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WWE NXT show Review 17 June 2016 Plymouth UK

WWE NXT show Review 17 June 2016
Plymouth UK


Hugo Knox vs Wesley Blake 

Knox won via pinfall
Hugo Knox
Wesley Blake

Angelo Dawkins vs Alexander Wolfe (w/ Sawyer Fulton)

Wolfe won via pin after a distraction from Fulton

Baymella vs Alexa Bliss and Peyton Royce
Win for Baymella via pinfall

Bobby Roode vs No Way Jose

 Roode Wins via pinfall

Tye Dillinger vs Andrade “Cien” Almas

Almas gets the Tye Dillinger via pinfall

American Alpha vs The Revival (c)

NXT Tag championship match
Alpha Win via DQ as ref out of the ring

Asuka(c) vs Nia Jax
NXT Womens Title
Asuka wins via pinfall

Main Event

Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Samoa Joe and Austin Aries

Balor and Nakamura Win

My Family actually borough me a ticket for this show for my 30th Birthday and It was a great birthday present. I was really looking forward to seeing Shinsuke Nakamura as I'd been a fan sine seeing him in NJPW and wanted to se him up close.  

I was at NXT Cardiff in 2015 so this is my 2nd NXT show

Here's some notes from me on the show

I thought this was a tremendous show it was nice to see some new talent and to get to see some more of recently introduced talent like Andrade Cien almas.

I was pleased to see new established talents like Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. Roode was great to see and he had a fun and entertaining match with No Way Jose.

Roode did a good job of getting the crowd to hate him, especially as they were cheering him so much to begin with. Talents like Roode and Aries will be the solid performers that carry NXT forward in this New NXT Era

No Way Jose made people laugh, he was entertaining and he was pure fun, you need that and he looks very comfortable doing what he's doing will be interesting to see what they do with him and develop No Way Jose.

Tye Dillinger was great on the mic and he is fast becoming one of NXT homegrown success stories. He played the crowd so well and his line of "I'm a perfect 10, I don't associate with mediocre 3's" he really seems to know his character well and where he is going with it, I think he will be a big time player in NXT going forward.

Andrade Cien Almas I was very impressed with and as I said before he and Ty Dillinger worked together so well.

All the ladies match were fantastic tag team match had a great dynamic with lots of chants for Bayley and Carmella. Interesting seeing Peyton Royce on what happens with her going forward. Alexa Bliss is someone I think we could see a lot more of in NXT Women's title picture, she really knows how to make people hate her.

American Alpha and The Revival were both Consistently Brilliant, another rollercoaster match . No Pun intended but these two teams are reviving tag team wrestling, fans were really into it, and it shows that you get two cohesive teams that want to have the best natch possible what can be achieved, I have no idea how their feud will end but I cant wait to see it.

Balor and Nakamura as a team vs Aries and Samoa Joe as a wrestling fan I thought Id never see this match over a year ago (roughly) with Joe and Aries being in TNA and Nakamura in NJPW just shows how quickly things can change, Nakamura entrance is truly something tremendous to see and his style and charisma is unreal.

Balor was interesting again during his entrance he pointed to the Club on his titantron and did the too sweet sign a lot, also something of note, he did the "suck it" pose too during his match, maybe Balor Club is coming? or is Balor joining another club?

Overall this was well worth seeing if you didn't go, make sure you do when they come back, well worth the money  and a fantastic birthday present for me.

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All photos taken by me at NXT Plymouth

Friday, 3 June 2016

Pro Wrestling Pride Heroes and Legends 2016 Sun 10 July w/ Hornswoggle, Bob Holly, Scotty 2 Hotty, PJ Black and Doug Williams

Pro Wrestling Pride 
Heroes and Legends July 2016

  w/ Hornswoggle,Bob Holly, Scotty 2 Hotty, Justin Gabriel, Doug Williams

Sunday 10th July 2016 
Torbay Leisure Centre - Paignton

Plus  PWP World Champion Big Grizzly, PWP Catch Division Champion Scotty Essex, Keizer, Eddie Ryan. Vixen, Chris Andrews, Adam Da Silva, Lomax, Gideon and more!!!!

(from left to right) Top Line - Ultimo Tiger, Big Grizzly Darren Saviour
Centre line - Scotty Essex, Keizer, Vixxen
Bottom Line - Lomaxx, Gideon, Eddie Ryan

Below are the announced matches so far (+ more to come New match will be added as they are announced)

Ultimo Tiger vs PJ Black 

6 Man Tag Team Match

Gideon, UK Dominator, Lomax vs The Magnums and Hornswoggle

Get your tickets now (click link below)

Buy Tickets For Pro Wrestling Pride Heroes and Legends 3

See you at the show!

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Pro Wrestling Pride Preview w/ RVD and Mr Anderson Taunton Sunday 26th June 2016

Pro Wrestling Pride Preview 
w/ RVD and Mr Anderson
Sunday 26th June 2016

Pro wrestling pride returns to Wellsprings Leisure centre in Taunton on Sunday 26th June 2016 With former WWE Superstars Rob Van Dam and Mr Anderson and UK Legend Doug Williams.

Plus PWP World Champion Big Grizzly, PWP Catch Division Champion Scotty Essex, Keizer, Eddie Ryan. Vixen, Chris Andrews, Adam Da Silva and more!!!!

(from left to right) Top Line - Ultimo Tiger, Big Grizzly Darren Saviour
Centre line - Scotty Essex, Keizer, Vixxen
Bottom Line - Lomaxx, Gideon, Eddie Ryan

Below are the announced matches so far (+ more to come)

Rob Van Dam vs Scotty Essex

Mr Anderson vs Charlie Garrett

PWP World Title Match

Big Grizzly (C) vs Eddie Ryan

4 Way Tag Team Ladder Match

Danny Jones and Doug Williams
Gideon and Lomax
The Magnums
The Soul Society

Full Match Card Below

Get your tickets now (click link below)
(Front row already sold out)

See you at the show!

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Friday, 13 May 2016

Pro Wrestling Pride Teignmouth Preview 22nd May 2016

Pro Wrestling Pride Teignmouth Preview 22nd May 2016


TNA Superstar BRAM

No stranger to Pride, the Maniac Bram is known for his incredible brawling style. He has defeated the best stars from all over the world and now Ultimo Tiger has stepped up to face the king of Chaos, Bram has accepted the fight however the match will now be a NO-DQ street fight, can Tiger survive to tell the tale of this battle?

WWE NXT and Evolve Star Johnny Gargano

Recognised as one of the very best pro wrestlers in the world he has battled for all the biggest companies inc PWG, Evolve and now WWE's NXT. A master technician and an incredibly fast striker who will Gargano battle in his Devon debut?

British Wrestling Legend
Johnny Kidd

An absolute true living legend in the sport of professional wrestling, Mr Smooth has done it all and beaten the best, we are honoured and sad to announce that his will be his official last EVER match in Devon, just days before his official retirement, so join us live for what is a historic day in Teignmouth History.

Plus all the PWP Stars Ultimo Tiger, Big Grizzy, Scotty Essex, Eddie Ryan, Charlie Garrett, Keizer, The Magums,+ more!!!

Announced card

A fantastic evening of Pro Wrestling coming your way! Book Tickets now by going to

(Click on Link below to Purchase all tickets including Meet and Greet, Family tickets and more)

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

How Dave Lagana made me understand my own opinion

How David Lagana made me understand my own opinion

Hello All

Just a short blog from me this week but one that really means a lot to me and gave me an insight into myself and also into the psychology and the intricacies of Pro wrestling, it made me look at it a completely different way.

David Lagana took me to school.

David Lagana
David Lagana (left) with Legend Dusty Rhodes

This week David Lagana Current Writer for Impact Wrestling who has also written previously for WWE and iconic TV show Friends.

David  asked on his twitter whether he had Any UK followers watching Challenge TV at 9pm to see Impact Wrestling, this past Sunday night. 

 I replied that I was from the UK and I would be watching the show and David Lagana asked me to tweet him my thoughts on the show as it went on.

It was one tweet that I sent in particular and that I got a reply from Mr Lagana that made me realise so much about myself, how I form opinions and also how I watch pro wrestling David Lagana achieved this in 6 words.

It all started when The Miracle  Mike Bennett came on screen I saw his entrance with the Beautiful Maria and I'm sat there thinking I don't understand this guy The Miracle, why is he the miracle and what makes him so special he isn't? I really don't like him at all.

So I send the following tweet to Mr Lagana with my opinion on The Miracle

His reply was

With those few special words David Lagana That's when I realised how clever Mike Bennett is and I realised why I don't like the character.

You see in David reply he said

"Hence the heel calling himself that" and that's when the fog finally lifted for me

Mike Bennett is portraying a bad guy, even before saying a word and coming out he has already got me to not like him because of his name, his entrance and his demeanour. I don't have to understand his character because in what Mike did, he already made me dislike his character without understanding it,

Establishing that is so very clever and shows the depth of thought that goes into creating a character like his.

It also made me look at myself and it makes you realise that although you don't think you form opinions straight away you do and sometimes in my case my opinion was formed before I even realised it and tweeted it and understood it fully.

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Discover - The Elite of Professional Wrestling

Discover - The Elite of Professional Wrestling
Matt (Left) Kenny (middle) Nick (right)

I'm back with a new blog and this time looking at a Trio making a lot of noise in the Wrestling World The Elite!!
Check out The Elite Youtube channel by clicking below

Check out Kenny Omega YouTube Channel by Clicking Below

Follow The Elite on Twitter
Matt Jackson - @MattJackson13  
Nick Jackson - @NickJacksonYB  
Kenny Omega  - @KennyOmegamanX      

Buy The Elite, Young Bucks, Kenny Omega Merchandise by clicking the links below

The Elite T shirt

The Young Bucks merchandise

Kenny Omega merchandise

When AJ Styles was attacked by The Bullet Club following New Japan Pro Wrestling Pay per view Wrestlekingdom 10 Kenny Omega took control of the group and an offshoot of The Bullet Club now named The Elite was formed and born.

The Elite are a group of 3 Professional Wrestlers Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks) these 3 men came together to create The Elite.

The Young Bucks Nick and Matt

Nick and Matt have been a tremendously entertaining Tag Team who have been all over the world they have been in ROH, Chikara, New Japan, TNA and many more. They have won many championships over the world and in 2016 are one of the biggest Tag Teams in the world of wrestling.

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega has been in DDT Wrestling, Chikara, New Japan Wrestling, ROH,WWE and Many More himself.

Kenny has had matches of the year in Japan vs Koto Ibushi and has won IGWP Junior Heavyweight Championship and IGWP intercontinal Championship too as Well as holding 6 man tag titles NEVER Weight with The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt)

Omega said he and The Young Bucks were The Elite.

Omega said in an interview

"There's a place you can go to watch the most ridiculous and entertaining stuff in pro wrestling, and it's The Elite".

If you haven't seen them and you haven't experienced what The Elite are doing in Professional Wrestling and the Wrestling world then be prepared to smile, laugh and have fun.

They are truly so much fun in New Japan Pro Wrestling, they do what they think is fun and have free reign to create and come up with what they want to do and bring it too the audience in whatever way they see fit.

Not only can all 3 of these men have consistently  great Wrestling matches but they can entertain when they are out of the ring too.

They are doing what makes them laugh and what appeals to their sense of humour they are being unique and creating their own path in Pro Wrestling.

A lot of fans think that The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega should be in WWE. There is no doubt in my mind that at some point in time they will be and they will be tremendously successful too.

Right now though I want to enjoy what they are now and what they can do and produce right now for as long as possible because when they enter the machine of WWE they maybe wont have the same freedom.

Check out this video below from the Elite

The Elite - Vines that should of Gone Viral

Since The Elite have been formed they have been having an ongoing battle with WWE trio The New Day (Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E) about who is the best and most dominant trip in the world of pro wrestling The Elite even issued this challenge to The New Day (please click the video below to view)

The Elite - Challenge to The New Day

The New day then responded to The Elite just before Wrestlemaina in this interview with 2k Sports! Please see video below

The Elite are doing things to entertain themselves and the Wrestling world they are having fun and enjoying what they are doing and it translates on screen and to the fans as well.
The following videos is a great example of this.

The Elite - In a Bad Way

The Elite - Matt gets stood up (My personal favourite!!)

Also Kenny Omega has been having his own ongoing personal battle with Austin Creed (WWE Xavier Woods) about who is the better gamer. Both are very competitive and have been facing each other in a series of challenges.

You can see the series of Video game challenges below

Omega vs Creed Part 1

Omega vs Creed Part 2 NBA Jam

Omega vs Creed Part 3 - Daytona USA

Omega vs Creed Part 4 Tetris

Omega vs Creed - Part 5 WWF Superstars

Always remember its An Elite Day!!!!

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