time!!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

TNA Genesis 2011 Predictions

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to the first PPV Predictions of 2011 and to start us off we have TNA Genesis 2011!!!

Would just like to say before I start a massive thank you to Pro Wrestling Report for Making me 2010 Fan of the year at their Pro Wrestling Reports Honors. It really is a massive Honor for me thanks you so much!!!

Now onto the predictions!!! Think the build in the last week before the PPV on Impact was really good and think it could encourage PPV buys for TNA. Now as always people these are my own predictions and own opinion!! So with that said lets take a look at TNA Genesis 2011!!!

Matt Morgan vs. Mr. Anderson Singles match to determine the no. 1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Matt Morgan vs Mr Anderson has been able to have a good long build from TNA Following the head injury sustained to Mr Anderson after receiving a chair shot from Jeff Hardy.

Following Mr Anderson having a concussion and Eric Bischoff trying to make Mr Anderson Wrestle, Matt Morgan stood up for Mr Anderson left Fortune and Immortal and went it alone and has managed to lose to Jeff Hardy Twice in TNA Title Matches.

Now these two face off against each other to determine a number one contender to face Jeff Hardy. For me I think the winner of this match will be Mr Anderson. TNA on the weeks leading up to this PPV have been going with the story that although Anderson states he is fit to wrestle in actuality he isn't.

I think Anderson is fine and that he will surprise Matt Morgan and Beat him at Genesis - I believe 2011 is the year of Mr Anderson.....Anderson!!!!

Jon422002's Prediction WINNER Mr Anderson

Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) (c) vs. Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode) Tag team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championships
This will be a tremendous tag team match. I think most wrestling fans are looking forward to this. The quality of matches between these teams has always been good and I think the best of five series in Mid 2010 really elevated both teams to a whole new level.

I expect even more of the same from these teams at Genesis. I truly believe that these two teams are the best in all pro wrestling right now. Motor City Machine Guns do some get spots in the ring and Beer Money really do have great timing and they are without a doubt a fantastic wrestling tag team. I think that Beer Money will win this match. Motor City Machine Guns have had a great run with the titles but I think its time for Beer Money to regain the titles.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle Double J Double M A "Exhibition"

Its Been great seeing Jeff Jarrett doing this ( "JJ Double MMA) Gimmick I think its been really good for him and has got him some great heat with the fans. Since the formation of Immortal Jeff Jarrett has been one of the Highlights and the videos he has down making Kids tap out was hysterical!! MMA fans will be cringing but for me as a wrestling fan I find it entertaining!!! Angle returned to the impact zone this past Thursday as Jarrett was making a "fan" tap out in the ring and has signed a deal to face Jarrett in a Exhibition match at Genesis.

Think this will be a great match between the two but I can just see this ending as a no contest or Jeff Jarrett slipping away from Angle due to Team Jarrett helping him out I don't see Kurt winning yet this storyline still has alot more to run yet and could get extremely interesting.....


Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon Singles match

So Team 3D has broken up and are going their separate ways. Now some people like this and some people hate this - I have got to say that i like this. Its been much better presented than when WWE tried to do it and Bully Ray has been giving really good Valid reasons as to my he turned on Devon and why he has taken the action that he has taken. Think TNA have been clever in doing this storyline and having Bully Ray hiding behind So Cal Val to escape Devon while 2 minutes earlier saying that Devon is Weak and he is Superior is some great booking by TNA. I do think that in this Match we will see Brother D'von Win this match then these guys can go there separate ways and then we will see how these two will do in TNA as singles competitors.

Jon 422002's Prediction WINNER BROTHER DEVON

Douglas Williams (c) vs. A.J. Styles Singles match for the TNA Television Championship, if A.J. loses, he is out of Fortune and Immortal

Doug Williams and AJ Styles have had some great matches together their last PPV match when Doug won the title was excellent and I really enjoyed their 15mins Iron Man Match on Impact as well. The steaks are really raised for AJ in this Match also because if he does not win he is out of Fortune and out of Immortal. These two will mesh together extremely well as before and will have a tremendous match switching from Brawling to High Flyimg to Submission to Grappling. This is a really hard one to call but I have a feeling that AJ Styles will LOSE this match, I don't know why I just feel like maybe TNA might be making AJ a "Good Guy" and that with everything that Bischoff has said to AJ that he might decide that he doesn't need fortune and doesn't need immortal.


Jay Lethal (c) vs. Kazarian Singles match for the TNA X Division Championship

Jay Lethal recently won the title back from Robbie E. I have got to say and I have said it before in this blog its just my opinion so take what you will from it - I like Jay Lethal and he is a great athlete but things haven't been the same for him since after his program with Flair in 2010. Lethal is a very talented Wrestler and I think he has a long and successful future in Wrestling but I just don't see him keeping his title. Kaz since he has come back I have really enjoyed - I think Kaz will go out there and get the business done and bring back the X division title to Immortal and Eric Bischoff.


Madison Rayne (c) vs. Mickie James Singles match for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship

In the last 3 months of the year I have felt like the women's knockout division in TNA is starting to pick itself up again after so many departures in TNA in the Division in 2010. Madison Rayne who had a great year last year and has really starting to develop her own character after being in the Beautiful people for so many years. Mickie James has not been able to capture the TNA Knockout title since she entered the company and I believe that she will not win it here. I think there are a few more matches in these two before the title switches hands so I'm going for the safe option...


Rob Van Dam vs. Immortal's Mystery Opponent Singles match

This one is a very hard one to predict as I don't know who his opponent will be - but it don't think it matters who it will be because I think Rob Van Dam will win this match. Van Dam is being built to face Jeff Hardy at some point and I think that Van Dam will get through the Immortal test and keep going to get to Jeff Hardy.

jon422002's Prediction WINNER ROB VAN DAM

Well there it is everyone my predictions for TNA genesis 2011 Hope you all enjoy the PPV and that is a cracking one to Kick off the New Year!!! :) Until next time.....