Saturday, 14 August 2010

WWE Summerslam 2010 Predictions

Hello All

I would like to start off this blog post on a little bit of a sad note if I may

Since my last blog post I heard the very sad news that Lance Cade former WWE Wrestler passed away. Its so sad to hear news like this especially as Lance was only 29 years old - my thoughts and prayers are with his family,friends and co-workers that knew and loved Lance.


Since I had relative success with my last lot of predictions for WWE MITB (Well I got Kane Winning the MITB match at least)With WWE Summerslam coming up this sunday on PPV I thought I would try and do some more.

Now remember people these are only my humble predictions and are based on my

own thoughts and opinion that's all!!! you don't have to agree with me guys and gals - because wrestling is about all opinions!!

Here we got then!!!

Intercontinental Title

Dolph Ziggler (c) v Kofi Kingston

Well I have to admit i am very one sided in this match and have to go for Dolph Ziggler. I picked Dolph as my next big thing of 2010 and i was so glad when watching Smackdown and he beat Kofi for the Intercontinental title. WWE want to show Kofi's aggressive side and I think that Dolph will win this possibly by DQ or by interference by Vicki Guerrero and therefore retain his title. Having him lose after holding it for two weeks doesn't make much sense but we have seen worse happen haven't we?

WWE Diva's Title

Alicia Fox (c) vs Melina

I must admit this match points towards Melina beating Alicia but since the Raw roster is lacking so much in Diva's that can wrestle and also considering that Melina beat Alicia on Raw Recently I think the title will stay round the waist of Alicia Fox! I still think Alicia deserve a bit longer with her Title there is more to come from Alicia.

3 on 1 Match

(SES) CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury vs Big Show

This match to me seems very thrown together and to give something for the SES to do and to also give Big Show a match of Summerslam. In saying that though with the quite relatively short time in which they have had to build the match they have done as best job as possible. The Angle about breaking Big Show's hand at least adds an extra dimension to this also CM Punk's mike work has been great and during Smackdown we have seen Punk Berate his 'followers' more and more. Result of this match for me is a Big Show win and with more cracks appearing in the SES!!

World Title Match

Kane (c) vs Rey Mysterio

Watching this feud develop and seeing Kane as Champion again is strange as its the first time WWE has given him a longer run with the title but Kane deserves it after all his years of service. I believe that this match will result in Kane Beating Rey Mysterio and retaining his title. However I think its after the match Rey will be put in the coffin, Kane will shut the lid then the lights go out and when they come back on the coffin is open and The Undertaker is staring at Kane. Which would kick off the next program for the World Title. I personally believe that Rey Will take some time off after Summerslam to heal some injuries.

WWE Title

Sheamus vs Randy Orton
This match had the added stipulation on Raw that if any interferes they will be suspended for 30 days and also that this is Randy Orton's Last Chance at a title shot against Sheamus. I think this match will be very good Sheamus has developed so much over the past year and he keeps on getting better and better to the point now that I'm really starting to like what he is doing. Randy Orton is a great wrestler and he is a top star I think the time is right for Randy to win the WWE title and beat Sheamus in this PPV. I think Triple H will return and cost Sheamus his WWE Title therefore picking up on the HHH/Sheamus Storyline again and getting them back into a series a matches.
However this isn't the end of the story.......
After Randy wins i think The Miz will come out and cash in his MITB Briefcase but he will LOSE (I hate saying this because i think Miz is Awesome!!!) and Randy will still walk out of Summerslam as WWE champion. This can then lead to a Miz vs Orton Feud of which WWE gave us a little preview of a few weeks ago.
6 on 7 Elimination Match
Team WWE (6) vs The Nexus (7)
Well to be honest i really don't know which way this one is going to go. The storyline has been Nexus a group that has run roughshod over the WWE Universe and threatens to destabilise the WWE destroying equipment, giving people limo rides and beating up people in the back against Team WWE lead by John Cena who aim to stop them and put an end to Nexus.
If Team WWE beat Nexus here then it puts a straight stop to Nexus and makes all those weeks building up to this pointless and also gives Nexus no where to go next. My Feeling is however is the mystery 7Th man for Team WWE will turn on Team WWE and be revealed as the man who has been giving orders to Nexus. Who could this be Vince McMahon, John Cena? Who Knows we will have to watch and find out but I'm going for a Nexus Win.
So In Summary here are my winners for summerslam
Doplh Ziggler
Alicia Fox
Big Show
Randy Orton
Lets see on Sunday Night if I'm right!!! thanks for reading until next time this is Jon422002 and thats my wrestleview!!!