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On the Road Strike Wrestling Sun 20th May 2018

On the Road Video
Strike Wrestling Sun 20th May 2018

Hello All 

Check out my latest On The Road Video! On The Road - Strike Wrestling Sun May 20th 2018 

My trip to Bournemouth the sights and sounds and over course the excellent 18+ Strike Wrestling show!!!!

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Strike Wrestling Results Bournemouth May 20th 2018

Strike Wrestling Results
May 20th 2018 

Hello Wrestling fans!

Welcome to the first ever Strike Wrestling Results blog! 

I went to Bournemouth and took x2 trains and a bus to get there and it was well worth the effort.

Before I get to the wrestling a bit about Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a beautiful town it was a sunny hot day.

I managed to go to the beach and see the pier and get a great view from Bournemouth on top of the cliffs, where there were also many of great restaurants and places to eat.

Check out my on the road video on Strike Wrestling by clicking the video below!

This was my first show at Strike Wrestling and Strike is an over 18’s show so I was expecting a different vibe, feel and presentation to family orientated wrestling that I have attended in the past.

Strike wrestling is high paced, hard hitting, fast action but with a huge streak of entertainment, fun and having a great time.

 From where I was staying it was only a short 5 min walk to the Halo Nightclub the venue for Strike Wrestling.

The Halo was tremendous once I got in the venue, the ring was set up in the middle and the fans stood around the ring for the show.

There was a big screen in the middle of the venue with the Strike Wrestling logo on it and the venue had two sets of stairs each side and the wrestlers would walk down the stairs to the ring, it was a nice touch and was a cool way for wrestlers to make their entrance.

 I loved the concept of the show it was all contested under Strike Wrestling Rules which means……..there are no rules! 

There’s Wrestling and there’s Strike Wrestling

There was such a different feel to the show I loved the atmosphere the fans were coming out with lots of different chants to not only the wrestlers but the referee and other chants as well, it all added to the excellent atmosphere and brought the whole show together. 

Match Results and Brief Notes

Kelly Sixx Defeated Ashley Dunn

Kelly Sixx and Ashley Dunn kicked off the action and set the tone for what Strike Wrestling for me is, two guys going at each other, full pelt, nonstop and both going all out for the win. It encapsulated the predominant style I think that Strike Wresting are trying to convey to their audience, and it was the theme of the evening.

I really enjoyed this and thought that it set the table for the evening and the events to come, this match had so many elements to it and both men really gave their all. Some funny moments when Kelly tied up Ashley in the ropes and tied Ashley up again in a submission and even got the referee to help him! 

Bobbi Tyler Defeated Lana Austin

Bobbi Tyler was out first and I liked her look of Green Hair and Green outfit, it really suits her.

Bobbi got into it with some fans in the crowd during her entrance. 

Lana Austin was out next and the referee strategically managed to not put his hands-on Lana Ass, despite her jigging it many times and encouraging him!

I really enjoyed Bobbi and Lana here and was the first time to have seen them both face off. Both Ladies were very athletic and both were interacting with the crowd while having their match and there was a great spot, once again in front of us, where Bobbi took a beer can and started drinking and Lana chopped her and took the can drank it, then Bobbi did the same and they went backwards and forwards until Lana poured the whole can over Bobbi!!! 

Bobbi Tyler was able to win this match and come out the victor 😊

Josh Bodom Defeated Chris Tyler

I felt that every match on this was tremendous and it’s hard for me to pick a favourite but if I was pushed I would say Bodom vs Chris Tyler is one of the most insane things I have seen all year, hard hitting, a crazy balcony dive by Bodom and pure insanity.

Chris Tyler came out first and he berated the fans, told them all to Fuck off and that he was going to win and destroy Josh Bodom, this brought out a pumped up and intense Bodom who got on the mic and amongst other things told Chris Tyler “Two Choices Buried or cremated pick one.......bro”

I have not seen two people hit each other as hard as they did, this was wrestling, high flying, brutality, disbelief, amazement all rolled into one. I am going to run out of words to try and describe all of this and how good it was. What I would say to all of you reading is that when this match becomes available to watch, SEE IT. 

Josh Bodom came away with the win here and it was very well deserved.

Dan Magee defeated Priscilla

This is the second time in two days seeing Dan Magee and the more I see, the more impressed I am, Magee is going to be a big name on the UK scene as he goes forward in his career.

I loved the entertainment that Priscilla and Dan Magee provided. Wrestling is best when its entertaining and you get lost in the moment and that is exactly what this match did. 

The Entrance from Priscilla was incredible, Priscilla came to the ring to the theme tune “sound the alarm” and did a whole routine to it and it was a brilliant spectacle.

Within the match there were great spots, in which the referee “top knot” got a kiss from Priscilla (while Dan Magee held the referee arms) Priscilla was also changing outfits during the match, while Dan Magee was excellent in being able to wrestle his game and take the attack to Priscilla without getting distracted, Magee was able to overcome everything that was going on and was able to come away with the victory.

Dick Riley defeated Eddie Ryan

 I have seen both these men wrestle many times, on many different shows throughout the south west of England. Both are excellent performers and are the future of British Wrestling and this was a very different kind of match and I loved it.

Before the match both men took Title belts from people in the crowd. Dick had the ROH world Title and Eddie had the NXT title so it was announced as a title for title match!!

This is the first time I have seen both Men on 18+ show and it was pure brilliance. Eddie Ryan Came to the ring in his own gear and then stripped off to be in similar gear to Dick Riley and called himself “The Sex Panther” Eddie Ryan for the evening!!

This is when wrestling is at its best again when it is pure entertainment and that’s what these men did, we had Eddie and Dick Riley in the photo booth in the arena, they took the match to the outside with Eddie and Dick on the floor in front of us. At one-point Eddie gestured over to me to help get Dick back in the ring, to which the fans then shouted “Dick handler” at me!

Dick Riley managed to win an epic contest to end the show.

End of the show……..

The end of the show was a little blurry for me but this is 100% true. 

Dick Riley got hit in the head by a Courgette and then when I looked up again he got put through a table but bits of the courgette flew off  and hit someone next to me and I had to help them up so I missed it all!! 

Overall this was as I have said already fantastic, I will be coming back to see Strike Wrestling again their next show is on Sunday 19th August 2018 at The Halo in Bournemouth you can get all the latest information at

Website and Purchase Tickets -

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UPW Let the Games Begin Results May 18th 2018

UPW Let the Games Begin 
May 18th 2018 

Hello Wrestling fans!

Welcome back to a new show results blog, I haven't done one of these for a little while due to personal issues but now I'm back telling you all the happenings from the latest wrestling show I attended UPW let The Games Begin!

Don't forget as always everything written is my opinion and my thoughts on the show. I'm writing the show from memory and all the pictures are taken by me, with that said read on and enjoy!!

UPW returned to Wincanton memorial Hall on Friday May 18th 2018 with Former WWE Star Rene Dupree and Impact Wrestling star KC Spinelli along with Chuck Mambo, TK Cooper, Adam Da Silva, Max Castle, Josh Knott, Gideon, Psycho Phillips, Jayde, Eddie Ryan and Damon Moser.

Match Results 

TK Cooper Defeated Chuck Mambo

Quick Thoughts on the match 

The show kicked off with TK cooper coming the ring followed by Chuck Mambo and many beach balls flying around the venue on his entrance. I thought these made had a great match to kick off the show, the athletic ability on show was 3nd to none and they put on a very dynamic match. 

Sadly to the distain of the crowd TK Copper picked up the pinfall victory a great way to kick off the show. 

Max Castle Defeated Josh Knott

Quick Thoughts on the match 

The Snake Adam Da Silva came out first with his ribs taped stating that due to injuries sustained recently he was not medically cleared tonight to wrestle, Adam stated that he would be able to pick his own replacement, he pointed to the stage and from behind Adam henchman Max Castle attacks Josh Knott from Behind. 

Josh Knott is an incredible talent and pushed Max Castle as much as he could but Max with his physically power and aggression along with Adam Da Silva on the outside sliding along the floor interfering whenever he could was too much for Josh to overcome, Max hit a ferocious Spinebuster and picked up the victory.  

Dan Magee vs Rene Dupree

Quick Thoughts on the match 

Dan Magee came into this match as a replacement and Dan I felt truly excelled in this match against former WWE superstar Rene Dupree.

This is the first time I have seen Dupree since 2004 and he looked completely different with long black hair.

Maggee and Dupree, but on a great wrestling match, they were going one on one with Wrestling moves, holds and wrestling counters and as the match continued Magee took to the air to the outside and then Dupree took to the air with an elbow drop in the ring.

Dupree managed to pick up the win, but this also showcased what potential Dan Magee has for the future.

Psycho Phillips Defeated Gideon 

Quick Thoughts on the match

I am a fan personally of both these men, this was a fight and when I mean fight I mean FIGHT. these men battered each other, with everything they had from start to finish. 

Gideon Hit a very impressive powerbomb on the apron at one point which turned the tide of the match at that time in his favour. 

Psycho Phillips character continues to improve every time I see him, he was hitting Gideon so hard at one point he was talking to his hand saying "why are you making me do this?" that was a clever touch.

Psycho Phillips won the match when he hit his diving spear through the middle rope to Gideon. 

After the match Psycho gave a fist bump to Gideon out of respect then went to the back.

KC Spinelli Defeated Jayde

Quick Thoughts on the match

This match is the definition of fun, it all started when the crowd stated chanting "chicken" at Jayde for not getting in the ring and it just so happened that a fan Brad Burton had been to KFC during the interval to get some food. KC took his KFC box and put it in the ring.

While the crowd chanted to Jayde "get back in your box" KC pinned the box with the referee counting.

This then led to both Ladies getting on the mic Jayde demanding that KC put her Title on the line and KC saying she will do so only if Jayde agrees to buy and Deliver her KFC if Jayde loses, They both agree and the first ever UPW KFC Boneless Banquet Match is on!

By this point Jayde was very angry and took large control of the match while shouting at fans at the same time, KC came back with a flurry of offence, until Jayde stopped her again, but KC was able to overcome Jade retain her title and get a KFC delivered to her by winning the match.

Eddie Ryan Defeated Damon Moser 

Quick Thoughts on the match

I thought that these men started off their match at a fast pace with Moser attacking Eddie Before the bell was even able to ring and with Moser and Eddie Heading to the Outside it resulted with Moser getting a body slam on the stage and then getting thrown back towards the ring. 

Once in the ring the bell went and we were officially underway, Eddie Ryan took control of the match until Moser came back at him and Moser caught Ryan with some shots and the intensity of the match built further when I could see Eddie Ryan mouth bleeding. 

This seemed to push Eddie on further and no matter what Moser tried to do he couldn't put Eddie away Eddie was able to fight back with a super kick and then the George Cross for the victory.

Just when Eddie Thought it was all over Max Castle came out on the entrance Way and in reverse of what they did to Josh Knott earlier in the night Adam Da Silva attacked Eddie Ryan from behind, Adam was livid shouting orders at Max as they took Eddie apart however Max missed a splash in the corner and Eddie hit Da Silva off the apron and Castle carried Da Silva over his shoulder as Eddie shouted at Castle and Da Silva to come back for more!

Overall this was a great show and was an entertaining night of pro wrestling, seeing some new names like Dan Magee and Moser both of which I was very impressed by.

Also it adds intrigue to future matches, Adam Da Silva and Max Castle both were quite involved in this show and look like they will be a major part of the future of UPW, What will they do next and who will they target next? 

In addition UPW Champion Josh Bodom put out a message after the show, You can see it below this raises lots of questions, how will be the next challenger to Josh for UPW title?

UPW World Champion Josh Bodom message to UPW Management  

"Dear UPW, sort your roster out. Find me a worthy challenger, then I’ll be back. Most likely looking like 2020 at this rate...

Lots of Love, #BadBro"

Thanks for Reading 

Jonathan Orchard