Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hardcore Justice or Harcore Failure?

Hello All

I'm back again with today with another blog entry! I was giving this one alot of thought because its something that actually brothers me alot.....TNA Hardcore Justice.

All the views in this blog are my own and you don't have to agree with what i have written and that's OK because if everyone liked the same thing life would be boring.

This blog to most of you will sound like I hate TNA and ECW which is completely untrue I like both promotions and was a huge fan of ECW (just look at my VHS Collection!!!) and I like TNA I just think this could be a very bad business move for them.

So with that said... on with the blog!! and to set the scene here is a recap of what has happened.....

I'm sat at home watching impact a couple of weeks ago and when Abyss and RVD are in the ring the Former ECW Crew (Foley,Dreamer, Rhyno,Raven&Richards) come out to the ring and start giving a beating to Abyss then as the melee unfolds they beat up TNA talent as they try to come down to stop the ECW group.

After a few minutes of Brawling (and the arrivals of Diamond,Snow&Brown) Dixie gets out of her seat and proclaims 'I invited them' this then stops the melee and everyone looks blankly at Dixie as Impact goes off the air.

Last Week Dixie comes to the ring and invites the ECW crew out and Dreamer cuts a promo (basically Saying) Vince destroyed ECW legacy and that they want one more night for people to remember the old ECW and what it stood for.

Since then we have now been told that ECW will have its own PPV Hardcore Justice.

Now here's my problem with this Since 2005 there has been (to my Knowledge) at least 3 ECW reunion shows:

  • ECW One Night Stand 2005
  • Hardcore Homecoming
  • ECW One Night Stand 2006
and on top of this Everyone knew that once Vince Mcmahon brought back ECW he would create it in his on Image.

If you watch The Rise and Fall of ECW Mcmahon says on there when talking about ECW getting a TV deal with TNT "I called Paul and Congratulated him and I told him that he would have to change his style he is not catering to just one hardcore part of the audience anymore he's got to be catering to everyone when on national TV"

That quote is something that TNA should take notice of...........

For me TNA has taken yet another great opportunity and screwed it up. Impact in the past few weeks has got so much better than it was at the beginning of the year the flair/lethal stuff has been awesome, Hardy,Anderson,Pope have all been entertaining and the feud between beer money and Motor City Machine Guns has been tremendous also.

So why is Dixie an owner of TNA of that is paying the likes of Hogan,Bischoff,Anderson,Hardy lots of money to be there to try and get the TNA brand out there and try to draw interest in TNA's product and trying to get TNA to that next level feel that she can kill the momentum of Impact and TNA anytime she pleases? it makes no business sense if Bischoff and Hogan knew this was going to happen to them I don't think they would of signed up.

Hardcore Justice is not going to showcase any of TNA's Talent and on top of that they only have a few weeks to build this PPV up.

I would rather see AJ Styles, Anderson, Hardy, Pope, Morgan, Hernandez,Beer Money, Jay Lethal than seeing a bunch of guys from ECW (which closed down nearly 10 years ago) If I wana see ECW i can look at the VHS and the DVD's.

Its no disrespect to the old ECW Guys because they will put on the very best show they can but I just feel that 'The Hardcore Era' is dead in wrestling and that wrestling has moved on.

If I could give one piece of advice to TNA it would be this "Don't go where a path has already been made, Go and make a new path for people to follow"

Thats Jon422002's Wrestleview

Saturday, 17 July 2010

WWE Money In The Bank 2010 PPV Predictions

WWE Money In The Bank 2010

Hello All!! Welcome back to Jon422002's Wrestleview

I am back with with second blog and for this one i thought I would give you all my opinion on who I think will be the winners and Losers this weekend at WWE Money in the Bank PPV.

Remember these are my predictions only and these are based on my own opinion - you dont have to agree with them - I'm just going to give you my view on what I think will go down!! If you don't agree that's fine - that is what makes wrestling great different opinions and different viewpoints!

With that said.....Here we go then!!!

Diva's Championship Match
Alicia Fox (Champion) vs Eve Torres

I think that we will see Alicia Fox lose this match by DQ or Countout but she will of course retain her title. Alicia has only just got the title and I dont see her losing it so quickly and by Alicia getting DQ or Counted out it can carry this feud on until the next ppv.

Women's Championship Match
Layla (Champion) vs Kelly Kelly

I think Layla will retain in this match for her to lose now wouldn't seem right as they have the whole laycool deal going on and also laycool are appearing as pros on NXT. I would love Kelly Kelly to win the title and I'm sure she will get it eventually down the line - she's still young and has time on her side.

Unified Tag Team Title Match
The Hart Dynasty (champions) vs The Usos

Iv got to be honest since the Hart Dynasty won the titles we haven't seen much of them have we?? I feel personally that there isn't much interest in this Match. I think The Usos will win this and become new champions. There isn't much heat to this so with and Usos Win It might build up the feud a bit.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Rey Mysterio (Champion) vs Jack Swagger
This has had a good build up for Swagger he has been on Smackdown putting and Ankle Lock on Rey Mysterio and Big Show and trying to injure them both. Thought the angle with Swagger dragged Mysterio through the corridors into the arena 2 weeks ago was extremely good.

I have a big feeling here that Swagger will once again be your world Heavyweight Champion but I think he will doing it by making Mysterio Submit. That could then lead to Mysterio taking some time off (rumours are circulating about his contract status) and Swagger moving on to Feud with Kane.

WWE Title Match Steel Cage
Sheamus (champion) vs John Cena

This Match will be interesting I think with the involvement of Nexus over the past few weeks on Raw that even though Sheamus and Cena are fighting in a steel cage Nexus will still get involved in this match and (BIG PREDICTION HERE) Sheamus will be revealed as the guy behind Nexus.

Alot of people think that Cena will win this match - and they could be right but if WWE are thinking good logical sense they will keep the title on Sheamus and let this build even more but as we have sense in the past sometimes good logical sense doesnt happen sometimes so even though im going for Sheamus I'm only 51% sure!!!

Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Ted Dibiase vs Chris Jericho vs Edge vs Evan Bourne vs The Miz vs John Morrison vs Randy Orton vs Mark Henry

This is sooo hard to pick a winner Evan Bourne has been on a great run this past month and he is really developing. The Miz also is improving each and every month his performances get better and his ring work is also extremely good. my pick to win this match.... Evan Bourne Don't ask me why I think alot of people have discounted him recently and dont see him winning this but see him doing lots of great stops and get the plaudits but not the briefcase. I think in a time when WWE need to build new stars I think this is the perfect time for Evan Bourne to become a superstar.

Smackdown Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Big Show vs Matt Hardy vs Christian vs Kofi Kingston vs 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes vs Kane vs Drew Mcintyre vs Dolph Ziggler

This one is difficult for me because there are so many guys in this match that i would love to win it Doplh Ziggler, Matt Hardy and Christian. But I think on the Smackdown side of things I think they will be going for something different. Different means different things to different people to some it means that 'Dashing Cody Rhodes will be winning... I don't see it.. only when I see it in a digital mirror will I believe that!!! So to Match up with my prediction of Swagger winning the Title I think Kane will win this match because that would make sense to me storyline wise but honestly any of these guys could win this Match!!

There you have it Guys and Gals - All of my predictions for Money In The Bank!

for now that Jon422002's Wrestleview!!!!

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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Jon 422002's Wrestleview

Welcome to My fiest Blog this is Jon422002's Wrestleview!

I have been a Wrestling fan since I was 5 years old (now 24!) and I want to write a blog on my views on a paticular subject in Wrestling in each blog. You dont have to agree with me - I hope my words will make you think and let you form your OWN opinion whether you agree or disagree.

Wrestling News Sites

Many fans like myself look in the internet for wrestling news and information I spent many hours looking to find a reliable source eventually I came across the Pro Wrestling Report (Actually as a radio podcast on my Ipod)

What I like about the pro wrestling report is that do not publish news until it is confirmed, they are not into rumours and they dont tell you what to think.

I came across some Dirtsheet sites before I found PWR (im not going to say who they are, but futrher down i'll give you a good idea of MY experience!!)

These 'dirtsheet sites' would allow me to look at a snippet of news and then ask me to pay extra to check out the full story! (what a cheek eh?) these 'Dirtsheet' sites dont have people working in WWE or TNA telling them whats going on so why should I pay for rumours when they dont know the truth themselves!!!

Also while I was on the 'Dirtsheet site' I checked out there audio shows and I have got to say they were awful it felt like thier opinion was being rammed down my throat and if you didnt agree with them you were a bad wrestling fan who did know anything and you opinion didnt matter because you dont agree with them.

thats not right to me......

Then (thankfully) I found what is right and good (in my opinion!!) on Wrestling News and Infomation on the internet . As I mentioned above I found PWR as a podcast on Itunes I downloaded it and decided to listen.

I listened to the show and was greeted by Dameon Nelson, David Herro and the man they call meathead. The show was concise it was giving me confirmed wrestling news and it invited the feedback of the fans whether they agreed or not with what they were discussing, they took phone calls from fans made them feel welcome & didnt make them feel less than them or demean them.

That was so refreashing to me.....,

I went to the website and there were NO POP UP ADS AND NO SUBSCRIPTION you are able to access ALL the information that was posted by the PWR Team and also while you are there can also watch PWR interactive (A Internet show that reads and discusses emails,tweets and comments from fans and PWR Primetime (which airs after smackdown in Milwakee on TV)...18 months later I am still listening and totally hooked thats how in my view a Wrestling News and information site should be run!!

That's jon422002 wrestleview!!!! :)