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Pro Wrestling Pride 18th Jan Exeter with Former WWE star Eugene

Pro Wrestling Pride - Exeter with Former WWE star Eugene
Sunday January 18th 2014

This is my first show at Exeter Lemongrove at Exeter University the place was totally packed this was a sellout show and with standing areas also over 250 people in attendance.  I wasn't feeling great at all last night recovery from my flu virus so everything as always is from memory plus I couldn't get as many photos as I wanted to as I left my charger at home! (I blame the illness for my forgetfulness!!)

I got into my  seat in the 2nd row ready for the show and to kick us off........

6 man tag contest

Team C2 vs Team Pride 

Joshua Knott, Calum Cain and; Catch Champion Tyler Hawke
former NXT star Joel Redman, Darren Saviour and Eddie Ryan

C2 Agenda came out 1st Callum, Tyler and Josh make there way to the ring with their ring song playing revolution. Tyler Hawke has a great cocky persona and think its great Tyler reminds me of the cocky intensity of Tully Blanchard mixed with Rick Martel arrogance - he was really giving it to fans, Josh Knott and Callum Cain doing the same thing themselves too. 

Out next is Darren Saviour followed by Eddie Ryan and Joel Redman. they have a cracking 6 man tag team match this was such a great match to kick off the show and really set the tone for the evening this was tremendous an what I write wont do this justice. The fans around me were really into this and loved the good guys and hated the bad guys and thats how it should be.

Team PWP Joel, Darren and Eddie worked on the left arms of all C2 competitors they really take it to team C2 with Darren Saviour and Tyler Hawke having a great series of moves between each other with Darren Hitting Tyler with a Enziguri kick.

A fantastic spot was Darren Saviour getting Callum Cain legs which has the ring post in between them and Darren first called up David (who was sat int he front row) to come and pull Cains legs so he went balls first in the ring post. After this Darren then called up Kids to do the same thing, nice moment and great for the kid to get involved.

C2 ending up coming back and taking control of the match again until all 6 competitors end up in the ring and we end up in a 6 person brawl all over the ring and to the outside as well too.

C2 Agenda really work over Joel Redman and C2 Agenda manage to pick up the win in this match when Tyler and Josh put Callum over Joel Redman for the 3 count.

Catch Division Dream match

 Ultimo Tiger vs Antonia de Luca

Up next is Antiono de luca makes his entrance ,and out next is ultimo tiger and they get into the ring and start fighting with each other. De luca has a good presence about him he looks in great shape and Tiger looked great too very athletic and he is able to change a pace of a match well and in the latter stages of the match was able to change that pace and brings the fans with him into the match draws them in with his moves and his timing of them.

Antiono and Tiger have a back and forth match and tiger hits a fantastic dive over the top rope onto de luca. De luca gets some close pinfalls and starts to get frustrated but Tiger manages to comes back in to the match and is able to gain back the advantage and gets the pinfall victory and defeat De Luca.

Winner - Ultimo Tiger

Keizer comes to the ring dressed in a suit as Duncan Bugg (ring Announcer) is talking to the fans Keizier is told by Bugg that he is banned from tonight's show Keizer takes the mic and says that he understands that he was banned from the building and then goes on to apologise to all the fans for his recent actions on social media regarding things he said regarding Koji Kanemoto and Dick Riley.

Keizer then gets angry and starts telling Bugg that he should have a match tonight and Bugg should apologise to him for not letting him on the show, Keixer then pushes over Bugg which then brings out Darren Saviour to calm down the situation and Darren Apologises on Keizer behalf as Darren stated "my friend Keizer is a dick he is still my friend and he apologises for pushing you over" when Darren back is turned Keizer hits Darren from behind and Saviour and Keizer start brawling in the middle of the ring. which eventually breaks up, this looks interesting and could set Saviour on a series of singles match with Keizer.

Tag titles

 Rocker John Harding and former WWE star Eugene vs  tag team champions, Pretty Marvellous.(Danny and Mark Walsh)

Mark and Danny Walsh pro wrestling pride tag team champs make their entrance with two lovely blonde ladies Dannny Walsh has a Scooby doo soft toy in his hands as he walks to the ring (more on that later), Rocker John Harding is out next and he gets the crowd ready for Eugene, Eugene music hits and he walks to the ring and goes and picks up a fire extinguisher. Eugene then gets towards the ring and starts going after the girls that are with the Walsh brothers. Eugene gets a walking stick from a fan in the front row and goes after the girls again.

I really enjoyed this match and both these teams really worked well  on a great match. key to this I thought was that everyone in the match played to the strength of Eugene character and were all playing off his character which really made a lot of sense and were able to put together a logical match. At the beginning of the match Danny Walsh offers Scooby doo to Eugene and Eugene takes Scooby as his "new friend"

John Harding I felt was great in this match and was constantly trying to get the crowd into the match and was putting all the focus on his tag team partner, but John was great in the ring with both Walsh Brothers and John was cut off from Eugene for awhile in this match, then John managed to get the tag and Eugene Deliver a Rock Bottom and then a Stunner to both Walsh Brother Respectively.

Danny Walsh grabs hold of Scooby doo and throws it across the ring and then grabs Eugene and steals the pinfall to retain the tag team titles.

This was a great entertaining match and crowd loved it. Watch below to see what happened after the match and what John Harding and Eugene made the referee do!! Then all the kids comes into the ring to celebrate with Harding and Eugene.

International no.1 contender's match

The following week in Newton Abbot the winner of this match will get themselves a catch division title shot.

Dick Riley vs Living Legend Koji Kanemoto.

Dick Riley and Koji Kanamoto go head to head in a match to see how will face Tyler Hawke next week at Newton Abbott in Devon.

Koji and Riley start off in the ring and Koji hits a series of kicks to his thigh and back for his leg. Riley doesn't isn't happy about these at all, Koji continues and hits Riley with a series of punches and kicks and Riley goes down,Riley comes back briefly and Koji manages to take control again. Koji goes and works on the lg and ankle of Riley and gets him in the ankle lock on 3 separate occasions but Riley manages to get to the ropes, on each occasion.

Koji then goes up to the top rope after positioning Riley and hits him him a moonsault to win the match

Winner- Koji Kanemoto

Tyler Hawke comes out after the match and tells Koji that he will be facing him next week and that there is no way that Koji will be beating him the catch division trophy will be staying with Tyler Hawke and Staying with the C2 Agenda.

Main event - Lumberjack Match

Chris Andrews vs UK Dominator for the Pride heavyweight championship

The main event of the evening  UK dominator comes out to the ring 1st and he gets in to the ring and asks  all the lumberjack to join him in thering. All the lumberjacks including Walsh Brothers, Tyler Hawke, Josh Knott.

Chris Andrews comes out to the ring and gets into the face of the lumberjacks and Dominator.

Dominator tries to lock up with Andrews several times but Andrews get the better of him every time and Dominator gets out of the ring and is having a conversation with his lumberjacks. Dominator gets back into the ring and Andres throws dominator down at this point Dominator gets a "lumberjack massage" from this point on the Lumberjacks are distracting Andrews and making life hard for him in order to help Dominator.

Andrews gets thrown outside and all the lumberjacks are punching and kicking Andrews and taking Andrews out as much as possible. Andrews comes back after being grabbed hold of by all the lumberjacks on the outside in front of me and Dominator goes to hit him and Andrews moves and all the lumberjacks go down.

Following this the lumberjacks get involved again once both men are back in the ring and Andrews goes to hit a spear Mark Walsh dives into the ring and pushes Dominator out of the way and takes a huge spear from Andrews!

Andrews manages to hit Dominator with the TKO and we have a brand new PWP champion Chris Andrews!!!!

I thought this show was well put together the 1st match really did come off with bang and set the tone for the evening, we had high flying of tiger to follow, with a fantastic tag team match with Walsh Brothers vs Eugene and Harding and then hard hitting Koji Kanemoto with Dick Riley to a new champion Chris Andrews. The show was leading towards the Andrews win and this to end the evening brought it all together nicely and send all the fans home happy.

If your thinking of going to a pride show next week in Newton abbott is Free but you must get in contact with Pro Wrestling Pride 1st as tickets have to be issued please see the post below on how you can do this 


Japanese Legend, Strong style master Koji Kanemoto will be making his final appearance of his UK tour on this show!

Making our debut in Newton Abbot with our unique brand of high flying, hard hitting action, and what a way to do it!

The main event will be a huge catch division championship battle - The tag team championships will also be on the line earlier in the evening! all this and so much more! 

"Please inbox Pro Wrestling Pride on Facebook to reserve tickets"

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Pro Wrestling Report - Moving to Once Monthly Primetime Episodes

Pro Wrestling Report

Moving to Once Monthly Primetime Episodes

I woke up this morning and as is usual on Sunday one of the first things I do is grab my ipad which is next to my bed and go to youtube and watch Pro Wrestling Report Primetime Time TV (which aired on My24 Milwaukee the night before) - its how I start my Sunday and has become a ritual for me throughout the years.

Unfortunately on todays episode of Pro Wrestling Report Primetime 10 January 2015 Dameon Nelson Announced that Pro Wrestling Report will no longer be on My 24 Milwaukee in its current format and that the weekly episodes of Primetime will now be replaced with a one a month (on PPV weekends) 1 Hour Long edition of Primetime.

Dameon stated that the wrestling business has changed over the years and the way PPV's have been or now presented has also changed (in the fact that they are no longer PPVs in WWE rather special events and TNA are having less PPV events also) and in turn Pro Wrestling Report needs to be able to change with the times also.

The interest in Pro Wrestling Dameon stated has changed since he founded Pro Wrestling Report in 1998 and the boom period they launched in is not  the same in 2015. 

Dameon also stated that for personal reasons also that the time is right to make a change to the product and also the correct time for them personally to make changes in their own lives

 I believe that if someone feels deep down in their heart that they have to make a fundamental change in their life then they should do that people must do what is right for them.

 I support that 100% Dameon and David have given us all such entertainment over the years and given a lot back to us as fans. They provided us with TV show, radio, online for years along with awesome people Linda Kay, Frank Cossentino, Meathead, Rasche Brown, Sara Macdermott, Kal Herro and Matthew Thomas.

They never charged us the fan a penny for any of the content they produced, they did it because they love wrestling and love the business.

PWR Primetime really did change a lot for me personally and this goes back to before primetime was on TV and was on Youtube Exclusively.  

  Iv been a PWR fan since 2009 and they brought out the passion in wrestling for me again, because of them I joined twitter and PWR gave me a platform to talk about wrestling meet new people/fans and have fantastic conversation with people that I never has the opportunity to meet before.

 They made me PWR 2K10 Fan Of The Year on Primetime and without them I must certainly would not of brought a suite and sexy ticket in 2013 and go and achieve my dream of seeing Wrestlemania live in person and meeting so many legends and fantastic people along the way at Wrestlemania 29. 

with Dameon Nelson in New York

With David Herro in New York

With Linda Kay in New York

With Sara Macdermott in New York

At Wrestlemania 29 
So now we move forward to the future Pro Wrestling Report will now on every Monday night on have PWR Live - a weekly wrestling talk Podcast right after WWE Raw where you will be able to hear reaction and opinion and as mentioned above on every WWE PPV (special event) weekend on Saturday PWR will be on My24 Milwaukee with a 1 hour long show.

You can follow @pwrshow on Twitter along with @dameonnelson and @davidherro and be part of the twitter world wide conversation on Wrestling with them.

I'm going to miss seeing the Modern Day Heenan/Monsoon my my ipad screen every week

#ThanksPals! you've been #Tremendous :)

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

CM Punk - his interview with Colt Cabana & how he created magic at Wrestlemania 29

CM Punk - his interview with Colt Cabana and how Punk created magic at Wrestlemania 29

 Thanks for reading everything i'm writing here is from memory and my opinion on what I listened to on the  show!!! enjoy :)
This week like many of you I listened to brand new Art of Wrestling Podcast by Colt Cabana and as his guest he had CM Punk. CM Punk talked for the first time about what happened with him and WWE and What his perspective and what his opinion was on the situation and what took place. I respect him for speaking out and speaking his mind too its not an easy thing to do and it was something he didn't have to do. So like may others I personally felt very privileged to hear CM Punk express his opinions and thoughts.

If you haven't listened to it yet please go and listen at and click on the listen to the podcast link. Also if you have a couple of spare bucks (or pounds if your from England like me) please support Colt and his Podcast by purchasing some merch (click the link below)

Both Colt and Cm Punk gave us this interview for free  as they said could of gone to a company and made lots of money but Punk stated that "Ladies and Gentleman not everything in life is about money and that is a lot of what my story is about"

the interview I felt with CM Punk was captivating the issues he talked through and the instances he talked about with Vince Mcmahon, Triple H and WWE medical staff were absolutely incredible, how some of those things still take place in 2014 is unbelievable.

I could sense and feel the frustration of CM Punk especially when he was talking about not being able to have sponsors and Vince Mcmahon telling him "no pal you cant do that" but then only for Vince to change his mind when Brock Lesnar came into the company a short while later and he was allowed to wear shorts with outside sponsors on, CM punk quite rightly is questioning what is going on here?

cm punk wanted to wear shorts with sponsors

In another instance he talks about wanting to walk Chael Sonnen to the ring at a UFC Event in Chicago and so he talks to Vince Mcmahon and Vince calls UFC "barbaric" and again tells CM Punk "No" however again as before 2 weeks alter Triple H walks Floyd Mayweather to the ring and its fine. CM Punk fails to see the difference and so do I, CM Punk was trying to tell Vince about the extra Publicity that it would bring WWE but it fell on deaf ears.

chael sonnen

CM Punk also talked about his issues with WWE medical staff and to be honest that's what shocked me most in the interview. WWE medical staff ignoring a lump on the back of CM punk for weeks and months and allowing him to carry on performing not just with this unknown lump getting worse and going black and purple in colour but also the concerning nature of the WWE concussion test.

We are much well informed now and concussion is becoming a big issue in sport and also in wrestling chair shots to the head are now banned as a result of concussion research. CM Punk told WWE staff he had a concussion however they advised him he had to take the concussion test. WWE told CM Punk that he took the test and passed but then said we want you to run the ropes because we think you still have a concussion, CM Punk then said well whats the point of your test? If I take it the doctor says I passed (although I do have a concussion) and then you WWE are telling me you think I still have one, why are we going through this? to me based on what we heard, WWE sounds very slapdash when it comes to concussions. (and that lump on CM Punk that he talked about earlier when he went to a doctor independent of WWE we was told right away it was a staph infection and he could of died. Chris Candido sadly passed away from a staph infection in 2005) its scary how WWE are playing with the lives of their talent.

CM Punk also stated that on his wedding day in June 2014 he got a package from WWE with his termination papers in and stated that because of that, he will never work for WWE again .

Below on want to focus on the magic that CM Punk created at Wrestlemania 29.

How CM Punk created magic at Wrestlemania 29 - The Magic Of Wrestling

I have never been till at Wrestlemania until 2013. I managed to get the opportunity to go to New York and fly over from England after saving so much money from go and see the showcase of the immortals and going to realise a dream. Since i was 5 years old i had wanted to go to #Wrestlemania, so this was my chance. 

We arrived at Metlife Stadium 4 hours before the show started and wasted so much time outside the stadium but it was worth it i got to soak up all the atomsphere around Metlife Stadium 

My friend Dominic came with me and although not the biggest wrestling fan he kept his eye on WWE before Wrestlemania, Dominic knew what wrestling was an enjoyed it to a point but i think he had difficulty understanding the art of wrestling and how you could suspend you disbelief.

We are watching through Wrestlemania 29 and it comes to CM Punk vs Undertaker my friend Dominic says that he is looking forward to this. As the match is going on he finally experienced what pro wrestling is all about. As the match is going on and we are getting into a number of near pinfalls, Cm Punk goes for a cover and my friend jumps out of his seat at the count of 2 that's when i knew that he was witnessing the magic of wrestling. After the match was over my friend looked at me and said "i now understand why you love this so much during that match I got so into it i really cared about who won and lost i never thought that would happen"

Me and my mate Dominic still talk about that moment and talks about it as one of the stand out moments of the trip to New York.

 so CM Punk you may never of made main event money for that match (which you should of) but you created a priceless memory for me and my friend. seeing your last wrestlemania match and making my only wrestlemania so special for that i thank you.

Thanks for reading 
Jonathan Orchard 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Pro Wrestling Pride - 3 stages of Hell 23rd November 2014

Pro Wrestling  Pride - 3 stages of Hell  23rd Nov 2014


Thanks for reading everything i'm writing here is from memory and my opinion on what I saw at the show!!! enjoy

This past weekend I jumped on the train and took the 2 hour journey from where I live down to Torquay to go and see my 3rd show of Pro Wrestling Pride.

This Torquay show was on Sunday 23rd November and  the main event is former wwe nxt star Joel Redman vs Tyler Hawke in a 3 stages of hell match.

We get to warriors and what's cool about this venue there is 2 levels you can sit around the ring or you can go upstairs and watch the show from the balcony.  We decided this time to watch from the balcony as get a birds eye view of the action.

Pro Wrestling Pride World Title Match 
UK Dominator vs Josh Knott 

UK Dominator

I always enjoy seeing UK dominator at pro wrestling pride shows he is that old school Scottish heel that doesn't like anyone and doesn't like anybody. He comes out and people and other fans around me  are booing him a lot even before the Match starts. Dominator comes out with Baine. 

Josh Knott comes out and out match begins. Dominator and Knott have a good Match with each other but Baine gets involved a lot at various points in the match trying to help Dominator win. Baine gets told to go to the back by the referee and while this is going on Dominator gets his belt goes to hit Josh with it, however Knott grabs the title but the ref gets back in the ring and takes the title from Knott and when thw ref back is turned Dominatir kicks Knott with a low blow and wins the match. Following the match a frustrated Knott pushes over the referee and leaves. 

Chris Andrews Gauntlet

chris andrews in action

Uk Dominator stays in the ring as coming up next is Gauntlet Match for Chris Andrews. If Andrews wins he selects the situations for their match at the next show in Exeter if Dominator  wins he can choose the stipulation . Andrews starts off by facing Italian Stallion and he is the first of Andrews opponents. Andrews finishes him up quickly and his next opponent comes in, this goes a little longer but Andrews with his size and strength hits a fireman a carry into a diamond cutter/RKO and his 3rd opponent then comes our Baine!! Baine takes it to Andrews and they fight back as forth. The match heads outside and while they are out there Dominator gets invoked and Andrews follows Dominator up the aisle way and the ref is counting and Andrews couldn't make the count and so loses the match. 

Dominator comes back and he and the other wrestlers in the ring beat down Chris Andrews and Dominator announces that their match in Exeter will be a lumberjack match and Dominator will choose the lumberjacks. 

Up next 

Pro Wrestling Pride Tag Team championship Match
Wrestling Time (Darren Saviour and Ultimo Tiger) vs  Pretty Marvellous ( Danny and Mark Walsh) 

darren saviour and ultimo toger

Mark Walsh and Danny Walsh

I was really looking forward to this match since it was announced on Facebook in the week. It was great to see Walsh brothers in action as I hadn't seen them as a team before. I saw them both on Raven Show back in August but as a team was intriguing. Felt that these two team could have a great match together.

First off it was great to see Danny Walsh back in the ring after a little while away (the fans appreciated it and lots of chants of Danny Walsh after the match) 

The match went back and forth with Walsh brothers cutting off Tiger from Saviour and employing double team moves and  trying to dominate the match. Saviour then entered the ring off the tag and  took out both brothers then out of no where appears Mega Tiger and goes straight after Ultimo tiger they battle to the back and leave Darren on his own. Walsh Brothers take advantage of this and attack Darren and are getting many near falls. I think this is where the match is going to end, i thought I knew what was coming next new tag team champions.

However Tiger comes back out and comes off the top rope onto both brothers with tiger back, tiger and saviour are able to get the pinball and retain the tag titles . 

I really enjoyed this Match because it took me on so many twists and turns. There were moments in this match that I thought I knew what was going to happen and how the match was going to finish but it changed direction and didn't follow a formula  above all though they told a story and kept me guessing which I like as a wrestling fan, they gave me what I wasn't expecting in this match and that is clever.

After the match Danny Walsh gets on the mic and calls all the fans "dickheads" which got lots of the fans chanting "we are dickheads" which was a funny moment. Danny then challenges Wrestling Time to a return match in Exeter.

After the interval came the next match the debut match of mega Tiger vs Rocker John.

Ultimo Tiger takes out Rocker John and Referee Owen Quinn

mega tiger was very dominant in this match and rocker john took a lot of blows to the back and even though I was at the top of warriors I could see the marks on his back. Mega Tiger won the match with a cradle bomb (Sheamus white noise move) after the match mega tiger go in the face of referee Owen Quinn and then kicked the ref in the head and then picked him up and did his finisher on the ref. This brought out Saviour and Ultimo Tiger and Mega Tiger fled the ring.

Next up was a tag team match for a contract in Pro Wrestling Pride

 unfortunately I cant remember the teams names!! (I couldn't  hear them over the crowd) so I wont go in depth here. it was a tag team match where they choose 4 wrestlers from the pride tryouts they had held earlier in the day.  one chap (on the heel team) got on the mic and stated that he was from Cardiff across the bridge and that he was above doing a tryout match for a contract, I enjoyed him on the mic and for not performing in that venue before made people hate him quickly he showed lots of charisma. Needless to say the chap from Cardiff and his partner Bishop lost and are now heading back across the bridge!

Our main event of the evening

3 stages of hell for pride catch championship
Joel Redman (c) vs Tyler Hawke (w/Calum Cain)

1st match - standard match
2nd match submission
3rd match - no dq street fight

Joel Redman vs Tyler Hawke

Hawke and Redman

Wow Wow Wow what a great main event this was this had a bit of everything and really was a great way to end a great evening. again the theme running through this whole show tonight was story. This was another match which told a story within itself but also linked back to a story earlier on in the night.

Before the match began fans next to me on the balcony were chanting "redman sucks" and "Tyler Hawke" so a vocal portion of the crowd were on Redman back all night.

1st match was a standard match between Redman and Hawke with both men trying to out do each other or more correctly Hawke trying to outdo Redman in terms of wrestling skill and prowess. This led to some great spots in the first match with redman doing a handstand on the ropes both sides and also having Hawke in a leg scissors and making him fall over by smacking him on the ass!!

However it was Hawke who had the last laugh in the first fall when he managed to pin Redman by having his feet on the ropes and getting the 1-2-3.

the 2nd match was then a submission match and it centred around Hawke working on the leg of Redman and on the knee brqace on redman right leg. however redman was able to turn this around and get Hawke into a crossface submission. unfortunately Tyler got to the ropes and managed to break the hold only because his manager Calum Cain pushed the rope so Hawke could reach it., shortly after Redman was able to re-apply the hold and Hawke had no other option than to tap out.
Redman does a handstand

This brought us to our final fall the no DQ street fight.....this was insane....really insane.
I enjoyed this immensely and as I described earlier I like it when I can get carried away with a match and get involved in it so much. Redman went and found a chair under the ring brought it over to Hawke who was on the outside and gave him a  chair shot . Redman then went under the ring again and pulled out a table he pushed it into the ring (a ladder was also in the ring too) Redman then went to set up the table, he set the table up then Manager Callum Cain got on the apron Joel grabbed Cain by the head and Joel then stepped onto the 2nd rope and picked up Cain and suplexed him through the table!!!!!  The table blew apart in two!!!

Redman then gets a chair and sets it up in the ring but this allows Hawke to take the advantage and throw Redman into the corner, Hawke then run at Redman in the corner and use the chair to jump off and drop kick Redman.

Following this Redman manages to regain control and sets up a chair in the ring and gets ahold of Hawke and hits a spinning tombstone piledriver but only gets a 2 count! with the chair set up in the ring Hawke and Redman go to the corner with Redman sat on the turnbuckle and Hawke on the 2nd rope Redman manages to get Hawke and rotates him round to a invented pildriver position from the top rope, Redman then jumped off and piledrove Hawke through the chair set up in the ring!!!! This was incredible and the whole crowd went mental chants of "holy shit" spread throughout the area people were genuinely shocked to see that as was I!

Josh Knott then comes out to even the score with the interfering Calum Cain Knott gets into the ring and sets up the ladder that was in the ring for Joel to climb to finish off Hawke ?Joel gets to the top of the ladder and then Knott pushes Joel off the ladder and it leads to Hawke getting the pinfall and becoming new catch division champion!!!!

Josh Knott hugged Cain now Knott has officially joined C2 Agenda!!

Hawke and Knott beat down Redman after the match and Redman then demanded a re match in Exeter for the next show.

I really enjoyed this show as they linked together the beginning and end of the show and told a story within a story and added depth to Josh Knott and now set him on a new path not only did it do that but added more into mega tiger vs ultimo tiger and more elements with Hawke and Redman and Dominator vs Andrews.

thanks for reding
Jonathan Orchard

The card is looking strong and the next show is