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Wwe network and wwe2k15 - delays and disappointments

WWE network and wwe2k15 - delays and disappointments

As always what is written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan I'm not an'wrestling expert and don't proclaim to be one, just giving my opinion. With that said hope you enjoy the blog!!! :)

I have been really disappointed by WWE recently first I hear that wwe 2k15 is being delayed for the ps4 and Xbox one due to 2k sports the game developer needing more time to make the game 100% as It needs to be. It's frustrating as this game is really anticipated and the announcement of new game mode my career sounds great, it's an annoyance for me but it's something I can understand.

A statement in read
"WWE 2k15 has been delayed on PS4 and Xbox One to November 18 in North America and November 21 in Europe, 2K has announced.
The next-gen installment in the popular franchise was originally expected on October 28 in North America and October 31 in Europe. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will still launch on those dates"

To follow up this delay I was eagerly anticipating the wwe network coming to the UK on 29th September 2014 there hadn't been much going into this date in terms of advertising and it seemed to be really quiet and then on it was announced on 1st October that wwe have delayed the launch of network in the UK the statement stated that wwe had wanting to push the launch back in order to be able to talk to "potential partners" wwe in the same statement advised fans that they would make another announcement about wwe network in the UK on November 1st 2014 at the moment no one knows when the network will be launched in the UK.

full statement on read

"The launch of WWE Network in the U.K. will be delayed given discussions with potential partners. A launch date will be announced by November 1st," 

Sky sports (who carry all wwe programming in the UK) said before the potential launch that wwe network is a subscription service that "has nothing to do with sky" I am wondering and don't have this as fact but wether wwe are trying to partner with sky in the UK to make wwe network available only on Sky go (Sky own online viewing platform).

Sky and WWE have been partners in the UK since 1990 for 24 years and I think WWE don't want to ruin such a great relationship with them so maybe a bit more time around the negioataing  table and wwe may be able to iron out Any issues with sky and then be able to make wwe available in the UK.

Sky I suspect are concerned about ppv revenue in the UK as they collect all the money for UK ppv £15 a month if this revenue were to decrease this could affect sky ability to carry wwe programming and may not be as profitable as it is now for them.

I hope wwe can get this sorted out soon for the benefit of them and their share holders  so that more money can be made from subscriptions but also for the fans who have had network shoved in their faces for nearly the past year but have not been able to access it hopefully the wait is nearly over

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Pro Wrestling Pride with Doug Wiilliams 20th Sept 2014

Pro Wrestling Pride with Doug Williams 20th Sept 2014

Hello ladies and gentleman I'm back with another blog and after my last blog on Pro Wrestling Pride and their show with Raven I thought I would do another blog regarding my 2nd visit to Pro Wrestling Pride to see Doug Williams.

After the last show Pro wrestling Pride got me hooked, so I had to come back again to see another show. that's now twice in just over a month and I have got to say it was totally worth the price of admission.

Even before I got to the show I walked out of the hotel and met Doug Williams as he was walking to the event he has kind enough to say Hello to me and was a really nice person, so was a massive bonus to meet a great wrestler.

I entered the new venue at Warriors and I thought It was great 2 bars plus two levels a floor level and a balcony level really provided a great environment for wrestling and awesome for the fans to see the wrestling from a different perspective. there was a rowdy crowd in place too ready to watch some great wrestling.

me enjoying a cider at the new venue warriors

below are some of the highlights

In the opening match was Tyler Hawke vs Joel Redmond. this was a great match to kick off the show and both these men wrestled for 30 mins in the opening contest with the manager of Hawke getting involved many times and turning the tide for Hawke as his manager took off the knee brace off Redmond and following that then threw powder into in eyes of Redmond, while Redmond was in a hold this gave Hawke the advantage and then the win. This was a fantastic opening match and really set the tone for the evening. Redmond hit a fantastic move by suplexing both Hawke and his manager witht he apron of the ring into the ring while Redmond had his feet on the 2nd rope!!! (insane move!!)

Hawke and Redmond in the ring

Ultimo Tiger came out to sign the contract for Catch Division Championship vs Dick Riley in the main event of the evening. Riley then comes out and signs the contract then it is revealed that the match is actually a no DQ match!!

Brilliant Smile and Saviour getting ready for action
Darren Saviour and Ryan Smile vs Hunter Brothers was our tag team match for the evening this was my first time seeing Hunter Brothers and I couldn't tell either of them apart!. Saviour and Smile are two quality talents for Pro Wrestling Pride that really pushed in the boat out in this match in terms of athleticism and story of the match. Saviour being cut off from his partner Smile for most of the match with Hunter Brothers  doing everything they could to stop Saviour from getting back to his corner. Saviour was finally able to make the tag and Smile entered and cleaned house on the Hunter Brothers and hit a fantastic dive over the ropes to the hunter brothers. Smile continued to fight off one of the brothers and Saviour got into the ring and knocked the other hunter brother out and then went and did a dive over the rope of his own.

Saviour landed hard on the floor the sound echoed around the venue I was concerned I looked down at him and he looked in a lot of pain thought he had  hurt himself as he lay on the floor, maybe broken his arm or shoulder (but after the match thankfully seemed ok),Smile then hit a 450 splash and both he and saviour got the 1-2-3, that was a cracking match.

the technically brilliant Doug Williams

Doug Williams took on Josh Knott to see who would be the number one contender for the next show both Doug and Josh put on a great wrestling match. I was excited to see Doug live for the first time and he didn't disappoint. he was so crisp in the ring and really gave us the fans a chance to see some fantastic technical wrestling. Doug gives a wrestling match something different his reversal were different and i saw different things that I hadn't seen before he really helped elevate the match and gave the match a different dynamic. A fascinating  match to watch, that doesn't take away from Josh Knott who also wrestling extremely well during the match. the match ended in a draw and the fans chanted for 2 more minutes however it was decided that both men would take on UK Dominator in the 3 way match for the Pride World Heavyweight Championship at the next show in Exeter on the next show on 4th October (if I could be there I would be! if you can get there I suggest you go!!)

Riley and Ultimo Tiger
As mentioned earlier ultimo tiger vs Dick riley in a no DQ match was the main event of the evening, Riley and Tiger fought in the ring, outside on the floor and they even fought up in the balcony. while tiger was at the top on the balcony Riley was below him in front of me and Riley picked up a little child and threatened to hit the child if Tiger dove onto him, Riley let the child go and kid got to safety then Tiger dove from the Balcony onto Riley to the concrete floor and the crowd exploded!! I have never seen that live (only on ECW dvds) and Tiger has got to be applauded for his balls to attempt such a move in a new venue and pull it off. tiger was close to gaining the pinfall until another wrestler in a white ultimo tiger mask came out took a chair from under the ring and smashed Ultimo Tiger in the head with the chair - the sound was incredible and the chair was severely bent after the impact of hitting Tiger head. riley crawled over made the pin and retained his catch division championship.

This show was fantastic Pro Wrestling Pride are really putting on some great shows with compelling wrestling and investment into the characters this is what I love to see a wrestling company going from strength to strength and doing the right things. next show in Torquay is 14th November better get my hotel and train tickets booked!!! :)

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pro Wrestling Pride with WWE,WCW,ECW,TNA star Raven Review

Pro Wrestling Pride with #WWE #WCW #ECW #TNA star Raven review

As always what is written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan, I’m not a wrestling expert and don’t proclaim to be one, what I write is my opinion as a fan,– with that said enjoy this month blog!!!!! 

I realised that in the four years that I have been writing blogs that I have never done a blog on British Wrestling and written about a British wrestling show. Many Times in the Past I have been to local shows in Wiltshire, WWE shows in Cardiff, TNA Shows and even Wrestlemania 29 in New York City but this past weekend was a first for me watching a British wrestling promotion outside of my local area – that Promotion was Pro Wrestling Pride based in Devon.

I had seen a post on facebook stating that former WWE WCW ECW and TNA Star Raven was coming to Torquay on 2nd August 2014 – this was too good of opportunity to pass up.
As luck would have it I had been to Torquay a few months before while on holiday and liked the place, So I checked the Website and Brought myself a Q and A, Meet and Greet and Wrestling Show ticket for the very reasonable price and then purchased my train ticket and was ready to go.

I arrived in Torquay and went into the Q and A event With Raven Which started at 3pm, as I gave my ticket to the chap on the door I walked in and saw tables set up by the ring with Raven and members of the roster from Pro Wrestling Pride roster, there was the pro wrestling pride heavyweight championship on the table and the title holder Danny Walsh sat behind it (more on him later)

The Moderator got us underway and throughout the session I managed to ask Raven 3 questions (I won’t give you the answers as I suspect you can find out what they were by purchased the soon to be released DVD from Pro Wrestling Pride)

Why did you leave ECW when you did in 1997?
What was it like working in Memphis?
Was it True that you were offered a Job in WWE Creative?

Raven at the Q&A
It truly was a great experience and an awesome learning experience to sit and hear Raven talk for an hour you can truly see that he has such a great mind for wrestling and a learnt a lot from the Q&A things I didn’t know and absorbed so much from this wrestling legend.

One last thing about the Q and A  Danny Walsh (the Pride Heavyweight Champ I mentioned earlier) - I thought he was really clever, he was playing the heel so well, not answering questions asked of him and if he did he would whisper his answer to the moderator and then the moderator would have to speak for him. Walsh even left before the Q&A was over and got a chorus of boos from the fans, they were little things but so very effective so kudos for that – Clever Stuff.

danny walsh
At 6pm I arrived at Torquay Town Hall for the show, went and got my seat and waited for the show to begin and met two brilliant wrestling fans Sean and Zahra (thank you both for the conversation,laughs and fun – I really appreciated it!!!)

Sean and Zhara
The show had some great matches and they were entertaining, well paced and exciting.
Some Highlights for me was the UK dominator winning the “Money in the bag” match with guaranteed him a title opportunity, A fantastic 5 man X division style match which all 5 Men really showcased what they could do – with Ryan Smile winning the match. That match got an incredible ovation after it finished and it deserved it, one of the best matches I had seen live and Ryan is definitely someone to keep your eyes on in the UK Scene.

Ryan Smile
Danny Walsh Lost his World Title to PJ Jones and in his match saw something I hadn’t seen in years. A wrestler losing a match due to 3 public warnings and getting disqualified!!! (that was tremendous and I went crazy for for that!!!), Then UK Dominator came down (after title match had been restarted and Walsh got pinned quickly) and UK Dominator cashed in his money in the bag after Jones got chokeslammed and UK dominator become new Pride Wrestling Heavyweight Champion and of course the Main event 6 man hardcore tag match featuring Raven,Darren Saviour and Tiger was brilliant the crowd were so loud and into the match and it ended the night perfectly.

I thought Darren Saviour was really good as well having not seen him before thought he did really well in 6 man match think at some point in time Saviour vs Danny Walsh or Vs UK Dominator could both be great matches. Raven ended the night by thanking the wrestler and the fans and getting all the kids in the ring and sending everyone home happy.

What was the downside you say? Well the only downside for me with this show was the sound system the microphone in particular , I would of picked it up thrown it out the window and started again!! – the microphone cut out & was very annoying but apart from it was a cracking show.

me and raven
This show was ran so well everything went smoothly and It was a joy to be there and it delivered on everything it promised Q and A, Meet and Greet and event itself – Pro Wrestling Pride have to be given credit for putting on a great entertaining family show and giving fans exactly what was advertised – next time you are in Torquay I’ll be coming back – British Wrestling is alive, well and awesome!!!

you can check them out at

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Dixie Carter has a point….Be Positive People

Dixie Carter has a point….Be Positive People!

A lot of wrestling fans out there are very opinionated especially in the world
we live in right now with social media and how quickly tweets and status updates can be sent we can make our opinions known on a certain subject matter within a few seconds. This has is plus and minus points being able to react to something and get a reaction as soon as something happens is great as it gauges reaction right at that time.

However living in this world of opinions also has its down side. As any regular user of Twitter, Facebook or any other platform of Social Media is aware the gift of being to give your opinion quickly is abused. Some People use it to try and force their opinion on others, some write abusive messages to celebrities trying to get a reaction or some just don’t think before they tweet or update a status and send messages that are violent and threatening in nature which have in some cases led to some people being arrested and even prosecuted.

In 2002 Panda Energy brought 71% of TNA and in 2003 Dixie Carter became President of TNA Entertainment Impact Wrestling (TNA) has been in business for 12 years it has a show on Spike TV in USA that airs every Thursday since October 2005 and also airs all over the world in Australia, Africa, Europe, South America including UK where I live on a Sunday Night at 9pm.
Dixie Carter said on Impact Wrestling recently that a lot of people like to “hide behind their Keyboards” “say things behind my back” and be “negative people”

I think Dixie has a point.

 Its very easy for people to crictise impact wrestling Impact has been around for a number of years now and like any company it has had great successes and things that have not worked out so well but that is the same in any business whether it be pro wrestling,  Mcdonalds or your local corner shop.
Each company has to make decisions in the best interest of the company in order to keep that company running and healthy sometimes those decisions are home runs and sometimes those decisions strike out – but its all a learning process.

In and recent survey 90% of new restaurants go out of business within 2 years - Why? Because the industry is that hard to survive in,  if you don’t have all the elements right you go under, people don’t come back & as an owner your not left with any other option.
Some Fans don’t agree with some decisions and Direction that Impact Wrestling has taken over the years however I think its as simple as this

“Its not your money”

Its Dixie Carter and  Money, Its very easy for people to sit back and who aren’t close to the situation who really don’t know that is happening in reality and using their perspective of what they think the reality is.

Dixie Cater owns this she knows what the reality is

Fact of the Matter is if it was your money that you were spending to run a wrestling company hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for Talent, Production, Hiring Buildings, Security and so much more, you would be taking a different perspective – you would be questioning every decision and making sure you made the right decisions for your company to survive and thrive.

I Don’t blame Dixie Carter for that, I think that over the years she has made the right decisions to keep Impact Wrestling running and in business – if she didn’t it wouldn’t be here now and continuing on With recent Impact Tapings in New York City, Bound for Glory in Japan Coming up in October and Another UK Tour in January 2015 things are looking bright for Impact wrestling there are so many positives right in front of us lets get excited about these positives celebrate those positives and be happy.


“Its Takes more energy to be negative as it does to be positive so why waste your energy?”

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Monday, 30 June 2014

John Cena Is best for business

John Cena – Is Best for Business

As always everything written below is my opinion as a wrestling fan, im not a "wrestling expert" nor do I clain to be one, just my jumble opinion as a wrestling fan read on and enjoy :)

With the recent issues/troubles that WWE have had I’m not quite sure why anyone is surprised, this needed to happen, it should not happened and it was the right decision. WWE have been through some very turbulent waters over the past few months, Vince Mcmahon predictions in regards to how much money a new TV contract in America were not as much as expected and resulted in him losing $350 million.

WWE has to go back to what works and what sells tickets and what makes money
I was very happy to see John Cena become WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WWE Money in the Bank PPV. A lot of people dislike it, hate it or cannot stand it but as Triple H and Stephanie say it’s definitely best of WWE business right now.
Cena Is versatile someone who is a solid hand and WWE know what they are getting with John Cena a man that sell tickets, puts asses in seats for live events, Sells a tonne of Merchandise and makes the company Money.

David Herro of Pro wrestling Report said it right when he said WWE needed to use Cena for this as
“Punk Quit and Bryan got injured – you have no top babyface”
Cena for me is this solid constant a man that can help and work with a new generation of stars to help elevate them toward the top of the card thus making a stronger, more profitable and better WWE for the future.

If you haven’t listen to Steve Austin Podcast “the Steve Austin Show” you should – Steve had a great episode on some time back now with John Cena and John talked openly about the business, his feelings and what he wanted to help WWE in achieving as a brand. Cena’s main concern in that interview was making the WWE the biggest it could possibly be, to the point of even learning mandarin so that when WWE starts to go into the Chinese Market with TV and PPV he can connect with those fans in their own language – doing this in his own time by the way, I don’t care what job you’re in now that’s dedication, that’s seeing the big picture

Cena I feel can be used as the foil to be able to work with new talents such as Money in the Bank Briefcase winner Seth Rollins, Cesaro or Reigns and help this next generation of stars move to the next level.

At this point right now I believe the fans that are complaining about Cena are missing the point, but Cena gets it perfectly it’s not about Cena it’s about the future stars of WWE.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dolph Ziggler - is Flair the key

Dolph Ziggler - is Flair the key

There are lots of rumours and questions out there at the moment regarding Ric Flair and WWE. There is lots of talk (no evidence as of yet) that Ric Flair will be making a return to WWE in a non competitive capacity maybe as a manger or some have even speculated that Flair may return as GM of RAW.

Personally I like the idea of Ric Flair coming back to be a manger I think Flair with Evolution as their manager was great and really helped all 3 men he managed Triple H, Orton and Batista. I believe Flair helped those men get better and gave those superstars some added presence and credibility with him  beside them.

I would like to see Ric Flair manage Dolph Ziggler, I am a massive Dolph Ziggler fan and feel that Doplh never really has got the opportunity he should have had or did get with the World Heavyweight Championship after getting his concussion to me it will always be one of those “what if “ moments What If Dolph didn’t get that concussion – he could have been Main Eventing Wrestlemania 30 or he could be where he is now.

Flair coming back would be used in a different way to Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter both of whom were brought back in to be mouthpieces for guys that needed mouthpieces (Lesnar, Cesaro etc) Flair I think would not need to be a mouthpiece for Dolph Ziggler as I feel that Dolph can talk and be entertaining doing it, Flair adds his experience (ringside, dirty tricks and Woooooo’s) and as I said above makes Ziggler a more credible threat.

Flair could help Ziggler get back into the mix of things in WWE and maybe Help Ziggler get into the WWE Worldheavyweight  title picture . I feel its what Ziggler needs the fans appreciate this time, effort, skill and everything he does in and out of the ring. WWE top brass on the other hand don't seem to feel that way, but given a chance built properly with Flair at his side, I feel WWE could have a great babyface on their hands and they need one to compliment Daniel Bryan and I see no better fit than Ziggler - a new fresh babyface that the faces like.

 I still think that Ric Flair the man, the character, the wrestler and the personality can help elevate a superstar and that Star is Dolph Ziggler and get him back where he needs to be.

A Star is rising and it has the initials DZ engraved in the middle of it

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