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WWE TLC Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV Predictions

WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2010 PPV Predictions

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Hello All I'm back again with my next installment of PPV predictions. I gota say I seem to do better on WWE PPV's than I have when predicting TNA PPV on my last set of predictions for TNA Final Resolution I was 50% Right and 50% Wrong so bang in the middle!! Here's Hoping that I can do better for WWE's Tables, Ladders and Chairs PPV Offering!!!

Kane (c) vs. Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

 Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Well I wrote this a few days ago and they were seperate matches before but now WWE have announced that we have a fatal four way tables,ladders and Chairs match for the WWE title. Think this is a very good idea as I really didnt have much interest in Edge vs Kane - the match build just felt all wrong to me. The addtion of Del Rio and Mysterio is a great move and also If neither one win this match they can have them go one on one to the royal rumble. Think this could be a really top notch match now think Rey, Del Rio and Edge will do most of the work in this one and honestly I think we will see a new WWE Champion. For me I think Alberto Del Rio will win this one I'm a huge fan of Del Rio and think he has made a great impact since joining smackdown. HIs entrance is great, he can wrestle and he's got heat - all the attibutes to make a great champion and should excel on Smackdown with the title.

Jon422002's Prediction: Winner and NEW World Champion Alberto Del Rio

The Miz (c) vs. Randy Orton Tables match for the WWE Championship

Miz is the champion :) so people wont like that and still don't like the fact that he is the champion but if Miz was going to win the WWE title what better way for him to win  it than on raw (where no one expected him to cash it in) and also he cashed it in on a venerable Orton and picked up the title that way thus keeping Orton strong and leading to a rematch here. Now keep in mind that this match is a tables match - the same match in which Sheamus beat John Cena for the WWE title. My feeling is in this match is that MIz needs to win - and here's why Miz needs the added credibility of Beating Orton uninjured and 110%. As for Randy iv got to say that although I'm a massive fan of the viper his last WWE title run seemed a little stale - I said this before I don't think its his fault its just the way that WWE book him and present him to the crowd - just feels like not all the fans know how to relate to Orton (like they can with Cena - n.b like him or love him Cena's Merchandise sells - I don't see as much Orton merch on the fans....) Winner for this one...the man that is AWESOME

Winner and Still WWE Champion: The Miz

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett Chairs match

So John Cena is back in WWE.....Well WWE couldn't hold off all that long could they???? Why Barrett would request a chairs match with him is beyond me but still this is the match we are going to get. I have got to be honest I can only see one Winner in this match and that John Cena. After all that Nexus put Cena through this is time for Cena's revenge its a shame though because Barrett was in the main event a couple of months ago and was in the WWE title picture but WWE decided to go with Orton and MIz and not Barrett which is a shame because WWE have put so much money into him and I think had Barrett won the WWE Tilte a feud between him, Cena and Orton leading into this PPV (was possibily Miz involved too) I think would have drawn more interest. Think these two will have a good match together but they will both have to be creative with the chairs beacause as we all know chairshots to the head are banned (and with good reason too) so me as I said there is only one winner

Jon422002's Prediction: Winner John Cena

Sheamus vs. John Morrison Ladder match for the #1 contender spot to the WWE Championship

THis is going to be match of the night ladies and Gentlemen!!! I have said it before - these two will have an AWESOME ladder match!! Saw them both in a 30 min singles match in Cardiff Wales eariler this year and they had a incredible match WITHOUT any ladders involved - I expect this to be even better!!! THis may suprise people but this match is why I want to see this PPV. Sheamus becoming King of The Ring was a great idea and was very happy he won. Long Term I think Sheamus will face HHH and Morrison keeps developing. Think this will be a back and forward match but for me there is only one winner

Jon422002's Prediction: NEW Number One Contender for WWE Title: Sheamus

Lay-Cool (Layla and Michelle McCool) vs. Natalya and Beth Phoenix Divas Tag-team Tables match

Wow!! a Tag Team Diva tables match I cant remember the last time that happened (or if its even happened before!!!) I think if these ladies are given time this could be and entertaining match.I really like Beth and Natayla and think they are great Diva's who can both wrestle extremelly well. Lay - Cool dont seem the same without the Diva's title and I have got to say it was entertaining with them as Divas co champs!! Im really not sure about this one im 50/50 on it but if I have got to pick one i think i'll go for...

Jon422002's Prediction: Winners Beth Pheonix and Natayla

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger Triple Threat Ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Well as you all know im a massive ziggler fan - I picked him as my next big thing of 2010 and have been proufd by what he has done!! He's held the title for a good few months now and had some good matches with Kaval too. Kofi and Swagger seem to have been a bit lost to me in the past few weeks/months but with MVP leaving WWE and Kaval with a reported injury looks like WWE have thrown them back into the mix. I have got to say I really feel sorry for Jack Swagger - he became WWE champ earlier this year and has been eneding the year with the Swagger Soaring Eagle - what a huge shame - though Swagger might really kick on this year but it looked like WWE didnt really have the faith in him I hope his luck changes because I think he deserves alot more so on that note my winner for this match

Jon422002's Prediction: Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion Jack Swagger

Well there you have it ladies and Gentlemen thats how I think WWE TLC Will go. I hope we all get a great PPV to end the year and that it gives us some great stories and feud's heading into 2011. I hope you all enjoy the show!!

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TNA Final Resolution 2010 PPV Predictions

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

We are back again to look at TNA Wrestling's last PPV of 2010 Final Resolution. Now for those of you that remember The last TNA PPV that I predicted Bound For Glory 2010 and the matches didn't quite go how I thought they would do - So this time I'm aiming to get it spot on!!!

As Always these are just my opinions and what I think might happen - so without further ado lets take a look at the card!

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Matt Morgan Singles match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship with Special Referee Mr. Anderson

I have really been liking Jeff Hardy as a heel I didn't really expect it and Bound for Glory and I think since then TNA and Jeff have done a great job of Building him into someone that you really want to hate. I think Jeff's actions have spoken louder than his words - his Chairshot that took Mr Anderson out a few Months ago was Brutal and the way he acted afterwards just added more heat to him.

Matt Morgan is someone that I really like to. TNA had to turn Matt to a good guy after Anderson's Injury and considering what short period of time they have had to do it I think he has done well., On last Thursday impact it was revealed that Mr Anderson will be special referee in this match - as soon as I heard that I thought Anderson will screw Morgan and Join Fortune Anderson said something along the lines at Impact that "The Biggest Star would win" I think he's talking about Hardy so I'm going for Hardy for the win!

Winner and Still TNA Champion (with Anderson Screwing Morgan) Jeff Hardy

Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) (c) vs. Generation Me (Max and Jeremy Buck) Full Metal Mayhem Tag Team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

These two teams have had a good feud and have met each other many times either on PPV or on Impact;. Think this will be a high Adrenalin - fast paced, blink and you've missed it match. I am a huge fan of MCMG and think every time they perform Shelley and Sabin get better and better. Saying that though I think I must say the same for Gen Me. I REALLLY didn't like Max and Jeremy when they came to TNA as Good Guy's i just wasnt buying it but as heels I think that we can see more of the personality of Gen Me and that mixed in with their in ring skill is a good combination.

Winners and Still TNA Tag Champions Motor City Machine Guns

A.J. Styles (c) vs. Douglas Williams Singles match for the TNA Television Championship

I think this has the ability to be Match of the night. Both of these men can wrestle and think that they will put on a great show. In addition this match has a good back story to it with Williams being a former member of Fortune and finally having enough of it and striking out again on his own. AJ Styles does have a broken finger but I don't think that this will affect him too much in this match. I would love to see Doug win this match as he is my fellow countryman and always like to see the UK guys do well but in the end I think Fortune will get involved somehow in this one and AJ Will retain his title.

Winner and still TNA TV Champion AJ Styles

Robbie E (c) vs. Jay Lethal Singles match for the TNA X Division Championship with Cookie suspended above the ring in a shark cage

Robbie E annoys me so much his character grates on me and drives me crazy but actually if you ignore that and look at him as a wrestler - he's pretty good. Of Course Robbie's Girl Cookie will be suspended in a cage because she has interfered so much in previous matches to help Robbie. Jay Lethal I feel really sorry for at the moment he had so much momentum a few months ago now it has all gone and Jay needs something to get him back in the groove again - but in this match I think that Robbie E Will Win and Retain.

Still X Division Champion  Robbie E

Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe Submission match

I have really loved the development of this match. Jeff Jarrett has been so funny :). From beating Samoa Joe at the last PPV by chocking him with a steel pipe Jeff has stated that he is now an MMA expert and if you have seen impact you would of seen Jeff doing an MMA exhibition and then in one of the more funnier moments in TNA Recently Jeff making little Kids tap out!! Samoa Joe still seems really lost to me in TNA he had tat "Next big thing" tagged on him a few years ago and I think that he still can be a huge star but seeing what TNA have done with Jarrett Recently I cant see Jarrett losing this one.

Winner Jeff Jarrett

Abyss vs. D'Angelo Dinero Casket match

This story has continued since Pope was left by himself to fight the fight against Immortal. Abyss in their last PPV Match up got the upper hand by paying the Pope's Brother to double cross him and cost him the match against Abyss. Over recent weeks we have seen Abyss in the Casket, Pope in the Casket and even Eric Bischoff in there too. I want to say that the pope will win this match and get some redemption but my head keeps telling me that Abyss will will so I'm going with my head.

Winner Abyss
Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino First Blood match

First Blood!!! The War Machine who was the mole in EV2 who took Eric Bischoff's Money againits the whole f'n show Rob Van Dam. I'm really looking forward to this match I think that both these men will put on a really good match. They were both meant to feud in ECW but the company closed down before it could happen. I think these two will go all out and considering this could be Rhyno's last match in TNA I expect him to go out (if he does) with a bang. Expect this one to be a slobber knocker. I think also this match will be interesting as there is such a contrast in style from Van Dam's athletic style to Rhino's High Power style.

Winner Rob Van Dam

Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode) vs. Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore) Tag Team match with the winners becoming the No. 1 Contenders to the TNA World Tag Team Championship

To me there is only one outcome in this match that I would like to see. A Beer money Win!! I like Beer money to win this as I think another Beer Money vs MCMG match would be fantastic and I just don't see a title Match Between Ink inc and Gen me or MCMG being as good as what Beer Money and MCMG can do. This match will be a solid match with alot more emphasis on the flow of the match.

Winners and New Number one Contenders  Beer Money

Mickie James vs. Tara Falls Count Anywhere

Mickie and Tara are twp of the best female performers in Women's Mainstream Wrestling right now and I really dig there style of wrestling. These two will both put on a great women's match and as we have seen from them before they will probably go all over the building and I think if TNA give these girls some freedom that they could put on a classic Hardcore match.

Winner Mickie James

Hope that you all Enjoy the PPV :)

Until Next Time.......

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Pro Wrestling Report - Credible, Reliable, Professional

Hello All

This piece is a little bit different to what I would usually write about I was going to do predictions but I felt that this was more important to write about it has been on my mind for a couple of days.

I would like people to know about because I don't think that Pro Wrestling Report get as much Credit as they should do for being as professional and responsible as they are when reporting wrestling news.

I  like to draw your attention to Pro Wrestling Report. I am a huge fan of what they do having found the radio show on Itunes nearly 2 years ago.

Pro Wrestling Report has been reporting Wrestling News and Information for over 13 Years and Also Have a Radio show on ESPN 540 and have a TV show to Called PWR Primetime. Hosted By Dameon Nelson who is joined by David Herro, Frank Conssentino, The Man They call Meathead and Linda Kay.

I would like to explain to you now why They ARE professional Wrestling Journalism and are the best in the world at it.

Last week a story came out (originating from Lanny Poffo) that Bobby Heenan was unwell and his health was deteriorating. Obviously this was very distressing news and soon enough all the "dirsheet sites" had reported on it and it was all over the Internet. These "Dirtsheets" sites just put it on their website without checking out the story or finding out what the situation was,

The Story did NOT appear on the Pro Wrestling Report Website...Why? Because they cared enough to find out the truth about a situation before putting on there Website - that's something that these "Dirsheet sites" could not be bothered to do.

Originally on Twitter last Friday  PWR Show Opinionist David Herro tweeted that he contacted Bobby Heenan's Wife and spoke to her and she said that Bobby was fine.

The Pro Wrestling Report contacted the Heenan family and this past week had Jessica Heenan (Bobby's Daughter) on their ESPN radio show where she spoke in depth about Bobby and gave a great interview about Bobby Hennan and told us all that the rumours were untrue and that Bobby is doing extremely well and is still as quick witted and happy as ever which was Tremendous news :) (listen to the Interview here

Just wanted to share that with everyone as I think Its something that needs to be known. If you want Credible, Reliable and Professional Wrestling News and Information there's only one place to go Pro Wrestling Report.

Many Thanks and until next time :)

(N.B if you would like to find out more about the pro wrestling report go to or follow @pwrshow on Twitter)

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WWE Survivor Series 2010 Predictions


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Hello all :)

I'm back again with another predictions Blog this time looking at WWE Survivor Series. WWE took this off the PPV shedule for this this year but thankfully its was added back on. I have always enjoyed the Survivor Series the PPV's in the late 1980's and early nineties were the best for me but as all of one know 1997 Survivor Series will always be the one that is most remembered......

Now before we get into this years matches and predictions lets take a look back at Survivor Series 2009

Team Miz (The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger) defeated Team Morrison (John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin, and Finlay) Five-on-five Survivor Series Elimination match
 Batista defeated Rey Mysterio Singles match

Team Kingston (Kofi Kingston, Montel Vontavious Porter, Mark Henry, R-Truth, and Christian) defeated Team Orton (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, CM Punk, and William Regal) Five-on-five Survivor Series Elimination match

The Undertaker (c) defeated The Big Show and Chris Jericho Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Team Mickie (Mickie James, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Melina, and Gail Kim) defeated Team Michelle (Michelle McCool, Jillian Hall, Beth Phoenix, Layla, and Alicia Fox) Five-on-five Survivor Series Elimination match
 John Cena (c) defeated Triple H and Shawn Michaels Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship

Now on to the predictions of WWE Survivor Series 2010....

WWE Title

Randy Orton  vs. Wade Barrett Singles pinfall or Submissions only match for the WWE Championship, with Special referee John Cena. If Barrett wins the championship, Cena will be free from The Nexus, but if Barrett doesn't win the championship, Cena is fired from the WWE.

Orton vs Barrett again on PPV? I know alot of people we not happy at all with the finish of there last PPV match me included - to echo the words of Frank Conssentino (check him out on the
Aforementioned I hate DQ finishes on PPV's!!!!! At least this time we will get a definitive winner in this match but the wildcard? John Cena as Special Guest Referee.. Will Cena screw Orton to get out of Nexus and stay in the WWE or will he do the right thing for Orton and be 'fired'.

This is a really hard one to call... If Cena is going off to do another movie I would say he would get 'fired' (to give him time to do it) then return a few weeks later but it doesn't look like he is. So I'm going to go for Wade Barrett to win this match and for Cena to stay and get out of Nexus - but this one could go either way.

In Addition for whatever reason and I don't know why Orton just doesn't seem to have the traction with this run with the belt that he had with previous title runs. I don't think this is his fault - maybe its just the way he has been booked over the last few months.

Jon422002's Prediction Winner and NEW WWE Champion - Wade Barrett

Kane (c) vs. Edge Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Kane has had a good run of 3 PPV wins against the Undertaker and I cant see his Streak of PPV wins stopping here. A match with Edge will be a good contest - I just don't feel it is time for Kane to lose the title yet. I enjoyed Smackdown where Edge Kidnapped Paul Bearer because Kane came out earlier in the show and cost him a match against David Otunga. They seem to be mixing in Nexus and Kane at the moment with Nexus Helping Kane in the buried Alive match and now Kane helping David Otunga to stay in Nexus. I have a feeling that nexus could interfere again in this one and help Kane keep hold of his title. I can see this Kane/Nexus thing turning into something big - but we will have to see where WWE takes it.

jon422002's Prediction STILL WWE Champion Kane

Lay-Cool (Layla and Michelle McCool) (c) vs. Natalya 2-on-1 Handicap match for the WWE Divas Championship

Lay cool are still co - WWE divas Champions but I think that Although I got this wrong on the last PPV and went for Natayla I think I am going to go for Natayla in this one. Just feel at the Moment that the Divas title needs to be on Natayla as it would help her in the eyes of the fans to become a champion and would also help this feud to continue because if Natayla loses in this one will there be much else left of a feud to continue???

Jon422002's Prediction NEW Diva's Champion Natayla

Nexus (Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater) (c) vs. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov Tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Not sure what to make to this one. Marella and Kozlov won a number one contenders match on Raw vs The Usos to give them this championship opportunity. I am really entertained by Santino and think he is great and adds so much to WWE but I cant see anything other than a nexus win here. Honestly I don't think that the title belts have really given Slater and Gabriel an extra steam and With The last really tag team in WWE The Heart Foundation breaking up - its really hard to see what future the Tag Titles have unless WWE in the next season of NXT push tag teams.

Jon422002's Prediction - Still Tag Team Champions Slater and Gabriel

John Morrison vs. Sheamus Singles match

People wont believe when I say this but this match will be the match of the night. I saw these two in a one on one match at WWE Raw House show in Cardiff, Wales a few weeks ago and it was the best match on the card they went 30 minutes in a great back and forward match - so many near pin falls and the crowd really loved it. I'm hoping that they are given the time to deliver the same again because these two can really turn up the volume and it would be great for both of them to show the whole world what the next generation of WWE superstars is all about. This match could go either way but I'm going for a Sheamus win - as I HOPE WWE will keep this program going.

Jon422002's Prediction Winner Sheamus
 Team Mysterio (Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Chris Masters, Big Show and Montel Vontavious Porter) vs. Team Del Rio (Alberto Del Rio, Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes) Traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team match

The Only traditional Survivor Series match on the card of this years Survivor Series that's a really shame because i do love these matches they take me back to the old days. For me in this match for the only time this year we shall see people beaten with the schoolboy roll up or we see a double DQ when 2 combatants are in the ring. I would like to see Team Del Rio win this as I am a big fan of his and think that he has the potential to be a future WWE Champion. BUT I think that Team Mysterio will win this match and It will give Rey a measure of redemption against Del Rio.
Jon422002's Prediction Winners Team Mysterio

 Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Kaval Singles match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

As Most of you know I am a huge Dolph Ziggler fan. I picked his as my next big thing of 2010 and he has been doing well this year he finally managed to get ahold of the Intercontiential Title (a year later than he should have in my view). Ziggler had a great win against Mark Henry on Raw think it made him look really strong as I cant remember the last time that MArk Henry got beaten via Submission. As for Kaval well he may of been the winner of NXT season 2 and is a great wrestler but I just don't think things are clicking for him in WWE so far. I don't see Kaval winning this match and think that Ziggler will remain Intercontinental Champion.

Jon422002's Prediction Still Intercontinential Champion Dolph Ziggler
I suspect that more matches will be added to the card on the night. After Raw this week think they will add Daniel Bryan vs Ted Dibase for the US Title and maybe another Survivor Series Team Match. Hope you all Enjoy the PPV and we get a get show!!! :)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

WWE House Show Results Cardiff Wales 5th November 2010

HI and I'm finally back from my trip to Cardiff to see WWE Raw House show. First off there were lots of  families and Children in the crowd and also lots of John Cena Merchandise I had never seen so many Purple T shirts in one place!!

Justin Roberts Enters the ring and welcomes Cardiff to WWE Raw.

1st Match

Rtruth vs Alex Riley

Rtruth comes out to his old theme 'whats up' and Riley comes out and gets a good degree of heat from the crowd. This match went about 5 minutes and RTruth won with his spinning forearm. Rtruth then dances and celebrates in the ring.

2nd Match

Santino and Kozlov vs The Usos

Both teams are in the ring and before the match begins we hear the GM message tone. Justin Roberts reads out an email from the general manager stating there should be a dance off before this match. Santino and Kozlov start dancing then The Usos attack them from behind and the match begins. Good back and forth match with Kozlov in trouble for most of it. Until the makes the hot tag to Santino. Santino comes in and is on fire and pins one of the usos for the win. Santino was over HUGE with the live crowd.

3rd Match

Ezeikel Jackson vs Zavk Ryder

Complete Squah match it only lasts about 30 seconds Jackson dominates Zack and pins him.

4th Match

Goldust vs Ted Dibase

Both guys come out and strat wrestling after 8-9 minutes of this Ted kicks Goldust in the mouth and the match is stopped and the trainer goes to the ring and is patching up Goldust arounfd his mouth. This Goes on for about 5 minutes until the trainer lets Goldust Continue. Mtach goes for another few minutes until Goldust wins with the turn suplex.

5th Match

US Title Match

Daniel Bryan vs William Regal

This was a great match got to see a lot of proper old school wrestling from these two. There were lots of chants during the match lets go Bryan, Lets go Regal and they didn't die down and the chants increased during the match. A great 15-20 Match with ended when Daniel Bryan made Regal submit to the lebell lock.

6th Match

WWE Title

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett had lots of heat fans did not like him one bit apart from a group of English lads who were sat behind me! Orton and Barrett put on a good show for the crowd with Wade Barrett some very near pinfalls. Orton fired back at Barrett and nearly won the match himself - then Barrett went to clothesline Orton and missed and took the referee out (It was the best ref bump ever as the ref hit the deck and slid across the canvas!!) just after this happened Barrett hit Orton with the title belt and then grabbed the mike and ordered John Cena to come to the ring after a few moments of Barrett shouting, Cena comes out with a ref shirt on.

Cena comes into the ring and Barrett has got himself a chair and is going to hit orton with it Cena pulls the chair out of Barrett's hands, Barrett asks him what is he doing, Barrett then orders John Cena to hit Orton with the chair - Cena looks like he might do it. Cena then turns around again to face Barrett and in the meantime Orton finally gets up and is stood behind Barrett. Barrett turns round and Orton hits the RKO and Cena counts 1-2-3. Orton Wins

7th Match

Maryse and Alicia Fox vs Bella Twins With Special Referee Eve Torres

Typical Divas match. Brie Bella looked very good and solid in the ring she looks like she has alot of talent and i think could go really far in WWE. Alicia and Maryse worked well as a tag team but it was The Bella Twins who got the win after without tagging they switched over in the ring and got the win via a schoolboy rollup.

8th Match

Sheamus vs John Morrison

This ladies and Gentlemen was THE match of the night. People have been wondering since their match on Raw a little while ago whether these two could have a wrestling match without using any gimmicks. Will let me tell you they definitely can. An Incredible showing by both men it was a very even match and they were given at least 30 mins and that really helped as it added the physcology element to the match as they had time. There were several near falls for both men - Sheamus got his knees up for Starship pain and Morrison managed to kick out from Sheamus irish curse Backbreaker. Finish of the match came when Morrison who was going for a moonsault got hit by Sheamus and fell on the turnbuckle Sheamus then got Morrison in his Razor edge like finish manoeuvre and he got the win. Honestly these two are the future of the WWE was so impressed by what they did.

9th Match

The Miz W/Alex Riley vs John Cena

The MIz was really over with the Cardiff Crowd with large chants of MIz is Awesome. Before the match MIz cuts a promo saying everything he says he is going to achieve he does it. Miz states that the next thing he is going to do is to win the WWE Title because hes the MIz and He's Awesome!!! Cena then comes out kids go crazy for Cena. Miz and Cena wrestle each other with Alex Riley hitting Cena while the referee is distracted by the Miz. Cena is getting beaten for most of the match with MIz getting alot of near pinfalls. Miz gets frustrated and starts to undo a turnbuckle the ref stops him but Alex Riley undoes it. Miz ends up going into the now exposed turnbuckle and Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment for the win!!!

Biggest Pops of the Night

John Cena
Randy Orton

Was a really good show I left feeling I had my Money's worth from this WWE live event got to see some great matches Bryan vs Regal and Sheamus vs Morrison being the best two of the night!!
Thanks all for reading don't forget to follow me on Twitter @jon422002 :)

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WWE Bragging Rights 2010 Predictions

Jon422002’s Wrestleview



WWE Bragging Rights Predictions

Hello All!! I am back again from another week away and below are my predictions for WWE Bragging Rights 2010. Now last time I did not do so well predicting TNA Bound for Glory I am hoping this time that these predictions will get me back on track!!! As Always the predictions are based  my own personal opinion!!

Kane vs. Undertaker World Heavyweight Title Buried Alive Match

Buried Alive for the World heavyweight title honestly I didn't think we would see this match until survivor series as the buried alive match seems to have more of a connection with that event rather than this one!!! I think that the Undertaker will win this match and become the new champion. We have seen Undertaker beaten by Kane twice in previous PPV's and I cant see this happening for 3 in a row. Undertaker seems to be making a comeback and is starting to look strong I did enjoy the segment on Smackdown where Taker pulled Kane through the ring canvas though its was a really cool way to end Smackdown and to build for the PPV. I also have a feeling that Paul Bearer is going to turn again and align himself with the Undertaker don't know whether it will happen at this PPV but I have a feeling that this match will have one more twist it.

Jon 422002's Prediction - New Champion The Undertaker (Possibly with Paul Bearer's help)

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett WWE Title

I'm actually really looking forward to this match up between the Viper and Wade Barrett. In My last lot of predictions I got it totally wrong and Randy Orton did indeed retain his WWE Title against Sheamus but this PPV will be different and I believe he will lose it here. After seeing what Wade Barrett is making John Cena do it looks like to me that John Cena will help Wade Barrett (against his will) to screw Randy Orton out of the WWE Title this will then further the anger of the WWE fans towards Wade Barrett and also further the John Cena/Nexus Storyline and also I think that Randy Orton is in a better position chasing the title as at the moment apart from Orton the WWE fans have no main baby face to get behind so I think this makes perfect sense for the future and entwines Barrett/Cena/Orton for future feuds.

Jon422002’s Prediction - New Champion Wade Barrett

Team SmackDown (Big Show (captain), Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Tyler Reks and Kofi Kingston (with Hornswoggle (mascot))) vs. Team Raw (The Miz (captain), R-Truth, John Morrison, Santino Marella, Sheamus, CM Punk and Ezekiel Jackson)Is it just me who thinks that it would be better to have this match at Survivor Series instead? It feels so similar to a Survivor Series match!!! The build for this match has been OK with the usual team members against each other in singles matches and a big battle royal also. I think that with Smackdown winning so much on Raw/Smackdown in the past few weeks that Team Raw will win the Bragging rights trophy. Think there will be some people that WWE make really strong in this match and will make go over well (Ezekiel Jackson, Alberto Del Rio and John Morrison) and as usual the quick elimination which will probably be Santino. I hope not though because we have not seen yet what a great wrestler Santino Marrella is - this will be a good contest just hope it doesn't get too overcrowded at times.

Jon422002's Prediction Winners Team Raw

Title vs. Title Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

This right Surprise some people but I think this match has the Ability to be the match of the night. You have the best Technical Wrestler in the world today (Bryan) against the best bumper in the wrestling business (Ziggler). I hope that WWE give this match a good amount of time because I think that both of these men will be able to tell a great story and be able to create a exciting and flowing match. Both of these men can wrestle well and I think this will be your 'wrestling' match of the evening. To me I think that Dolph Ziggler needs to win this match, as I feel this would benefit win more and enhance him whereas Bryan has already had 2 PPV Wins over The Miz and I feel at this point does not need the win on PPV as a loss will not hurt him then he can come back stronger on RAW the following night

Jon422002's Prediction Winner Dolph Ziggler

Divas Title Match Natayla vs Laycool (Layla)

I must admit I do enjoy Laycool. The Bret Hart/Natayla Parody by them on Smackdown this past week was pretty amusing but on the flip side although entertaining I think that It is getting a bit boring with Laycool dominating as champions. I think we might see a bit of a shock in this match and Natayla will win and I think this might be due to botched interference from Michelle McCool this could then start the break up of Laycool.

Jon422002's Prediction New Champion Natayla

Those are my Predictions and pretty bold you might say also. I have gone for all title matches having new champions!!! Will Wade Barrett,The Undertaker and Natayla all win in there respective matches? there is only one way to find out Tune in to WWE Bragging Rights wherever you are and enjoy!!!!

Thanks all until next time!!!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Jon422002 Wrestleview: TNA Bound For Glory 2010 Predictions

Jon422002 Wrestleview: TNA Bound For Glory 2010 Predictions: "Hello everyone its jon422002 back with another blog this time and for the very first time with a TNA Bound for Glory Blog!! This is TNA's b..."

TNA Bound For Glory 2010 Predictions

Hello everyone its jon422002 back with another blog this time and for the very first time with a TNA Bound for Glory Blog!!

This is TNA's biggest PPV of the year and they have presented a very good card and alot of story lines will be resolved here but some will carry into the next few weeks of TNA.

As Always this is just my opinion on how things will go!!

With that said lets take a look at TNA Bound For Glory's PPV Card

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy Three-Way match for the vacant TNA World Heavyweight Championship ; If Angle loses, he will retire from wrestling

The headlining Main Event of Bound for Glory! I'm really looking forward to this match I think that these 3 will have one of the matches of the year. Jeff Hardy will do some crazy spots, Kurt Angle will do some great wrestling and Ken Anderson will be himself which = excellence!!! Everyone think that since Kurt Angle Won the Bound for Glory Battle Royal and the fact that he has his career on the line that Kurt will win this match.

I don't think this will happen....... I see Mr Anderson Turning heel again and clearing up a long term storyline with Jeff Hardy where Jeff did not know whether to trust Mr Anderson or not. I think Anderson will pin Hardy therefore leaving it open for Kurt to stay in TNA as technically he was not pinned and therefore did not lose the match. Admittedly I am a huge Mr Anderson fan and It does taint my decision because my heart is saying Anderson but my head says Angle but My heart rules my head so....

Jon422002's Prediction Winner and New TNA Heavyweight Champion Mr Anderson.......ANDERSON!!!

Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss Monster's Ball match

Well we found out on impact that this will in fact be Abyss last match in TNA and that he will be fined come Monday morning whether he beats RVD or Not. I wasn't a huge fan of the Dixie Carter Kidnapping Angle on Impact but it added to the heat for Abyss and adds to his list of violent things he has done in TNA. In this match RVD wants revenge for an attack by Abyss with Janice a few months ago on impact. What I want to know is how did RVD heal so quickly? Two weeks ago he was still covered in bandages 3 days ago (when seen on impact) he looked healthy and well. 'They' will also be involved in this match whoever they is so that also adds a different element to this match. I think that Rob Van Dam will win this match and get his revenge on Abyss but once Abyss has gone 'they' will still be trying to take out RVD from TNA.

Jon422002's Prediction - Rob Van Dam

Fourtune (A.J. Styles, Kazarian, Matt Morgan, Robert Roode, and James Storm) vs. EV 2.0 (Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Rhino, Sabu, and Stevie Richards) Lethal Lockdown

I always enjoy lethal lockdown matches and I think this one is going to be a cracker. Fortune and Ric Flair has been great since they formed I am a huge fan of Fortune and of what they do. As for EV 2.0 I didn't agree with them coming into TNA but I think as time has gone on they have become better, For me this match can only go one way I see this being a big win of Fortune the this feud with EV2 can be put behind them and then set their sights on more TNA gold namely getting back possession of the TNA World Title!!

Jon422002's Prediction Fortune

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) (c) vs. Generation Me (Max and Jeremy Buck) Tag team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

The motor city machine guns are a fantastic team and honestly they (along with Beer Money) have keep Tag Team Wrestling Alive this year and really put it in the spotlight and given it the much needed boast. I am expecting a great match from these teams Generation Me heel turn I think has been good for them and I think they have taken the opportunity well and your all remember it was meant to be London Brawling vs MCMG in the last PPV but were replaced by Gen Me and they have made the most of their opportunity injuring both Sabin and Shelly with the Double DDT from the Top rope but my winners for this match....

Jon422002's Prediction - Still TNA Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns

Angelina Love (c) vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara Four Corners match for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship (with Special referee Mickie James)

After a tag match on Impact last Thursday these 4 will now face each other in a 4 corners match for the TNA Title and added into this match is Special Referee Mickie James!!! I must Admit I do like Mickie and was glad to see her back in TNA!!!! But on to the match I think that Angelina Love will retain  in this match alot of people think Madison Rayne will win or Tara will win but I think it will stay with Angelina and after this match is over she can get into a nice feud with Mickie for the TNA Knockout title.

Jon422002's Prediction - Still Champion Angelina Love
Sting, Kevin Nash and D'Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett Three on Two Handicap match

Well there have been rumors for a while but we found out definitely today that Kevin Nash Will be retiring from TNA after this match. Some people love him some hate him personally I think he is one of the smartest wrestlers in the business and often gets a bad rap but no one gives him credit for the good things he has done in Wrestling. As far as the match goes I think that Joe and Jarrett will win and then the conspiracy can be revealed what it will be I don't know - but it will be interesting and I think this story could provide us with a surprise or two. I agree with Pro Wrestling Report Opinionist that 'they' are Bischoff, Hogan, Jarrett Etc if not then I'm not sure who it could be Paul Heyman possibly? but he has distanced himself with TNA and Wrestling in  General but he could be a huge surprise!!! Anyway for this match guys I think its just wait and see!!!
Jon422002's Prediction - Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett

Eric Young and Orlando Jordan vs. Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore) Tag team match

WOW what do I say about this one I'm not a fan of Orlando Jordan at all I must admit though that Eric Young's Performance on impact this past week although never tagged into the match was tremendous. Ink Inc have been progressing and I think this will be a win for them (probably with Eric's Help)

Jon422002's Prediction - Ink Inc

Douglas Williams vs. Jay Lethal (c) X Division Title Match

This is a rematch from a few weeks ago on impact where Lethal beat Williams for the Title. Iv felt as if Lethal has lost alot of steam since the days of Macho man/Flair promos and now that he has become Jay Lethal himself, the man interest seems to of waned in him. Of course Lethal won the title then lost it of Amazing Red a few days later and then won it back again a few days after that. Doug Williams being in fortune is of good benefit for him Williams is a solid wrestler and possesses alot of talent and skill for me I think Williams will win this one as I think with him again as champion he is a good bad guy for the babyfaces in TNA's x Division to chase.

Jon 422002's Prediction - NEW X Division Champion Doug Williams

I hope you all really enjoy TNA Bound For Glory!! and dont forget you can follow me on @jon422002 on Twitter!!! Thank you all!!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Jon422002 Wrestleview: WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 Predictions

Jon422002 Wrestleview: WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 Predictions: "Well here we are 2 weeks after Night of champions and back into another WWE PPV. As Always these predictions are just my thoughts on how..."

Jon422002 Wrestleview: some 'smart' wrestling fans have no respect..........

Jon422002 Wrestleview: some 'smart' wrestling fans have no respect..........: "Hi this is Jon I'm back and this Blog Entry has been written because I felt strongly enough to write about this issue. Some of you will thi..."

WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 Predictions

Well here we are 2 weeks after Night of champions and back into another WWE PPV. As Always these predictions are just my thoughts on how I think things will go!!! But before we get into the predictions lets get some background on 2009's Hell and a Cell PPV.

The Undertaker defeated CM Punk (c) Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship 

John Morrison (c) defeated Dolph Ziggler Singles match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Mickie James (c) defeated Alicia Fox Singles match for the WWE Divas Championship

Chris Jericho and The Big Show (c) defeated Batista and Rey Mysterio Tag team match for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship 

Randy Orton defeated John Cena (c)  Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship

Drew McIntyre defeated R-Truth Singles match

Kofi Kingston (c) defeated Jack Swagger and The Miz Triple Threat match for the WWE United States Championship

D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) defeated The Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase in a tag team Hell in A Cell Match

As for this years Hell in a Cell 2010 PPV the following matches have been announced:

Randy Orton (c) vs. Sheamus Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship

This match is going to be interesting I predicted that Randy Orton would win at Night of Champions and I am going to predict now that Sheamus will win the title back. I am in agreement with David Herro from that Sheamus needs that big win. It makes more sense for Sheamus to hold the title and I think he can do more with it and also it would make Sheamus not only fresh but also a credible champion by beating Randy Orton. Now Orton fans wont be happy that he has only had the title for a few weeks and then loses it again but this wont be a bad thing for Orton as it wont hurt him in the eyes of the fans who will still be behind Orton whether he is a champion or not.

Jon422002's Prediction New Champion Sheamus

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett Singles match. If Wade Barrett wins, John Cena joins Nexus; but if Cena wins or if Nexus gets involved, Nexus must disband.

This is an intriguing match I like what Nexus has been doing over the past few weeks and  if your saw Smackdown from this past Friday you would have seen Nexus beat up Dolph Ziggler and The Big Show Then later on Make Big Show Submit in a handicap match and then feature as the Lumberjacks in the Cena vs Kane Match. The point I'm making is that Nexus were kept very strong by WWE and I think the same as alot of other people that Cena will lose this match and Join The Nexus which would make for some new fresh TV and we would get to see Cena in a different role and having to do what Nexus told him to do.

Jon422002's Prediction Winner Wade Barrett

Kane (c) vs. The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Wasn't it great seeing Paul Bearer return? it really feels good as an old school wrestling fan to see both of these together back on WWE TV. Think this match will be another good showing from both men and I think that The Undertaker will win this match. I say this because he lost at the last PPV and also from a logic standpoint what would the point be of bringing Paul Bearer back with the Urn - where Undertaker draws his power from and gets stronger if he goes out and loses again?

Jon422002's Prediction - New Champion The Undertaker

Daniel Bryan (c) vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz (with Alex Riley) Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere match for the WWE United States Championship

This is going to be a tremendous match Bryan vs Miz from the last PPV was great and I'm expecting the same if not more from this triple threat submission match. John Morrison is also in this match and his ring work has also been good and I think this will mesh well with Bryan and also with his former Tag Partner The Miz. With the stipulation being Submissions Count Anywhere I think that this favours Bryan and that he will retain his United States Title.

Jon422002's Prediction Still Champion - Daniel Bryan

Michelle McCool (c) (with Layla) vs. Natalya Singles match for the WWE Unified Divas Championship

Well what is there to say I really cant see this match being anything other than a win for Michelle MCcool. I like Natalya and think she is a good female wrestlers but it seems at the moment that WWE don't want to promote women who can actually wrestle. I hope Natalya gets another chance further down the line but for me theres only one winner in this match for me.

Jon422002's Prediction - Michelle McCool

Thanks for reading and enjoy the PPV :)


Saturday, 18 September 2010

WWE Night of Champions 2010 Predictions

Hello All!!!

After a Holiday break and some relaxation I'm back and here we are at another WWE PPV namely WWE Night of Champions.

First some background of last years event...

Last years event was a good show let me take you back to what happened in 2009 and give you some highlights.

Last year we saw Christain Defeat Tommy Dreamer to become ECW Champion in addtion we saw Kofi Kingston defeat MVP,Miz, Swagger, Carlito and Primo in a Six pack challenge for the intercontinental title.

Most notably this pay per view will be remembered for 2 things the first being the teaming of Chris Jericho and The Big Show as Jerishow defeating The Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase) and the other I hear you ask?

Jeff Hardy Defeating CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship in a great match from what I remember. on a side note who would of thought a year later Hardy would be in TNA in Punk would be stuck in the WWE mid card again?

Now this brings me to this years WWE Night of Champions

The matches announced are as follows:

Six Pack Challenge Elimination Match for the WWE Title

Sheamus (c) vs Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Edge vs Wade Barrett vs Chris Jericho

The 6 pack challenge elimination match to me the headlining match of the evening. This one is going to be a difficult one to call there are so many outcomes to this match that its going to be very difficult to predict.

I think Sheamus has looked great over the past few weeks especially in his match with John Morrison. Randy Orton is riding a wave of momentum coming into this PPV and has RKO'd many of his match opponents on Raw's leading up to this PPV.

Edge to me is a dark horse in this match although I'm a huge edge fan i think he is a tremendous talent since he came back he seems to of lost something he just doesn't seem quite myself yet. Wade Barrett the leader of Nexus and fellow Englishman Wade faced off with Randy Orton and also had past matches with Jericho, Cena and Sheamus Wade is a good outside bet for this match if WWE are looking at creating a shock and making a new star this is who they could use to do it.

I don't hate John Cena but I don't love him either - I really don't have much to say about him really we've seen the same sort of thing from him leading up to this PPV its my belief that I think he will be eliminated in the Match.

Jericho has been tremendous over these past few weeks on Raw his rants at Michael Cole/GM's Laptop have been great - he's been entertaining whenever he has been on. I would really love to see him win the WWE title again I think he is a great antagonist and he can put on some great matches but with rumours of him Possibly leaving WWE I'm not sure this will happen.

My prediction for this match? well it could well be any of them bit my gut feeling tells me its going to be....Randy Orton its a pure guess but I think this is the most likely Outcome.

Jon422002's Prediction - New WWE Champion Randy Orton

World Title No Holds Barred Match

Kane (c) vs Undertaker

Kane vs Undertaker well people have said we have seen it before and we have but I think that WWE have told a very logical story with this I think some of the promos explaining the past history of the brothers of destruction to the fans who don't know was a good move by WWE and showed a good logical reason as to why Kane would attack his brother. I think we we'll get a better match than fans expect from these to I think that the No Holds Barred stipulation will allow them some more leeway to do some more interesting things. My Prediction for this match is for Kane to retain the World Championship this prediction will surprise some people but I think they need to make Kane look strong as WWE are short of main event wrestlers and there are rumors circulating of Mysterio and Jericho leaving soon so i think this is a chance for Kane to gain more momentum and make him look like even more of a top guy to the WWE fans.

Jon422002's Prediction - Kane

United States Title

The Miz (c) vs Daniel Bryan

I'm really looking forward to this match. I think viewers of NXT season one who saw the heat between Miz and Bryan will be looking forward to this. My feeling is though that this match should of been done earlier (if Bryan hadn't of been fired) but nether the less which will be a good match up. My feeling on this match is that Miz is on such a roll in WWE. Money in The Bank Winner and WWE US Champion and after seeing what happened on Raw this week with Bryan dominating and using his lebell lock on Miz and Alex Riley I think Miz will lose his title and here's the reason why....

I don't think Miz needs the Title I think they need to start pushing Miz towards his ascent towards the WWE title and getting him in the mix with Cena, Orton etc So although Miz will lose he'[s on to bigger and better things because he's the MIz and He's Awesome!!!

Jon422002's Prediction - New US Champion Daniel Bryan

Singles Match

The Big Show vs CM Punk
Well where do I start with this one? Strange that this match is on Night of Champions as this one isn't for a title!!!!

At the beginning of this feud the SES were a group and they attacked Big Show and hurt has hand and by Summerslam the SES had lost to Big Show in a handicap match. Which leads us to today....there is now no SES (apparently CM Punk banished them all but we know that Mercury is injured and Serena was fired) I'm not really sure what to say about this one that Big Show will win this after all if Big Show can beat the old SES 3 on 1 why couldn't he beat CM Punk on his own? I just worry where this will lead for CM Punk he's got so much talent but is being left to wallow in the WWE Midfield.

Jon422002's Prediction - Big Show

Intercontiential Title

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston (if Dolph gets DQ'd or counted out he loses the title)

Well Dolph Ziggler is My Guy I proclaim him my pick of 2010 in January and I'm glad that he's done me proud and won the Intercontinental title. WE have seen over recent weeks that Dolph has tried to keep the title any way he can and we have seen more aggression some Kofi. Kofi is a great athlete and think he can go very far in WWE. But for me in this match I think Ziggler has to retain because if he beats Kofi he can get some credibility back and it would make him look like a viable champion. I have a strong feeling though after seeing Smack this week that Kofi will beat Dolph and become new WWE Intercontirntial Champion.

Jon422002's Prediction - Kofi Kingston

Lumberjill Title Unification Match

Team Laycool (Layla or Mccool) vs Melina

Think this is a good move by WWE to Unify the Women's titles. Not sure why WWE created the Diva's title I think they wanted each brand to have definitive champions but as we have seen with the Tag Titles I didn't seem to work. I think this will be a good Match and I'm not sure who will win this but I'm going to go for Laycool. Think they could do more with the label unified champions and run with it a bit longer than Melina could. After seeing Smackdown this week looks like Michelle is going to take on Melina. Think this will be a win for Michelle and she will be the first unified Women champion.

Jon422002's Prediction - Michelle Mccool

WWE Tag Team Titles

The Hart Dynasty (DH Smith and Tyson Kid) vs ???? and ????

The WWE Tag Team Titles are on the line in this match. After seeing the Hart Dynasty on Smackdown this week losing to Drew Mcintyre and Cody Rhodes - I think it will be Drew and Cody that take on the Hart Dynasty on the PPV. But without anyone announced for this match (at time of print) its a bit hard to Predict but  I'm going to go for the mystery team. I think the titles have been with the Dynasty for a little while and they haven't done much with them so I think they would be better off with a new team and hopefully this will create a new feud with the Hart Dynasty.

Jon 422002's Prediction - New Champions Mystery Team

Well then everyone there is the Card for WWE Night of Champions lets take a look at my full list of predictions:

Randy Orton
Daniel Bryan
Big Show
Kofi Kingston
Michelle MCcool
Mystery Tag Team

lets see if I'm right on Monday Morning!!. Thanks for Reading all Hope everyone Enjoys the PPV!!

Until next time this is Jon422002 and that is my wrestleview

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

some 'smart' wrestling fans have no respect........

Hi this is Jon

I'm back and this Blog Entry has been written because I felt strongly enough to write about this issue. Some of you will think I'm right others will think I'm wrong and that fine we all have different opinions and that's what makes wrestling great so with that in mind please read on and Enjoy!!!

The Views posted in this blog are my own and they are my take on things. I have no inside information and what I write here is purely my thoughts and is written to create a debate and to make people think. Also keep in mind that i am writing about a certain section of wrestling fans the majority are fantastic and are what keeps wrestling alive to the great wrestling fans of the world thank you!!!!

Now read on to hear about these section of 'Smart Wrestling fans that annoyed me so much.......

I Went out on a lunch break at work on Friday Lunchtime and due to the location of work I had absolutely  nothing to do so an hour can be a long time. So I spend my time looking a twitter catching up with Wrestling news via @pwrshow (best wrestling news site in the world check it out!) anyhow while checking twitter I came across some tweets from Kevin Nash.

Nothing new there but these were different...

Kevin Nash was tweeting out about recent comments made by RVD that RVD and Hardy were rock stars and that no one else in TNA could do what they do or draw money...well Kevin Nash took exception to this (and for good reason) Kevin Nash worked hard throughout his career and has had numerous injuries and operations and has given so much not just physically but creatively as well.

Before you all start complaining I'm not defending Kevin Nash (he is big Enough to defend himself and he certainly does need me doing it!!!) Also I am aware that Nash has not been a saint throughout all of his career but then what top guy hasn't been?

I have heard that Kevin Nash spent alot of time with the young guys in TNA (Motor city machine guns, Jay Lethal etc) trying to help them, give them some physcology to their matches and try to make them better.

Then taking a look into Kevin Nash's twitter profile I saw tweets from 'wrestling fans' who were abusing Kevin Nash telling him how crap he is was and how he should get the hell out of wrestling and get off their screens.

Seeing those tweets got me really angry that some fans think that they have the right to be able to abuse wrestlers on twitter, those people should think themselves damn lucky that they even get a chance to speak to a wrestler at all. Wrestlers don't need to get a twitter account but they do so to interact with their fans.

Going back 10-15 years ago there was no opportunity to do that....

I'm not saying that we all have to be nice to all the time to everyone, of course at times we all send funny/humorous tweets and things we find funny - but to attack someones livelihood and all the efforts they have given to there job over the years I think is too much. Look at it this way what if your boss came up to you today in work and said to you (in stronger language)

"in your six years here you been useless,lazy, you cant do anything right and haven't done a thing properly since you walked in the door, your a loser get out of my sight"

How would that make you feel?  imagine getting that every single day in a form of a tweet would you put up with it? I'm sure you wouldn't and why should they?

So I feel that Wrestlers should be shown the respect they deserve for giving us the fans the opportunity to interact with them some fans need to remember that interacting with them is a privilege not a right.

Thats Jon's Wrestleview


Saturday, 14 August 2010

WWE Summerslam 2010 Predictions

Hello All

I would like to start off this blog post on a little bit of a sad note if I may

Since my last blog post I heard the very sad news that Lance Cade former WWE Wrestler passed away. Its so sad to hear news like this especially as Lance was only 29 years old - my thoughts and prayers are with his family,friends and co-workers that knew and loved Lance.


Since I had relative success with my last lot of predictions for WWE MITB (Well I got Kane Winning the MITB match at least)With WWE Summerslam coming up this sunday on PPV I thought I would try and do some more.

Now remember people these are only my humble predictions and are based on my

own thoughts and opinion that's all!!! you don't have to agree with me guys and gals - because wrestling is about all opinions!!

Here we got then!!!

Intercontinental Title

Dolph Ziggler (c) v Kofi Kingston

Well I have to admit i am very one sided in this match and have to go for Dolph Ziggler. I picked Dolph as my next big thing of 2010 and i was so glad when watching Smackdown and he beat Kofi for the Intercontinental title. WWE want to show Kofi's aggressive side and I think that Dolph will win this possibly by DQ or by interference by Vicki Guerrero and therefore retain his title. Having him lose after holding it for two weeks doesn't make much sense but we have seen worse happen haven't we?

WWE Diva's Title

Alicia Fox (c) vs Melina

I must admit this match points towards Melina beating Alicia but since the Raw roster is lacking so much in Diva's that can wrestle and also considering that Melina beat Alicia on Raw Recently I think the title will stay round the waist of Alicia Fox! I still think Alicia deserve a bit longer with her Title there is more to come from Alicia.

3 on 1 Match

(SES) CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury vs Big Show

This match to me seems very thrown together and to give something for the SES to do and to also give Big Show a match of Summerslam. In saying that though with the quite relatively short time in which they have had to build the match they have done as best job as possible. The Angle about breaking Big Show's hand at least adds an extra dimension to this also CM Punk's mike work has been great and during Smackdown we have seen Punk Berate his 'followers' more and more. Result of this match for me is a Big Show win and with more cracks appearing in the SES!!

World Title Match

Kane (c) vs Rey Mysterio

Watching this feud develop and seeing Kane as Champion again is strange as its the first time WWE has given him a longer run with the title but Kane deserves it after all his years of service. I believe that this match will result in Kane Beating Rey Mysterio and retaining his title. However I think its after the match Rey will be put in the coffin, Kane will shut the lid then the lights go out and when they come back on the coffin is open and The Undertaker is staring at Kane. Which would kick off the next program for the World Title. I personally believe that Rey Will take some time off after Summerslam to heal some injuries.

WWE Title

Sheamus vs Randy Orton
This match had the added stipulation on Raw that if any interferes they will be suspended for 30 days and also that this is Randy Orton's Last Chance at a title shot against Sheamus. I think this match will be very good Sheamus has developed so much over the past year and he keeps on getting better and better to the point now that I'm really starting to like what he is doing. Randy Orton is a great wrestler and he is a top star I think the time is right for Randy to win the WWE title and beat Sheamus in this PPV. I think Triple H will return and cost Sheamus his WWE Title therefore picking up on the HHH/Sheamus Storyline again and getting them back into a series a matches.
However this isn't the end of the story.......
After Randy wins i think The Miz will come out and cash in his MITB Briefcase but he will LOSE (I hate saying this because i think Miz is Awesome!!!) and Randy will still walk out of Summerslam as WWE champion. This can then lead to a Miz vs Orton Feud of which WWE gave us a little preview of a few weeks ago.
6 on 7 Elimination Match
Team WWE (6) vs The Nexus (7)
Well to be honest i really don't know which way this one is going to go. The storyline has been Nexus a group that has run roughshod over the WWE Universe and threatens to destabilise the WWE destroying equipment, giving people limo rides and beating up people in the back against Team WWE lead by John Cena who aim to stop them and put an end to Nexus.
If Team WWE beat Nexus here then it puts a straight stop to Nexus and makes all those weeks building up to this pointless and also gives Nexus no where to go next. My Feeling is however is the mystery 7Th man for Team WWE will turn on Team WWE and be revealed as the man who has been giving orders to Nexus. Who could this be Vince McMahon, John Cena? Who Knows we will have to watch and find out but I'm going for a Nexus Win.
So In Summary here are my winners for summerslam
Doplh Ziggler
Alicia Fox
Big Show
Randy Orton
Lets see on Sunday Night if I'm right!!! thanks for reading until next time this is Jon422002 and thats my wrestleview!!!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hardcore Justice or Harcore Failure?

Hello All

I'm back again with today with another blog entry! I was giving this one alot of thought because its something that actually brothers me alot.....TNA Hardcore Justice.

All the views in this blog are my own and you don't have to agree with what i have written and that's OK because if everyone liked the same thing life would be boring.

This blog to most of you will sound like I hate TNA and ECW which is completely untrue I like both promotions and was a huge fan of ECW (just look at my VHS Collection!!!) and I like TNA I just think this could be a very bad business move for them.

So with that said... on with the blog!! and to set the scene here is a recap of what has happened.....

I'm sat at home watching impact a couple of weeks ago and when Abyss and RVD are in the ring the Former ECW Crew (Foley,Dreamer, Rhyno,Raven&Richards) come out to the ring and start giving a beating to Abyss then as the melee unfolds they beat up TNA talent as they try to come down to stop the ECW group.

After a few minutes of Brawling (and the arrivals of Diamond,Snow&Brown) Dixie gets out of her seat and proclaims 'I invited them' this then stops the melee and everyone looks blankly at Dixie as Impact goes off the air.

Last Week Dixie comes to the ring and invites the ECW crew out and Dreamer cuts a promo (basically Saying) Vince destroyed ECW legacy and that they want one more night for people to remember the old ECW and what it stood for.

Since then we have now been told that ECW will have its own PPV Hardcore Justice.

Now here's my problem with this Since 2005 there has been (to my Knowledge) at least 3 ECW reunion shows:

  • ECW One Night Stand 2005
  • Hardcore Homecoming
  • ECW One Night Stand 2006
and on top of this Everyone knew that once Vince Mcmahon brought back ECW he would create it in his on Image.

If you watch The Rise and Fall of ECW Mcmahon says on there when talking about ECW getting a TV deal with TNT "I called Paul and Congratulated him and I told him that he would have to change his style he is not catering to just one hardcore part of the audience anymore he's got to be catering to everyone when on national TV"

That quote is something that TNA should take notice of...........

For me TNA has taken yet another great opportunity and screwed it up. Impact in the past few weeks has got so much better than it was at the beginning of the year the flair/lethal stuff has been awesome, Hardy,Anderson,Pope have all been entertaining and the feud between beer money and Motor City Machine Guns has been tremendous also.

So why is Dixie an owner of TNA of that is paying the likes of Hogan,Bischoff,Anderson,Hardy lots of money to be there to try and get the TNA brand out there and try to draw interest in TNA's product and trying to get TNA to that next level feel that she can kill the momentum of Impact and TNA anytime she pleases? it makes no business sense if Bischoff and Hogan knew this was going to happen to them I don't think they would of signed up.

Hardcore Justice is not going to showcase any of TNA's Talent and on top of that they only have a few weeks to build this PPV up.

I would rather see AJ Styles, Anderson, Hardy, Pope, Morgan, Hernandez,Beer Money, Jay Lethal than seeing a bunch of guys from ECW (which closed down nearly 10 years ago) If I wana see ECW i can look at the VHS and the DVD's.

Its no disrespect to the old ECW Guys because they will put on the very best show they can but I just feel that 'The Hardcore Era' is dead in wrestling and that wrestling has moved on.

If I could give one piece of advice to TNA it would be this "Don't go where a path has already been made, Go and make a new path for people to follow"

Thats Jon422002's Wrestleview